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doc - - the EASY way to share your documents on Twitter

  1. 1. As I have constantly repeated in the course of the past two years, Ahmadinejad and his regime, having usurped all the rights of the Iranian people now wish to draw Iran and the region into a destructive all out war of international magnitude. Today, Ahmadinejad poses not only a real danger for the entire Islamic world and in particular to the Arab countries that stretch from the Persian Gulf to Egypt and Morocco but he also constitutes a major threat to international peace and stability.<br />So long as Ahmadinejad remains in power, Arab leaders will never rest in peace with the security that their nations can remain intact. The information made public by ‘Wikileaks’ proves beyond doubt that the people of Iran, the Arab world and leaders of the West and other free and democratic societies have but one common enemy: Ahmadinejad and his regime! <br />However, the key to ‘peace or war’ in the region with all its international ramifications lies within Iran and in the hands of our people. The world must understand and acknowledge that we will play their role in both overthrowing Ahmadinejad and ensuring that peace and security is no longer under threat in the region. <br />As I have repeated on many occasions, this is a responsibility of the Iranian people. Our only request from the US and the West is not obstruct the will of our people and the cause we are trying to advance. We will not only liberate Iran but we will remove the specter of a destructive war from the region. Through regime change and the removal of Ahmadinejad, we will solve the problems of Iraq and Afghanistan and by giving full recognition to the State of Israel and providing positive assistance for the creation of a new Palestinian state – something that both the US and the UN have repeatedly failed to accomplish in the course of the last 62 years, we will put an end to the most problematic menace that has plagued the Middle East region and the world.<br />Amir Hossein Jahanchahi<br />29th November 2010<br />