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Three Challenges of Personal Success


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Creating unlimited personal success is not easy but with a focus on personal development it is possible.

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Three Challenges of Personal Success

  1. 1. Three Challenges Of Personal Success of- personal- success/ March 23, 2013Personal success will have numerous challenges toovercome, we all know that.I know you are looking to change your life and achieveunlimited personal success by being here.You may be holding yourself back because the work youneed to put into that change can be overwhelming.You do not want to focus on trying to take on all thosechallenges at once or you will make no progress at all.You will start achieving success by embracing these challenges not resistingthem.Are You Successful?Do you feel you are successful by your own standards? Are you living by yourvalues and happy with the person you are choosing to be?If you cannot answer yes instantly then the truthful answer is no. There is nokinda or maybe.Even if others see you as successful or you would like to think you are successfulbut your heart tells you otherwise don’t worry about it.Worrying only gets you more of what you don’t want.The first step to take is to admit the truth to yourself. The truth of where youreally are at in life and the fact you are responsible for what you have.Denying or hiding from the truth will not allow you to grow.My intention is not to make you feel worse about where you are in life. I simplywant to create clarity around the challenges you may feel you are facing.Personal success is a feeling you achieve not a status that is recognized byothers.Mediocrity
  2. 2. When I was at lululemon athletica we talked a lot about mediocrity and how it hasno place in our lives if we want to achieve success.The sad truth is a lot of people end up living mediocre lives. They know theycould do more but constantly feel unmotivated to do it.Instead of taking the first step we distract ourselves with mundane tasks andthen say we were too busy to work on our personal development.That’s like saying you are too busy to be happy.Tomorrow you say you will focus on that first step like the diet plan, homework orbeing more affectionate with your partner but tomorrow never seems to come.Not the tomorrow where you will start anyway.Living in a place of mediocrity usually leads to you regretting tomorrow before youhave even lived it.Dreading tomorrow is no way to live life.Mediocrity is you giving up on trying to succeed in life. I know you are capable ofmuch better than that because you are reading this right now.Success is very hard but becoming the person you need to be to have successjust requires you to take one step at a time.Barriers to SuccessThere are many obstacles to overcome in life and most will be internal.Yes that’s right most of your problems are coming from inside of you which is whywe want you to gain control over your life again.Life can be overwhelming at times and a lot of us just check out. We get in a rutand then life passes us by.If you have ever made the statement “where did my life go” then you have beentrying to keep up with life not in control of it.If you feel with each year that passes that you are slipping further and furtheraway from that desired life I want you to stop right now and take a deep breath.You do not have to take on all of life’s problems to be successful. You need tofocus on a starting point and then choose to start. Not tomorrow but today, rightnow.
  3. 3. Success can be taught and you can learn it.The First Three Steps to SuccessYou are not alone in the challenges you face trying to achieve success.It can just feel lonely because it is hard to ask others for help especially when youhave to admit out loud what is really bothering you.Figuring out who you really, really want to be in life.This is not about what you are going to do in the sense of a career or how youearn money at this point.This comes down to you clarifying what you want your legacy (link to goals book)to be. How do you want people to remember you?I do not feel the focus is on your career achievements when people talk about youat your funeral. I am guessing your eulogy will not be a copy of your recentresume.You will hear people speak about who you were and what you meant to them.What will they say?You will mean something different to everyone but the undertone of who you werewill be there.You are not in alignment with who you truly want to be if you feel like a hypocritewhen someone compliments you.If everyone outside of your home comments on how great of a parent you are butyou just spent the morning yelling at your kids then that comment will make youfeel awful.You are being inauthentic with yourself and the others around you. Be the sameperson on the outside as you are on the inside.You will know you have found who you want to be when you can look in the mirrorand be internally happy with who is looking back at you.Finding your passion in lifeNow that you know who you are you will want to spend your days living yourpassion. Who doesn’t?
  4. 4. This takes a deep level of self-exploration because so many of our passionsseem to be time wasters.Watching movies, playing video games, drinking different coffees all seem likethey are just time fillers or a way to escape from the everyday.Disney, Sony PS3 and Starbucks don’t seem to be such a waste of time anymoreand they all started out of someone’s passion.Whatever the case just know that the things you use to try and escape the worldcould actually be your true passion in disguise.I can’t clarify it for you as it is your passion but honestly look at anything youwould do if you had the chance to blow off work that day.If you just thought you would sleep the day away I want you to role play thispretending you are motivated and full of enthusiasm and practice limitlessthinking.Once you have figured out what you would do day in and day out even if you didn’tget paid for it, research careers or businesses that actually would pay you for yourpassion.Daily ActionSuccessful people are action oriented people. They wake up with a goal and aplan. Then they action those plans.Every single day. This is what creates their success.You might be wondering what action you need to take on a daily basis. This willbecome clear when you know who you want to be and what your passions are.When you are in a constant state of action you don’t want to go to bed becauseyou are so motivated to keep living your day. It is that awesome.Sleep almost seems like a waste but you know you need it so when morningcomes you can jump out of bed and love another day of life.When was the last time you attacked the day with a vigor that had people askingwhat you were on or what kind of coffee you drank that morning?If it wasn’t yesterday get into action today.Take Action Request:
  5. 5. I use the word challenges but I should really say clarifications. These are the 3clarifications you need to make in order to be personally successful:Start clarifying today who you are choosing to be, what you are passionate aboutand the actions you need to take daily to achieve personal success.Your Life Your Choice Your DesignDarrin Wiggins“A loving person lives in a loving world. A hostile person lives in ahostile world: everyone you meet is your mirror.” – Ken Keyes Jr.Can you imagine a life where you love who you are, wake up each day fulfillingyour passion and know how to repeat that success over and over forever? It’spossible.