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Discover Your Power by Knowing Your Intentions


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Your success is directly tied to the intentions you set each day when you wake up and throughout your day. Set the intention to be great or mediocre and either you get exactly what you want.

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Discover Your Power by Knowing Your Intentions

  1. 1. Discover Your Power by Knowing Your Intentions your- intentions/ April 8, 2013Although we’re all trying to make it through life, it’s interesting tocontemplate how conscious we are about what we’re doing and thedirection we’re headed. Reflecting on what you’re going to do nexthelps you plan for and accomplish your goals.When you intend to do something, you’re much morelikely to do it.Do you know your intentions?Here are some reasons why you might want to figure yours outtoday:1. Int ent ions are powerf ul. When you intend to do something, you begin to set up your time andsituations so you can make it happen. In essence, when you know your intentions, it brings youpower that you cannot obtain by any other method.2. Your int ent ions keep your plans in t he f oref ront of your mind. Whenever you’re thinkingabout what you intend to do, you’re reminded of your goals. If you intend to lose weight, forexample, you’ll catch yourself thinking about what you’ll do today to lose weight—what you’ll eatand how you’ll burn extra calories. Your intentions set you on a path to excel because they are on your mind consistently.3. You can have short -t erm int ent ions and longer t erm int ent ions. A short-term intention mightbe going to work every day and excelling in some small way. A longer term intention might be doing your best work consistently so you can earn a promotion. Ensure you have both levels of intentions in place to keep you progressing in a positive direction.4. You’re in cont rol. When it comes to having intentions, it’s up to you to decide what you want inlife and what you’ll do to achieve it. A wonderful thing about an intention is that you make aconscious decision to accomplish something. You might reach your goal that day, week, month, orsometime later during your lifetime. Intentions are a fascinating paradox because you control having intentions and your intentions, in a sense, drive (control) your actions. Ultimately, you’ll prosper because of them.5. Having int ent ions gives you conf idence. When you intend to do something, you’re optimisticbecause you know deep inside that you will do it. As a result, you become quite confident in yourquest for the good life. You have a plan and you’re going for it. Your intentions bring self-assurance to galvanize your efforts to live your dreams with passion.6. Ot hers may view you as a role model. We’re all looking for someone to look up to, to receive
  2. 2. guidance from, and to set a clear, positive example for us. Your intentions say a lot about you andenable you to be the one that others look up to. As a role model, you’re more likely to rise to the occasion and continue setting up powerful intentions in your life to take you where you hope to go. Everybody wins when you know your intentions.Your intentions bring you great power over your f uture.You’ll live a life you truly want when you know what you’re going to do with it. Your intentionsprovide powerful guidelines, bring you confidence, and spark your motivation to live your best lifeeach day!Take Action Request:When you wake up each morning set the intention to have a great day by choosing to not takethings so seriously, be kind to yourself and others and by being grateful for the day ahead.Sceptical? Just try it and see how you day is.Your Life Your Choice Your DesignDarrin Wiggins“With everything that has happened to you, you can either f eel sorry f oryourself or treat what has happened as a gif t. Everything is either anopportunity to grow or an obstacle to keep you f rom growing. You get tochoose.” – Wayne W. DyerCLAIM YOUR FREE COPY!PLUS! Get our weekly blog updates.First NameEmailTags: ,