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Setting Short Term Goals


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Short term goals allow you to break down long term goals into manageable steps. There is even another level underneath short term goals that will maximize your potential personal success. Find out what they are.

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Setting Short Term Goals

  1. 1. June 6, 2013Setting Short Term GoalsPeople are always asking me what the difference isbetween a short term goal and a to do list goal. Maybeyou have never even heard of a to do list goal. There isdistinct differences between the two and we are going tocover that today to ensure you are set up to achieveyour personal goals. They may be different but it isimportant to remember that they need to be marriedtogether for success. can’t have one without the other.Before I break down the two different types of goals weare discussing today I want to show you how the cycle of goals works so youhave a great understanding of how the marriage looks. I guess it is like a marriageplus one because we also have long term goals in there.The Cycle Of Goal SettingThe cycle of goal setting basically looks like this:1. You set a 10 year vision which breaks down into your yearly goals (long termgoals). Setting them at 1, 5 and 10 is common but you can set one for everyyear if that is what works for you.2. Yearly goals are then broken down into short term goals of a month or sayquarterly.3. Short term goals are then broken down into your to do list goals which are thedaily actions you take.That is the planning phase of the cycle. In order to achieve your goals you need toreverse the cycle.Starting with the to do list goals leads to short term goals and eventually you haveachieved your long term goals. Without following this cycle you may find you areapproaching the deadline of a long term goal and haven’t even started yet.Short Term GoalsA short term goal by my definition is anything thattakes one month or longer to complete but less thana year. The reason for this is because it isn’t
  2. 2. something you can wake up tomorrow and do. Yourto do list goals come into play each morning whenyou wake up and we will define those next.I usually try to set them for no longer than a monthto ensure maximum focus and success. I find itmotivating to see progress and I am sure many ofyou are the same.It is important to have short term goals for numerous reasons:Sets milestones giving you small manageable goals.Boosts confidence with less time between achievements.Act as a staircase with each month being one more step closer towards along term goal.Allows you to practice delayed gratification but not for so long you lose hope.Gives you the ability to reassess your goal often and avoid wasting precisetime.Let’s use saving money as an example. If you want to save $3600 a year that isthe long term goal. To make it more manageable and not seem so daunting youbreak it down into $300 a month. This gives us a clear short term goal we canstart to plan to achieve in our daily life.Some people can handle focusing on that goal but again for others it seems toscary of a goal. For those people to do list goals come in real handy.To Do List GoalsThese are vitally important to your goal setting success and cannot beoverlooked. These are not the to do list tasks you write out the day before withno intention of completing like mow the lawn, dishes or scrub the floor. To do listgoals are the daily actions specifically planned to support your other goals.If you look at short term goals as the stairs on a staircase then to do list goals arethe nails holding those stairs down.It is important to have to do list goals for these reasons:Provide daily motivation to get out of bed and get doing.Gives you instant gratification when you can check off what you
  3. 3. accomplished at the end of the day knowing you are one day closer to yourshort term goals.Provides clear action to take daily because without daily action you will notachieve your goalsLet’s use our example from above in setting a goal to save $300 a month. How dowe apply our to do list goals? When you break it down into a daily amount it isapproximately $10 a day. Now you can plan out your day on how you can savethat much money by buying two coffees not three. Maybe you have the careerwhere it is possible to earn that extra $10 a day or $1.25 and hour by making onemore phone call for a commission or that sale to hit the team bonus.The point is you are constant action and that equals success.Your long term goals are the ultimate achievement but the daily and monthlymilestones you achieve will keep adding fuel to that internal motivation furnace.Take the time to really plan out your to do list goals, those daily actions you takeand all of your short term goals will just fall into place.Then get ready because your success comes so fast some people actuallyfreeze up not knowing what to do next. Prepare for it!Take Action Request:If you have been struggling making progress toward a long term goal take thetime today to break it down into some short term goals. Success will then be justsome daily action away.Your Life Your Choice Your DesignDarrin Wiggins“Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan, in whichwe must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act.There is no other route to success.” – Stephen A. BrennanPhoto Source