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Top Facebook Marketing Mistakes Small Businesses Make


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Top Facebook Marketing Mistakes Small Businesses Make.

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Top Facebook Marketing Mistakes Small Businesses Make

  1. 1. Top Facebook Marketing Mistakes Small Businesses Make
  2. 2. With 550 million users around the globe, Facebook is one of the today's leading destinations - continuously influencing online marketing, business tacts, entertainment and content distribution. Many people will first check a businesses facebook page - as it depicts the human side.
  3. 3. Businesses can use Facebook for customer service and engaging with the customer there by generating trust and brand awareness. Too many businesses however lack the best practices and are not using Facebook correctly. Below are some mistakes which you can avoid
  4. 4. Not having Facebook Fan page.. Every business must have Fan Pages! The purpose of your Facebook fans is to become your own free marketing agency. Every single one of them comes with an average of 130 leads–130 referrals–130 opportunities to earn a customer.  1
  5. 5. Neglected Facebook page.. Marketing on Facebook is about your "Circle of Influence". The average Facebook user has 130 friends. Every time they "Like" something all their friends see it. And the best part is that when they market for you, they bring more credibility to the table than the most brand loyal company on the planet. 2 There is nothing more unimpressive as a consumer than going to a Facebook fan page to find ZERO presence. But what about the few Facebook fan pages out there that do have thousands — even tens of thousands of fans? Even they are missing the boat. It's better not to have a Facebook page for your business than a neglected Facebook page.
  6. 6. 3 Broadcasting One of the biggest advertising mistakes Businesses made on Facebook is "broadcasting". Broadcasting is a business owner’s attempt to get their message across to their consumers than providing fans with the relevant content that relates to the message and business. “ Your job is to interact, not just to broadcast,” says Shankman. “Fans are looking for a reason to connect with you, and they’re showing you that by clicking ‘Like.’ Your job is to give them a reason to stay.”
  7. 7. 4 Inadequate Time Not investing adequate time is another common mistake comes in the way of successful Facebook marketing.   It is like - Many small-business owners create fan pages and leave them allowing it to work its magic without doing any real interacting with their fans.   People will not come naturally unless and until you put some efforts of yours.  For good results  -  You should be active on your page to keep customers engaged.
  8. 8. 5 Predictable You’ll never get all your Facebook fans to comment or like all your posts every day. So how can we tap in to all of their 130 friends? The answer is simple: Give your fans something they want. Something that they will gladly trade access to their profile for. Once you have access, you can speak to their friends directly.
  9. 9. 6 You’re Missing The Buyer! Many companies are still unsure of whether or not they should “be on Facebook”. In reality, you’re already on Facebook because that is where your consumers are or or “you’re missing out on free advertising” or “its the most exciting advertising vertical in history”.  
  10. 10. 7 Violating Facebook’s Terms If you violate the Facebook's terms, your page could be shut down, and all of your hard work will be deleted. To maintain your brand and business status on Facebook, you need to take care of facebook rules and regulations. 
  11. 11. Whether or not you choose to create an official presence for your company is irrelevant. Your consumers are going to talk about you. You must have a presence and develop a Facebook marketing strategy in order to be part of that conversation. If you give more value to your fans or customers, in return the more they give back to you in the form of positive reviews and referrals. 
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