Flipped classroom


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Flipped classroom

  1. 1. The flipped classroom
  2. 2. Flipped classroom. Pedagogical model in which the typical lecture and homework elements of a course are reversed. Short video lectures are viewed by students at home before the class session, while in-class time is devoted to exercises, projects, or discussions.
  3. 3. Eric Mazur Harvard University
  4. 4. Does passing the test mean mastering the content?
  5. 5. ‘After Setbacks, Online Courses Are Rethought’ December 10, 2013
  6. 6. “We’re moving from the hype to the implementation,” he said. “It’s exciting to see universities saying, ‘Fine, you woke us up,’ and beginning to grapple with how the Internet can change the university, how it doesn’t have to be all about teaching 25 people in a room.” - George Siemens
  7. 7. Face-to-face learning Flipped Classroom Online learning
  8. 8. “From sage on the stage to guide on the side” - - Alison King (1993)
  9. 9. Flipping Classroom Wasting a great resource Much better use of the teacher Ultimate goal: Fully active, Peer teaching
  10. 10. Which subjects are suitable for flipping the classroom?
  11. 11. Will online education take my job?
  12. 12. Wijnand Baretta wijnand@perceptum.nl +31 (0)6 2424 3620 www.perceptum.nl
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