How To Set Goals For Success


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Who doesn't want more success in life? Don't think just money but happiness, fulfillment and love. Successful people set goals and that is just a fact. Discover what it will take to have the success you desire.

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How To Set Goals For Success

  1. 1. How To Set Goals For Success or-success/ The Right Way To Set Goals When I say success I do not want you to think of just money. I want you to envision a success that would make you feel great inside every day. Maybe there would be the plan to obtain more money or materialistic things but on an emotional level you would be bursting with happiness and love for yourself and others. If you read my eBook How To Set Goals on Amazon then you understand the basic concept of setting goals for yourself instead of others. Now that you have established that you are in control you can now move on to setting goals. I do not really like to say the right way to set goals or the wrong way but the reality is how you choose to layout and set your goals will have a huge impact on the level of your personal success. Setting goals involves personal development, planning, learning and failing so you can learn some more. You really need to look at your life and what you have been choosing to do and the person you have become. The right way to set goals is to be open minded to what is possible, acknowledge you are not perfect and to pat yourself on the back for starting the journey. We will spend this time now breaking down the mechanics of goal setting so you can have a better understanding of how to modify and eliminate them when you need to. I am a big believer in getting coached to success but also on self-education. I spend a lot of time learning and even more implementing what I learned. Through trial and error I have discovered what I want to do in life which is coaching others. Immerse Yourself In Your Goals When you decide on your first set of goals you will need to learn everything you can about them. Buy books, search the internet and find experts that can teach you. Chance are if you have identified goals that emotionally fire you up then you most likely already have a passion for learning about them or may have a deep knowledge of them but need to become someone more than you already are. Take the goal of losing weight. If you want to lose weight then you will need to read up on nutrition, exercise options and possibly see a registered dietician.
  2. 2. You need to have an understanding of how your lifestyle will need to be in order to accomplish the goals you have set out to achieve. Being healthy is a lifestyle design as is being rich and you need to know what to expect. I am not saying the experience will be the exact same for you as it was your coach but you can learn a lot from them. You also save time by not reinventing the wheel. This learning stage should come before you jump in with both feet on a goal so you understand the potential risks and rewards. Look at the goal of making money online. I wouldn’t recommend you quit your job first and then learn about it. Take the time you have right now while you earn income to read everything you can get your hands on. Once you learn how other people have made money online, you understand what is needed of you to do it. This can also give you the knowledge you need to make an educated decision on whether or not you want to risk it all. This applies to all types of goals. You will never know everything about everything to do with your goals but building a foundation of knowledge sets you up for success. Just do not use the learning curve as an excuse to procrastinate. Keep Your Success Simple Do not overwhelm yourself with the amount of work goal setting looks to take. Set your big hairy audacious goals and then break them down into the daily, weekly and monthly steps you need to take. Simple as that. Once you have the steps in place whenever you are faced with making a decision just ask yourself this one question: Is what I am about to decide to do going to add to or take away from the success of my goals? Asking yourself this one question will do many things: You can discover the gap in knowledge if you honestly answer you don’t know You can determine the level of commitment you have to the goal if you answer take me away from but don’t care Find a new way to make your goal happen even faster being your decision pushes you closer to your goal You want to create steps that are achievable, relatively simple, but still practical. Don’t turn
  3. 3. them into simple to do lists that do not add real value. Make them become habits of success and your final goal will be that much closer to you. Setting Realistic Goals I am the first to say that I believe in limitless thinking and in creating possibilities where they may have otherwise not existed. I am also self-aware enough to know when I am being unrealistic with myself I want to be clear this has nothing to do with self-doubt. Being realistic does not mean you quit believing you are capable of greatness. It is just good practice to not set yourself up for failure before you begin. Believe in yourself with a dash of reality. Setting smart goals involves knowing your own strengths. If you plan a series of unrealistic goals then you will continually face disappointment. How dedicated do you think you will be when you are in a constant state of disappointment? What is a realistic goal? What is realistic for you will not be the same reality for others. We each have a different set of unique skills, talents and resources. I can guide you as to whether your goal sounds realistic or not but I wouldn’t really know what is realistic to you. Only you do. The easiest way to see if your goal is realistic in your world or not is to research what you will need to do to accomplish the goal. Let’s use a goal of losing weight. Are you willing to: Exercise 3-5 days a week Modify your beer drinking wing eating lifestyle Start consuming 6 meals a day vs. the one big dinner you eat now Learn how to cook healthy flavorful meals Research and learn what works for your body type If you list what it takes to accomplish your goal and your instincts are telling you no thanks then the reality is you won’t fully commit. Why spend all those hours of your life halfheartedly trying? Start by picking a realistic goal and accomplish that. You may be amazed when you discover a year from now that what seemed unrealistic last year is child’s play this year. Flexible Goals Concrete Success
  4. 4. In my experience people are hesitant to write out goals because they have this belief that once it is on paper they have committed themselves forever. Nothing could be further from the truth. Goals are meant to be committed to but with a degree of flexibility that allows you to modify them as you grow as a person. What if you accomplish a three year goal in one year? Are you going to wait two more years before you start again? No you are going to relook at all your goals, set some new ones, adjust or eliminate the old ones and do it again. As you develop you will discover goals you thought you wanted to do may not excite you anymore. You may even discover after accomplishing a goal that you didn’t receive the feeling of satisfaction you thought you would. Resetting your goals or having to tell people you are not pursuing certain goals anymore is not a failure. The only time I would consider something a failure is when you didn’t even try to accomplish a goal. When you approach all your failures as personal growth and learn from them then you do not allow yourself to live in a world of self-pity. Remember, things change and people change. You may find that your life experiences have given you a new perspective on some of your old goals. Your goals will need to be modified and you can be comfortable with that. Being flexible in attaining your goals will lead to long term concrete personal success. You cannot control everything that happens to you but you can control how you react to what happens to you. How To Structure Your Goals I feel that by now you have a solid foundation of goal setting knowledge and really want to get down to getting those goals on paper and making things happen. It’s one thing to read instructions on how to set goals, and another thing entirely too actually do it. Let’s break successful goal setting into steps. Brainstorm all the goals you think you may want to do. Look at it like a bucket list – everything you hope to do before you die. Pick the ones that you feel confident you will experience a feeling of success upon completion. Research what it takes to accomplish these goals and consult experts in the industry you are pursuing the goals in. Once you have identified your top goals create a realistic time frame for each individual goal.
  5. 5. Have goals set for 10, 5 and 1 year increments. You can have a goal for every year if needed but these are considered milestones. Word all of your goals in the positive present tense. Write down your plan of action for each goal. Remember to be detailed and break it into manageable steps. By taking these steps you are well on your way to living the life you have always dreamed of. There is a lot of work to be done but once you have the plan laid out it is just a matter of enthusiastically pursuing them. Reflecting On Past Goal Achievements I do not believe in living in the past but I do believe in learning from it and taking time to reflect on past successes. Realizing that you are living out your dreams and accomplishing your goals one by one gives you the greatest feeling and motivates you to do more. So how do you that? I highly recommend keeping a detailed journal that contains your goals, life experiences, dreams and failures. Regularly track your achievements by attaching numbers, dates and names to all of your completed goals. Don’t simply describe the experience; be sure to include information about the strategies that you used, the people you met, websites you read and how you felt each step of the way. When it comes to recording your failures it is important to not be embarrassed to write them down and to be honest with yourself as to what caused the goal to fail. If you really didn’t put in the effort then just write that. With failures it is important to record exactly what you learned from the failure so you do not spend your life repeating the same mistakes. A well-kept detailed journal becomes your personal success manual. Write your entries as if you are providing advice to others. You never know it could turn into a million dollar course on how to accomplish (Insert Your Goal)! That is exactly how I created my Lifestyle Design Mastery course. I took all of my experiential knowledge from a decade of coaching at lululemon athletica and chose to share it with others to make a difference in their lives. Take Action Request: You have value to add to the world and people can benefit from what you know. Focus on your goal setting and personal development to create a future that would have otherwise not existed for you. Envision that new future now and record it in your journal. Does it look any different than the previous visions you wrote?
  6. 6. Your Life Your Choice Your Design Darrin Wiggins Make Sure Your Goal Setting Efforts Aren't For Nothing Take The Lifestyle Design Mastery Course Today! Without an intense focus on your personal development you will not become the person you need to become to achieve your goals. This personal development course is based on hundreds of hours of life coaching and will change the quality of your life. Unlimited Success