Use Personal Development To Live A Life You Love development- live- a- life- you-...
You can make the conscious choice to pursue personal development today or wait until a personalstruggle or tragedy forces ...
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Use Personal Development To Live a Life You Love


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Personal development not only advances your career but also creates a life you will love to live.

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Use Personal Development To Live a Life You Love

  1. 1. Use Personal Development To Live A Life You Love development- live- a- life- you- love/ April 16, 2013Personal development is essential to your happiness because ithelps you discover who you truly are. Finding out who you want tobe in life will define your character, beliefs and give you a deeperunderstanding of yourself overall. This article can help explain whatpersonal growth is, how it occurs and how anyone who desires canattain it.Setting personal development goals is the fastest way to living a lifeyou will love waking up to every day. Your goals will provide youmuch needed direction and help you discover your ultimate purposein life. Start by breaking down your 1, 5 and 10 year goals intosmaller more manageable goals and commit to taking action on atleast one goal every day.When you are setting your goals always keep an open and flexible mind as to what is possible andthat there is more than one way to achieve your goals. Be mindful of not changing plans dailythinking you are merely being flexible because you will never actually follow through or completeyour goals. Set a solid plan with an end goal in site but understand there will be roadblocks andobstacles along the way that may slow you down but with perseverance they will not stop you.Personal development goals will give you the confidence to be a full time idea contributor andmake powerful requests within your professional field. So many great ideas just lay dormant in theminds of awesome people due to not having the confidence needed to express themselves.Through personal development you can set goals to share certain ideas and before long you willattract the right attention to your performance.Get enough sleep. I know this may seem strange to includewhen we are discussing personal development goals butsleep is a crucial part of personal success. Lack of sleep canheighten feelings of anxiety, cause unneededconfrontations, and make your body retain weight.Consistently try to get a full 6-8 hours every night and youwill be amazed by the positive results you create.If you are feeling unmotivated to take daily action check tosee if what you are choosing to do is conflicting with yourcore values. Focus on living a life that doesn’t have youworrying about what everyone else thinks of you. Build yourown character and love yourself first. Have integrity by ensuring all of your actions directly reflectyour personal values.One thing to remember, before you even try to take on your personal development, is that no oneis perfect. Setting goals to become perfect will leave you feeling down about yourself because nomatter what you do, you cannot achieve perfection. The pursuit of perfection leads you down thepath of unhappiness. Just focus on being the best possible version of yourself.A better life is yours to have as soon as you are ready to go get it. There is no real secret tosuccess. There are two different groups of people. One group simply chose not to accept what lifehad to offer, committed to something more and went and got it, the other group didn’t.
  2. 2. You can make the conscious choice to pursue personal development today or wait until a personalstruggle or tragedy forces you into action and hope for the best. Don’t wish for a better life to fallinto your lap, choose to take action today to expand your self-knowledge and grow as a person.Take Action Request:Take the time right now to write out just one personal development goal. Maybe it is to eliminate abad habit, save money for something important or fulfill a desire you have ben putting off. Onceyou write it out ask yourself – Who do I need to become to make this a goal a reality? Then get toanswering that question.Your Life Your Choice Your DesignDarrin WigginsIf you have never worked on your personal development don’t worry. It all starts with one smallstep. All you need to do is take it.