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Ideal data offloading_solution

  1. 1. The Ideal DataOffloading Solution Kelvin Lee Senior General Manager Green Packet
  2. 2. Data Traffic Growth Trend Sources: Cisco, 2008; Informa, 2008; Analyst Insight 2008Data Traffic Consumption vs. Data Revenue Growth • Mobile broadband and data usage is growing exponentially as this becomes a way of life for either work or play • In the next 5 years, there will be a 100x growth of aggregate data compared to 2x the growth of revenue • Operators are increasingly introducing data services 2 Copyright© 2008 Green Packet. All rights reserved. • Data traffic consumption is outpacing data revenue Private and Confidential 2
  3. 3. Contributing FactorsBroad Adoption Advanced Attractive Dataof Data Service Devices Servicesby Subscribers Flat rate tariff plan that encourages use without anyincremental cost for incremental data usage Social Networking, Smart phones Widgets, Apps, 3 Copyright© 2008 Green Packet. All rights reserved. Private and Confidential Video 3
  4. 4. Impact on MNO Data Traffic Congested Increased Churn Outpaces Network Rate Revenue Growth unhappy frustrated Data Traffic switch operator Revenue 4Copyright© 2008 Green Packet. All rights reserved. Private and Confidential 4
  5. 5. Offload Opportunities EscalatingInfrastructure • Expensive back-end infrastructure Cost Upgrade investment(Basestation) • Conflicting network standards • Lengthy partnership negotiation • High initial (setup) costs. Femtocells • Automatically identify and connect users to the best networks available. • Designed to be network, device and OS independent. Connection • Seamless switch during the offloading process, giving users uninterrupted connectivity Managers experience. • Cost-effective solution – no infrastructure upgrade and license-driven. • Provide subscribers with single software to Cost access ALL your networks. Copyright© 2008 Green Packet. All rights reserved. Saving 5 Private and Confidential 5
  6. 6. Case Study: PCCW One solution, multiple benefits:• Offload overly congested 3G network to WiFi Hotspots to optimize bandwidth and infrastructure investments.• Unified Connection Manager retains telco branding and user experience; helps user manage both 3G and WiFi access networks & single sign-on to multiple accounts and applications• Seamless handoff between different access networks to ensure uninterrupted voice and data sessions Seamless roaming between 3G and WiFi network Flexibility to prioritize network connection to PCCW Public WiFI or PCCW Enterprise WiFi Network Integrated with Phonebook’s SIM card (3G Datacard) to retrive contact number 6 Copyright© 2008 Green Packet. All rights reserved. Private and Confidential for SMS usage 6
  7. 7. The Ideal Connection Manager• Constant challenge of network • By utilizing and optimizing congestion as subscriber base and current infrastructure, save on Bandwidth bandwidth utilization increases Costs huge investments to• Maximize the use of current build/upgrade infrastructure infrastructure • These savings can be channeled• Offload overly congested to customers network e.g. 3G/CDMA to Offload WiFi – thus creating a balance Traffic Cost • Single client supports multiple in bandwidth utilization. to OPTIMIZE MINIMIZATION CPE, lower support cost Bandwidth Customer Avenue to RETENTION• Offer mobile lifestyle • Retain customers by INCREASE applications/ services to REDUCED offering what matters to Revenue subscribers Churn them• Gain additional revenue on top of One plan on a unified their access network fees. network Customer Savings Revenue• For example, end-user communication via video Attractive mobile lifestyle conferencing, file sharing, real-time services and applications messaging and games; all while on 7 • Ease of use, single client for theCopyright© 2008 Green Packet. All rights reserved. move. Private and Confidential multiple connection modes 7
  8. 8. Conclusion 3G Connection Manager The Ideal Solution Ability to offer differentiated servicesSimplified and ubiquitous connectivity for better user experience resulting in churn reductionSubstantial cost savings through optimized usage of current infrastructure Freed up data capacity to offer quality mobile services Opportunity to Improve ARPU 8 Copyright© 2008 Green Packet. All rights reserved. Private and Confidential 8
  9. 9. Thank YouKelvin LeeSenior General