Setting Goals and Achieving Them


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Having a bunch of goals on paper without knowing how to actually achieve them is a huge waste of time. Discover what needs to be done to harness the power of goal setting.

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Setting Goals and Achieving Them

  1. 1. Setting Goals and Achieving Them Introduction to Goals Do you want to live a more fulfilling life? Do you want to accomplish a goal that means something to you? Do you want to be more than you are right now? Do you often have an unexplainable urge to grow beyond your current abilities? If the answer is yes then you should feel excited not hard on yourself for wanting more. By answering yes it shows that you have ambition. Sadly, much of the population is missing that ambition. While some people are content to simply live a life that is being fed to them, others feel they have a responsibility to make something of their lives. What about you? My intention is to help you reach the “impossible”, clarify your dreams and become a person who loves their life. We are going to define your ambition, explore the reasons why people do not succeed at achieving their dreams and focus on the correct way to go about setting goals, The real secret to achieving great things in life is to start simple. We live in an overwhelming world where everyone and everything demands your attention. You will start this journey by setting goals for yourself not for anyone else in your life. Fulfilling your goals does require creating a step by step plan. The first step of that plan is to write your goals down. Use your phone, laptop or whatever. I would stick with an electronic form if possible as you can modify and delete goals easily with technology. If you love writing them out by hand there is power in that also. The act of recording your goals in some format will help you memorize them and allow you to feel them. What I mean by feel them is if you get tired of writing your goals out and reading them over they are not your life long goals. More importantly, when you take the time to memorize your true goals you impress the importance of it on your subconscious mind. Seriously, let’s assume that you already have the very basic steps of writing goals down so how do you go about fulfilling those goals? Goal Setting + Chip Wilson What You Need To Know About Goal Setting
  2. 2. Photo by People seem to feel that goal setting is this massive task that is more work than it is worth. Let me tell you this. The people who I know that are extremely happy and financially successful all set goals. People who complain about their life and blame others for their misfortunes or shortcomings do not set goals. If you are not willing to put in some effort and ambition into what you want most in life you will not achieve what you are capable of achieving. I believe you can have the life you want if you go out and get it. Life is busy, fast and full of distractions. Setting goals allows you to cut through all the clutter by having a laser like focus on what you are choosing to do. If you feel right now that all your decisions are being made for you then goal setting will change that. You will be in charge of what you are creating in life when your goals are guiding you. What you really need to know about goal setting is that it isn’t easy. As a life coach my job is to be honest with you. I would suggest you stop reading right now if you know you have no intention of committing yourself to doing the work. Why waste your time if being unhappy is easier. For those of you that are continuing to read congratulations on being part of a small elite group of goal setters. A very small percentage of the world can actually say they are happy with the life they created. Step By Step Every goal starts with a first step. Then another and another and before you know it you have reached your destination. Then you set a new one and do it all over again. You will be setting one big goal for each area of your life but by only focusing on that goal without planning each step will have you feeling like you can never reach it. If all you focused on was saving $10,000 in five years you will go into panic mode, start believing you can’t afford anything in the moment and give up before you start. How are you going to save $10,000 when you feel like you live paycheck to paycheck right now? I’m no financial advisor but I understand how to break down goals into obtainable small steps. If you were to come to me for coaching here is how we would breakdown that goal: $10,000 broken down yearly is $2000
  3. 3. Monthly is $167 Weekly is $38.46 Daily is $5.49 Then we would look at your lifestyle and see where you can either save that $5.49/day or earn that much more. If you discovered that you could save $10,000 in five years from eating out one less day a week or having one premium coffee a day instead of two would you do it. Or would you believe you are worth $3000 more a year and ask for a raise or find a job you love that pays more. The options and possibilities to figure out a way to get that $5.49 a day are endless. No, they are limitless which is exactly why you should always set your goals using limitless thinking. Anything is possible you just need to figure out a way. Now what if I told you to go find a highly qualified financial advisor and there is a chance that by the end of five years you will not only have saved that money but even more based on interest! This baby step system works because it is easier to achieve a lot of small goals and with success comes an increase in confidence. Increase your confidence and over time you will see big goals as small and then set even bigger ones. Use this for money goals, time management goals, weight loss goals etc. This is one of the most important aspects about changing your life: creating a list of manageable goals. Setting goals is the best way to get started in making a positive life change. Your detailed list of goals becomes your personal life plan. Without goals you have no direction in life and lack the motivation needed to live a fulfilling life. Intrinsic Motivation What drives this ambition we need to achieve all these goals we want to set? Let’s define ambition first –the urge to be something or do something. Seems pretty simple right? So why in the world do most of us have little to no ambition to do the things we believe we don’t want to. There is a good chance you are missing intrinsic motivation. Intrinsic motivation simply refers to motivation that comes from within you rather than from the promise of rewards or other external motivations. You will recognize intrinsic motivation is at work when you derive a sense of satisfaction from performing a task for no other reason than you are passionate about it. You put immense effort into it and yet it feels effortless.
  4. 4. You can set all the goals you want but without them coming from inside you they will feel empty and you will resent them. Intrinsic motivation is very important to your success. You need to discover what is currently driving you to success or pulling you towards failure. Do you really want to be a doctor or is it because you come from a family full of doctors? No one knows what you were meant to be but you. The power external influences have on you is immense but manageable when you are clear on what you want and who you need to be to have it. You are your own destiny and have full control over your life. Whatever you want, you must go out and get. If you have any qualms or hesitations achieving your life mission then you might want to consider re-evaluating your ambition. What if you’re not sure about your true calling in life? Maybe you have been living someone’s version of your life for so long that you know you want to do something different but haven’t quite figured out what that is. If this is the case, it might help to take a personal development course and take careful analysis of your life thus far. If you don’t know who you are neither does anyone else around you. Self-awareness provides clarity of life and clarity is power. Discover Your Passion If you feel empty in your life and don’t really have an idea about where you are going, practice self-reflection to determine what you would be passionate about day in and day out. Release yourself from all the bills, responsibilities and commitments you have mentally for a moment. Allow yourself to let go for a moment, take a deep breath and clear your mind. Ask yourself the following questions: Is there a particular interest, hobby or task that you get lost in time doing? You can’t wait to do it and you wish it wouldn’t end. Have you experienced an event in life that has taught you something important that you feel compelled to share with others? How can you use the resources and talents you currently have available to explore a new direction in life? Before you start setting all of your goals you need to determine what your passions are and commit to yourself to live them. Without it you may find yourself back on the path others have chosen for you without even realizing it. I would hate for you to start all over again. The more personally fulfilling your goals are, the more motivated you will be to see them
  5. 5. through to completion. I wish everyone in life could hear their inner voice telling them what they were truly meant to do with their life. Unfortunately without really peeling back the layers of personal experiences and baggage that voice will continue to be silenced to the point you suffocate it. One of the greatest tragedies in life is when people consciously sacrifice their happiness and give up on themselves. I hope you have enjoyed this introduction to goal setting. Yes it is a lot of work and admittedly not everyone is up for the challenge. People who set goals take what they want from life and people who don’t take what life hands them whether they like it or not. Take Action Request: Set one goal today. Just one goal can be the catalyst for many successes to come. There are probably 50 different ideas in your head right now as to what you want to improve in life or accomplish but just choose that one goal and take action. Your Life Your Choice Your Design Darrin Wiggins “Bite off more than you can chew, then chew it.” – Ella Williams Make Sure Your Goal Setting Efforts Aren't For Nothing Take The Lifestyle Design Mastery Course Today! Without an intense focus on your personal development you will not become the person you need to become to achieve your goals. This personal development course is based on hundreds of hours of life coaching and will change the quality of your life. Unlimited Success