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the application form - — Get a Free Blog Here


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the application form - — Get a Free Blog Here

  1. 1. Triple Helix<br />Journal of Science, Society, and Law <br />George Washington University Chapter Application<br />Name: Phone:<br />Year: Email:<br />Intended Major: Housing:<br />Cumulative GPA: <br />***Please email completed application to Triple Helix GWU chapter President at<br /> ***<br /> <br />Positions Offered (SEE POSITION DESCRIPTIONS BELOW)<br />Chief of Staff<br />Editor in Chief (Must be English Major or Double Major in English)<br />Associate Editor<br />Medicine Writer<br />Law Writer<br />International/National Political Writer<br />Business Writer<br />Technology Director<br />Marketing and Finance Director<br />Position you’re applying for (List up to three) <br />1.<br />2.<br />3.<br />*Please Answer the following questions with no more than 6 sentences<br />1. What qualities or skills do you possess that makes you qualified for the position(s) you are applying for?<br />2. Triple Helix is a global organization with chapters at Harvard, Yale, Oxford, Cambridge, University of Hong Kong, and other universities. Thus graduate programs at these schools recognize the organization and the amount of time put into the organization, Which is why members go on to the top medical, law, and business programs. How much time commitment outside of school can you offer to our organization?<br />3. What extracurricular activities/clubs are you involved in? What leadership positions do you hold/have held?<br />4. Because most of the work is done outside of classroom, and since there won’t be many meetings, how do you plan on contributing to the organization?<br />5. If you are not selected for a position, would you like to be considered an alternate? Meaning at any time or point in the year, we may add more positions and you could called up to join?<br />Position Descriptions<br />Chief of Staff: Chief of Staff is second in line behind the President of the organization. The Chief of Staff assists the President in the overall management of the organization, and assumes function of President in absence of the actual President. The Chief of Staff works executive board members listed below and ensure members are performing their duties. Maintain link between President and board members, and advises President on issues or suggestions that need to be taken carry of. Reports the progress of the members to the President, and organizes meeting times and reserves room for conferences between executive board members. <br />Editor in Chief: Has specific oversight over literary issues related to the journal. Presides over writer-editor meetings and is responsible for managing and participating in the article editing process. Responsible for scheduling and reserving a room for the writer-editor meeting each semester. Responsible for meeting with the associate editor and official Writers as well as writers who are not a part of E Board, but still want to contribute. Overseas the final draft and reviews edits made by associate editor and edits the work of the associate editor. Directly supervises associate editors who assist with editing during the writing cycle. Ensures that topics are not redundant from issue to issue and are time-appropriate. Manages the acquisition of article topics from interested writers and notifies selected writers of their topics. Edits the work of associate editors. He/She communicates with the President and Chief of Staff over the progress of articles and timeframe of completed work.<br />Associate Editor: Works with permanent Writers selected as well as outside writers in revision process. The Associate editor’s peer edits the work of writers to ensure piece is free from grammatical, syntax, and structure errors. The Associate editor also ensures sources used are correctly cited. Associate editor is responsible for communicating with the Editor in Chief and works with the Editor in Chief in the final revision process and aids with the writers with any additional questions in regards to editing.<br />Writers: Permanent writers are required to extensively research, and write an article for the chosen topic. Topics will deal with current developments or events. Each designated writer writes about topics in their selected field. For example, Medicine writer writes about topics pertaining to the field of medicine and public health, such as growing epidemics around the world, lack of communication between doctors and patients, new treatments for diseases etc.. The Law writer would research and write about topics such as the immigration law in Arizona, amending the Constitution on Citizenship and rights, Rod Blagojevich Trial etc.. The International/National Politics writer would write about topics such as Iran’s Nuclear threat, insurgents in Afghanistan, WikiLeaks etc… The business writer would write about topics such as Greece economic crisis, China’s currency manipulation, rising businesses, stock market news etc… These topics are just examples of the topics that maybe selected, and writers must be able to write about topics in their selected field. Writers work with associate editors and Editor in Chief in order to make necessary revisions for the final product.<br />Technology Director: Updates and maintains the organization’s webpage and chapter list-serve. This includes E-Publishing site and Facebook site. Puts up announcements within 24 hours of the request of an executive officer. Organizes and posts e-publishing articles. Responsible for creating and updating the online journal archives. Works with the Executive Technical Director of the international Triple Helix for maintaining website, troubleshooting, and managing web space.<br />Marketing and Finance Director: Manages and organizes initiatives to increase journal recognition and publicity. Responsible for new membership recruitment. Works with Technology Director in creating marketing strategies in order to attract writers and campus awareness on campus. Supervises the expenditure of funds of the organization and is responsible for obtaining funding from different sources, including but not limited to the ASUC and ad sponsors. Responsible for creating a budget, managing organization bank account, and general reimbursements. Continually finds opportunities for more funding.<br />