Using Google Plus For SEO If Nothing Else


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Google Plus can be very important for your automotive SEO strategy. Let’s walk through a few things you can do with Google Plus to bolster your SEO and digital marketing strategies.

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Using Google Plus For SEO If Nothing Else

  1. 1. Using Google Plus For SEO If Nothing Else
  2. 2. Are you on Google Plus yet?You all know you should be but there are still those out there who thinkthat just because it doesn’t have as many users and engagement asFacebook that it isn’t as important.
  3. 3. Let me tell you Google Plus can be very important for yourautomotive SEO strategy.• I mean seriously people it’s made by Google, of course it’s going to have a major impact on search.• Let’s walk through a few things you can do with Google Plus to bolster your SEO and digital marketing strategies.
  4. 4. First of all you’ll want to get your business page up.When you set everything up keep in mind that this page will have animpact on your page rankings so try to use important keywords for areaslike page title, meta description, and introduction.
  5. 5. Your introduction and general information section provides a great areato really stretch your SEO legs.This doesn’t mean stuffing it with key words, there is a lot of space heremake sure you fill it with good content which also happens to contain ahandful of choice keywords.
  6. 6. You also get to add keyword tags to all of the images you upload andyou get a recommended links section where you should link out to yourblog, other social profiles, and any other important points of contactonline.
  7. 7. Once you’ve got your Google+ page all setup and optimized it’s time tostart using it.• Find some relevant pages and people to follow and dole out some +1’s.• Make sure you leave some comments and interact with these people and pages, this will encourage them to do the same with you.• Start sharing some interesting and useful content, posts from your blog, funny pictures, interesting or funny videos, anything that might encourage engagement.
  8. 8. By finally making use of Google+ and making sure to optimize yourprofile and all your pictures and videos you will start to show up forrelevant Search Plus Your World results on Google.• Also make sure to connect your G+ page with your site and vice versa.• You can add Google Plus code to your site and also make sure to put your hompage URL on your Google+ Profile.
  9. 9. Already overwhelmed with all of the other social media marketing youhave to do?• Need help coming up with a strategy for Google+ and sticking to it?• Contact Wikimotive for a free evaluation and advice on how you could be doing better with Google Plus.
  10. 10. Contact Timothy Martell Twitter Facebook EmailAbout WikimotiveWikimotive is dedicated to providing the latest automotive SEO, Social MediaMarketing, Facebook Marketing, Search Engine optimization techniques and onlinemarketing best practices and services. Wikimotive was conceptualized in 2009 andfounded the following year by its President, Timothy Martell. Beginning as a SearchEngine Optimization service focused on the automotive industry, Wikimotive hasgrown quickly; now servicing numerous verticals and providing a broad range of digitalmarketing services to its clients. Wikimotive’s mission is to provide comprehensivedigital marketing solutions to auto dealerships and businesses of all sizes.Wikimotive’s slogan is, “No Contracts, No Commitments, Just Results.” At Wikimotivewe do not want to provide clients with only the expected results.