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Wikit: How to stop traffic jam and save the world


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Dear slideshare users, if you like you can make a better audio file for this presentation. And we will replace it.

We want to develop a hitchhiking service for the mobile internet. This can drastically reduce the carbon dioxide produced by traffic.

But we don´t know how to write this app, so we need your help:

help us at: and



  • Good idea! Is like a giant car pooling...
    just one minor problem... crime.
    Muggins, hijacking, robery, kidnapping, etc.
    Need to add ID of car person and pooling person...
    audio and video recording of carpooling session...
    recording of gps of car...
    trust/reputation system for both commuter and driver...
    etc etc...
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Wikit: How to stop traffic jam and save the world

  1. Africa How to stop tra c jams? Image: h p://www.
  2. 806,000,000 cars and light trucks on the road in 2007 Image: h p://www. cionado/2255190957/
  3. 984,000,000,000 liters of gasoline and diesel fuel yearly Image: h p://www.
  4. 1,000,000,000,000 $ cost of gasoline and diesel fuel yearly Image: h p://www.
  5. 0.7% of the US GDP is wasted by tra c jams Image: h p://www.
  6. a lot of Carbon Dioxide Image: h p://www.
  7. Passengers / Car Icons: h p://
  8. Tra c jam Icons: h p://
  9. If we double the passengers... Icons: h p://
  10. ...we reduce tra c by half Icons: h p://
  11. e problem: Trust Al Gore Chuck Norris in his hybrid Icons: h p://
  12. e passenger Destination? Starting time? Payment? Icons: h p://
  13. e driver Route GPS Position Icons: h p://
  14. Africa e Wikit-Machine matching... Icons: h p://
  15. e Wikit-Machine Icons: h p://
  16. e navigation system Icons: h p://
  17. Connected travel Icons: h p://
  18. Our problem ? We don’t know how... ... to write apps ... to nd supporters ... to run an open source project Icons: h p://
  19. Dear internet, we need your help Icons: h p://
  20. Business plan 1% $ 99% Icons: h p://
  21. Africa 1,000,000,000,000 $ annual cost of gasoline and diesel fuel Image: h p://www.
  22. pro t to be donated Icons: h p://
  23. How can I help? 1. Spread it send and link this clip talk about the idea with friends become a Fan at Facebook Icons: h p://
  24. How can I help? 2. Remix it make your own presentation make a video Icons: h p://
  25. How can I help? 3. Translate it it’s a global problem Icons: h p://
  26. How can I help? 4. Upgrade it discuss it at Icons: h p://
  27. How can I help? 5. nd supporters Programmers Designers Managers Musicians Donors everyone we haven’t thought of Icons: h p://
  28. be wikit Source: h p://www.