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Risk assessmentThis will highlight all foreseeable problems that couldoccur whilst we are running and planning the festiva...
•Lighting and sound problems- there are a lot of problems that could happen with the soundand lighting. If for some reason...
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Risk assesment for festival (need to finish)


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Risk assesment for festival (need to finish)

  1. 1. Risk assessmentThis will highlight all foreseeable problems that couldoccur whilst we are running and planning the festival andhow to stop and deal with them.•Lost footage and material- this could be anything from a lost documentary or advert to a lostcostume. To combat these with the costumes lock them up away from over students when not in usein a teachers office or cabinet. For the footage make sure all footage is backed up either in theserver or hard drive and on the computer you are working on. Remember to save regularly. If thisdoes occur options are to search for recovery options and talk to a technician about possibilities,find original footage and start editing again or worse case scenario have to start all over again. Thiscan not alter the schedule so may have to be done in persons own time.•over- budget- this can be a really bad thing especially if the budget is not properly controlled.Everything that needs to be bought is submitted to the head of budget, e.g. lists of customisingmaterials needed, then they check that this is affordable before submitting the order to the teacherwho controls the order. The order must be made in time for the delivery to come and not put backthe schedule. If we do go over budget options include returning unused goods, asking for more (notadvised and shouldnt be needed), everyone putting in their own money (depending on howimportant/needed the thing is) and sacrificing or not getting other items. The budget should not bean issue through out this project it is for whoever is put in charge of that to maintain this.•Not on schedule- if we start running behind schedule this could really harm our festival. Itcould leave us with less rehearsal and production time therefore making the quality of the festivaldecrease. This should be monitored by everyone and everyone should make sure they are onschedule for completion for their own tasks each week. If we do start running behind this she berectified as soon as possible. If extra time is needed after school it is that person responsibility to doso or let the whole team down.•Designs not ready- this should not happen because the designers should be making sure theyhave enough time to complete their garments before the festival, including time to dry. If this doeshappen there are two plans of action. If it is noticed that it wont be completed before the day thedesigner can work after school to finish and ask for help from other team members. The earliestpossible the better. If the garment is still not complete on the day of the festival then the piece maynot be able to feature on the catwalk show. If it is just a little wet it may still be able to based on themodels preferences and how wet it is. This should be avoided as much as possible as it would belike a waste of time if it didnt get shown.•Show hasnt been advertised enough- we would be able to tell this from the number ofticket sales which should be checked each week from the day the tickets are printed. If it happensthat on the day we still barely sold any ticket we will offer people the chance to come and watch itfree but present a donation bucket at the entrance so they can make donations to Unicef on theirway in or out. This way we still generate a donation sum that we cans end to the charity.
  2. 2. •Lighting and sound problems- there are a lot of problems that could happen with the soundand lighting. If for some reason they are not working do not fiddle with the controls in the controlbox. Talk to the technician. If it is on a file that has been brought in go and check it on anothercomputer and see if that rectifies the problem as it may be the way it has been saved. if this doesnthelp you can try the technicians or someone who knows what may be the problem. All of thisshould be checked before the day of the festival to save time. Also have a back up option forexample if youve saved it onto a USB save it onto a CD for back up.•People missing- if people are missing from the planning and production stages for whateverreason we should phone them if they are not in school and no one is aware of why and make surethey are up to date in their responsibilities or able to catch up in their own time and stick to theschedule. If we cant reach them we should talk to them at the earliest possible moment and theyshould make sure they are on track. If there is someone missing on the day of the festival we shouldfollow the same initial protocol and in the worse case scenario another group member would haveto take on their responsibilities so that the festival runs smoothly.•Someone hurt- if someone gets injured for whatever reason we have to follow the schoolhealth and safety procedures. Initially this means having someone that is first aid qualifiedavailable. Who will tend to the depends on the severity of the injury. We have some group membersthat have been trained and are able to attend to minor issues sufficiently without help but we willalso have a member of staff available if possible in the hall or if not close by in the schools mainoffice. We will also have a first aid kit inside the hall that will have plasters, bandages and the likeready for use.•Health and safety fire protocol- we have to be aware of the fire escape options inside thehall in the case of fire and also the schools fire protocol. In the hall there are 4 possible exits that wecan use. The school meets up at their astro turf after fire drills so this will be our meeting point. Wewill have a list of all cast and group members in the running order so that can easily be assessed. Interms of the audience it would be tiresome to write down the names of everyone when they walk inbut it is most likely that people will come with their friends so we will know when we ask if anyoneis missing from asking everyone. We can have a rough estimate of the audience numbers if possibleform the ticket sales and how many people we notice enter. One member of our group should be thelast out to check that the hall is clear if possible. Hopefully this doesnt happen but all groupmembers will be briefed on what to do if this does happen on the day.These are all of the main possibilities that I could think of that we couldpossibly encounter as problems and I have outlined what I think would bethe best courses of action so that we can spend as little time as possibletrying to figure out what to do so we can make sure we get the festivalrunning on the planned date.