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Plenary talk given at the American Association of Medical Colleges meeting of research deans. Nashville TN, 21 September 2012.

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  • That’s what I do. I am building a system, with the non profit Sage Bionetworks, that makes it easy for those willing to make the gift of data to do so, with full informed consent. It has no silos, just connections. We build on the power of informed consent, but we turn it around to make the data clearly open to research – an inversion of the traditional approach. We make a signal to the world – come look in our data, you need ask no more permission. We understand the risks, the risk that we might be identified in the streams of raw data, that harms we don’t yet know may come to us. We think the benefits, to us, to society, are worth it. We are doing our best to remember the design lessons of the internet, of wikipedia, of the web. Of systems that have not only scaled, but radically changed the world.
  • Great : grand aamc wilbanks ppt

    1. 1. accelerating discovery in a digital world john wilbanks @wilbanks
    2. 2. 1. next generation research = old generation research
    3. 3. george cayley
    4. 4. a. cambered airfoilb. four vector forces influencing aircraft - thrust, lift, drag, and gravityc. dihedral angle for lateral stability in flightd. shifted forces in landing gear wheel from compression to tension by using string as wires
    5. 5. brompton baronets
    6. 6. the professional researcher is a recent invention.
    7. 7. the professional researchinstitution is a recent invention.
    8. 8. vannevar bush
    9. 9. 1. stability of funds 2. capable administrators 3. grants outside government 4. leave control to institutions5. answer to congress, president
    10. 10. fund basic the system to translate.
    11. 11.
    12. 12.
    13. 13.
    14. 14. transformation of research fromsomething we all participate in...
    15. 15. to something we consume as technology.
    16. 16. heatherpiwowar@researchremix
    17. 17. heather piwowar @researchremixBetween 0.6 and 5published papersper $100k funding
    18. 18. are we getting the best bang for the buck by giving it to you?
    19. 19. 2. we are not ready for data.
    20. 20. hurricane modeling v tornado modeling
    21. 21. we (the people) are tornados.
    22. 22. we can predict...
    23. 23. we can predict...when someone issecretly pregnant. 2012/02/pregnant-target1.jpg
    24. 24. we can predict... future location of users with an error margin of 60ft. users-building-profile-lifestyle.html
    25. 25. we can predict... that researchersare not integrating into day to day processes.
    26. 26. we can predict... that researchinstitutions will ask for money to buy more shovels.
    27. 27. 3. glimpses and glimmers of accelerated discovery
    28. 28. 35
    29. 29. 36
    30. 30. can researchers contact
    31. 31. diy biology
    32. 32. cry for help
    33. 33. 4. there is no return to the old days.
    34. 34. participation in the old researchinfrastructure carried clear benefits.
    35. 35. a. access to money.b. access to infrastructure. c. credentials.
    36. 36. a. access to money.b. access to infrastructure. c. credentials.
    37. 37. a. access to money.b. access to infrastructure. c. credentials.
    38. 38. crowdfunding
    39. 39. Data from the first round of the#SciFund Challenge suggests thata financial target up to a thousanddollars is very achievable. Aproject target of low to mid-thousands is also doable, thoughmore difficult to hit and requiringof a more effort.
    40. 40. democratization of infrastructure
    41. 41.
    42. 42.
    43. 43. democratized making
    44. 44.
    45. 45.
    46. 46. all that s left is credentials.
    47. 47. this has already happened in music.
    48. 48. the physical artifact peak was the outlier, but the labels mistook it for the norm.
    49. 49. dave jordan
    50. 50. amanda palmer
    51. 51. (she charted at #10 on billboard with no label this week)
    52. 52.
    53. 53. musicproduction is re-entering culture.
    54. 54. researchproduction is re-entering culture.
    55. 55. what are you going to do, today,to be more relevant in 10 years than record labels are today?
    56. 56. it s not about amateurs takingover - although they will play a larger role.
    57. 57. how are you going to put thesetools into the hands of those who can use them best?