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Table ideas from Delight 2014 Digital Experience Strategy Workshop


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This is a collection of mostly financial service examples from the Delight Conference's 2014 Digital Experience Strategy workshop.

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Table ideas from Delight 2014 Digital Experience Strategy Workshop

  1. 1. #DelightFTW DXS workshop Table ideas
  2. 2. #DelightFTW Table ideas from 10/7/14
  3. 3. #DelightFTW Switch me Digital tools make switching to your bank easier.
  4. 4. #DelightFTW Car dealer foursquare Use your bank’s community to get the best price and automotive experience.
  5. 5. #DelightFTW Security pro Digital tools for your bank to help you manage life’s data breaches.
  6. 6. #DelightFTW Trust mgt. Digital tools to manage family trusts.
  7. 7. #DelightFTW Mortgage simple Get the best clients the best rates.
  8. 8. #DelightFTW Daily max Let users configure conditions to catch fraud.
  9. 9. #DelightFTW Date Planner Digital tools to plan better dates. Sure, its not financial – we just liked the idea.
  10. 10. #DelightFTW Credit fraud defender Digital tools to spot and end credit fraud.
  11. 11. #DelightFTW Bank and PayPal together. Your bank can be PayPal better.
  12. 12. #DelightFTW The bank that puts SMBs first Be the Silicon Valley Bank of small business.
  13. 13. #DelightFTW