Quick Self-improvement Tips


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Self-improvement does not have to be difficult if you take the time to follow some basic tips. Personal development is a constant journey.

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Quick Self-improvement Tips

  1. 1. Quick Self Improvement Tipshttp://www.wiggmanscoaching.com/quick- self- improvement- tips/ April 10, 2013The world of self-improvement can be difficult to navigate withoutsome guidance. The act of deciding to become a better person is abig step toward fulfilling your life. Everyone knows that there areways to improve their lives whether it is coping better with day-to-day stresses or trying to improve your communication with yourloved ones or co-workers. Here are some ideas that might inspireyou to act on your good intentions to improve yourself.Positive Af f irmationsUse positive affirmations to counteract negative thoughts andcomments. An affirmation is simply a positive statement that yousay to yourself when you are feeling down. Learning how to bring ourselves back to a positivestate is important because there will not always be someone around to verbally life us up.When you find you are dwelling on negativity, whether it comes from your own doubts or fromsomeone else’s comments, use your affirmations. Pick two or three that really mean something toyou and to eliminate the negative thought repeat them to yourself until you feel a positive energyinside you.Self -Help ToolsConstant learning and utilizing self-help tools will allow you to become more self-aware of howyour actions and behaviours are creating your life. In this world, you need to have a lot of self-knowledge in order to live properly. The more knowledge you have the better results you willachieve. Invest in the schooling, seminars and trainings that will give you the tools to fulfill your life.Be HumbleIn your personal development quest, you should always aim to be humble. Avoid being arrogantbecause when you are arrogant, you are close-minded about anything new. Humility means thatyou are proud of your accomplishments but you always give credit where credit is due. Being open-minded is the key to improving yourself.Positive Physical SurroundingsOur physical surroundings heavily influence our happiness and a change in your environment couldmake the difference you are looking for. Being in a location that has a lot of violence, is not wellmaintained or filled with negative influences is only going to bring you down. It is important to live ina safe neighborhood, where you can come and go as you please and not have to worry aboutyour safety.OrganizationGet organized. Organize your things nightly before going to bed so you are ready to take on thenext day. Try laying out your clothes, packing your lunch and the meat for the next day’s dinner.Take the time to make sure the dishes are done and your house is neat and in order.
  2. 2. Waking up to an organized house will actually help you organize your thoughts for the next dayand make you more productive. This will help reduce stress because you will have your day laid outin front of you and feel confident you can accomplish your personal goals that day.So now is the time to act on your inner-thoughts of self-improvement. You have decided that it istime to grow from within and the sooner you begin the journey to becoming a better version ofyourself, the better you will fee. You will start to live a life you consider fulfilling.Take Action Request:Take the one self-improvement tip that would make the biggest difference in your life right nowand implement it starting tomorrow. Take today to plan how you will put it into action tomorrow.Your Life Your Choice Your DesignDarrin WigginsI wrote a cool Squidoo lens on how self-help books improved my life that you should check out.