Webinar Wikitude SDK 3.0 and Wikitude Studio


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Slidedeck for the webinar presentation for the launch of Wikitude SDK 3.0 and Wikitude Studio, presented by Martin Lechner, CTO Wikitude, and Philipp Nagele, Director Partner Relations.

The slidedeck contains an overview of the Wikitude SDK 3.0 and the changes in the new release as well as a detailed on Wikitude Studio.

More information on http://www.wikitude.com

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Webinar Wikitude SDK 3.0 and Wikitude Studio

  1. 1. The global leader in Augmented RealityUpdated 15.1.2013The Wikitude SDKand theWikitude StudioMartin Lechner – CTOPhilipp Nagele – Director Partner Relationsmartin.lechner@wikitude.comphilipp.nagele@wikitude.com
  2. 2. Wikitude SDK Technology Overview• Geo-based and Image Recognitionfeatures unified• Content is created using HTML5,JavaScript and CSS• Available for Android, iOS andBlackBerry 10• Phonegap and Titanium pluginavailableJavaScript API and WebviewWikitude SDK CoreNative OSNative OS
  3. 3. In-house built Image Recognition & TrackingIR &TrackingPlug-inAR Content presentationand user interface3Dengine“geo” ARengineIR & TrackingengineAR content presentationand user interface3Dengine“geo” ARengineYesterday:1 puzzle piece missing…Announcing today!Complete and seamlessly integrated ARtechnology platform solution.
  4. 4. Image Recognition• Optimized in-house solution• Track more than 1000 targetsat the same time – offline!• Highly compressed targetcollection formatvar tracker = new AR.Tracker("path/to/target/collection.wtc");var trackable1 = new AR.Trackable2DObject(tracker, "imageId1", {drawables: { cam: [model] }});var trackable2 = new AR.Trackable2DObject(tracker, "imageId2", {drawables: { cam: [htmlDrawable] }});
  5. 5. Target Manager
  6. 6. Release Notes
  7. 7. Wikitude SDK Featuresvar trackable = new AR.Trackable2DObject(tracker, "imageId1", {drawables: { cam: [model] }});var geoObject = new AR.GeoObject(geoLocation, {drawables: { cam: [htmlDrawable] }});
  8. 8. HTML Drawablesvar poiHTMLdrawable = new AR.HtmlDrawable({uri:"myHotel.html"},4, {scale : 1,updateRate:AR.HtmlDrawable.UPDATE_RATE.STATIC});
  9. 9. 3D Models• fbx and dae (COLLADA)supported• Convert with the Wikitude 3DEncoder• Animation Support
  10. 10. 3D Transformations• Heading (y-axis)• Roll (z-axis)• Tilt (x-axis)
  11. 11. Animations• Property Animations• Sprite Animations• Model Animations• Animation Groups
  12. 12. And more ...• Radar• RelativeLocations• DirectionIndicator• EventHandling
  13. 13. What if ...What if ...• You are not a developer• You do not want to start development from scratch• You look for a tool to ease development
  14. 14. Easy AR creation for everyone!EASY TO USE - You dont need to be a programming guru. Simplylog on and let you creativity go wild, its that easy.WEB-BASED - No desktop software installations needed. Simply logon to Wikitude Studio in your favorite web browser.DRAGNDROP - Move things around the way you want, workquickly and efficiently.3D MODELS - Engage your users and customers: Visualize yourproducts, entertain with fun interactions, bring things to live with3D models.AR CONTENT MANAGEMENT - Maintain your app over time.Change AR content and target images - Wikitude Studio is yourpowerful AR CMS.
  15. 15. Video
  16. 16. Where to start?• http://studio.wikitude.com• http://developer.wikitude.com (NEW!)– Downloads– Tutorials and Samples– Documentation– Getting Started-Guide– Newsletter-Registration– Forum and Knowledge Base
  17. 17. Thank youMartin Lechner, CTOmartin.lechner@wikitude.comPhilipp Nagele, Director Partner Relationsphilipp.nagele@wikitude.com