Network digital-signage-user-manual-2


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Network digital-signage-user-manual-2

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Network digital-signage-user-manual-2

  1. 1. 4.Flow for revising issuing properties of issued unit Click “issue and Select DMB Select DMB audit” to box tree at box group, play complete left side Click mode and time unit issue Complete Open task Select “revise etc. DMB box and audit unit audit group defaults based on managem one line issuing Click the DMB box operation ent page data in settings” group selected stated in “refresh” or unit list button on unit Click Flow 5 “inquiry” management “OK” to button page complete unit issue Other Important Operations for Task Unit5. Flow for previewing, deleting, auditing and rejecting issued task unit Select one Click any Popup basic information data line in Click “task terminalDMB of this task unit task unit preview” button box group of terminalDMB listOpen task box tree at left Popup deleting information unit side screen and click “Yes” Click “delete taskmanagem after confirming without unitunit issuingent page mistake to delete relevant setting” button properties of issuing settings of the task unit Click “audit” button. Popup deleting information Click “Refresh” screen for filling Audit status should or “Inquiry” comments, click “Audit” to button be pending audit pass the task unit Popup rejecting information Click “reject” button screen for filling comments, Audit status should click “Reject” to reject the be pending audit task unit Revision operation for issued unit Page 11 of 62
  2. 2. www.szdpe.com3. Browser security configuration In order to use this system more conveniently, users are suggested to set browser as follows: 1. Input DMB2.0 server IP into trusted sites (see Fig.) 2. Revise security settings of trusted sites (see Fig.) Page 12 of 62
  3. 3. www.szdpe.com4. System operation4.1. Log in the system After completing installation of Server 2.0, user can open a browser and input http://<serverip>:8080/dmb in address bar to open login page as shown in Fig. 1-1 Page 13 of 62
  4. 4. Fig. 1-1 Input user name and password to login system. with Main menu page as shown in Fig. 1-2 Fig. 1-24.2. DMB box management Click DMB box management as shown in Fig. 1-2 to enter DMB box management page shownin Fig. 2-1 Page 14 of 62
  5. 5. Fig. 2-14.2.1. DMB box group operation In Fig. 2-1, users can set up their own DMB box group for unified management of their DMBbox. User can click as shown in DMB box group frame at left side and input relevantinformation to set packet properties on pop-up window shown in Figure 2-2 (* means requiredinformation), fill data based on system prompt: Note: Separate different types of DMB boxes in different groups for convenientmanagement. Page 15 of 62
  6. 6. Page 16 of
  7. 7. Fig. 2-2User can click to delete empty DMB box groupClick to refresh DMB box group recordClick to popup the menu shown in Fig. 2-3 as follows: Fig. 2-3Click to rename DMB box groupClick to edit DMB box properties (such as DMB box name,volume, weather zone, working time, download time, pre-download setting)Click to set working time and download time Page 17 of 62
  8. 8. Click to set the volume of DMB box group Click to control such orders as start, shutdown, restart of all DMB boxes in group (DMB box will response to these orders, but the final working status of DMB box is subject to working time set by user) Click to change membership relation of DMB box group Click to upgrade all DMB box versions, please refer to Item 13 in this Section for operation information. Click to set pre-download file and time of this group Click to export all DMB box unit of this group. The unit can be used to upgrade DMB box play list of USB flash disk, refer to Item 12 in this Section4.2.2. DMB box operation As shown in Fig. 2-1 DMB box list, user can select DMB box name, number, DMB box IP andDMB box status in search box and input relevant information ininput box. Click to inquiry relevant DMB box record Click to add a new DMB box below group, user can fill necessary configurations for new DMB box based on Fig. 2-4 (* means compulsory information); Page 18 of 62
  9. 9. Fig.2-4Click to popup dialog box as shown in Fig. 2-5. User can add bulk DMBbox numbers based on configuration Fig. 2-5Click to popup dialog box as shown in Fig. 2-6 for monitoringdownload log, play log, content monitoring, download progress, error log, etc. duringdifferent periods. Page 19 of 62
  10. 10. Fig. 2-6 Page 20 of