Edit 202 powerpoint for twitter


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Edit 202 powerpoint for twitter

  1. 1. Edit 202 Activity 2.3Kristen Wiehart
  2. 2. My Adventure through My First Tweet!
  3. 3. Sign Up! Beginning of setup! Following Begins! ` Creating a Real Profile, Picture and description!
  4. 4. A Continuous GrowthIn Followers and thosewhom I follow!
  5. 5. George Couros First Tweet First Reply First ReTweet First Follower
  6. 6. George Couros• Mr. George Couros was a guest speaker in our EDIT 202 class lecture; he is a very inspiring and motivational speaker. He is a Division Principal of Innovative Teaching and Learning with Parkland School Division, located in Stony Plain, Alberta. He is very passionate about spreading leadership throughout his division. He firmly believes that through the team work of all stakeholders involved will help to ensure that the needs of all children will be met to the fullest capable. He is not only an inspiration to future educators, educators of the time, and the common people; but to me. He expects, provides, and models high standards of our educators to provide only the best and most innovative and interactive classroom teachings. I believe that choosing Mr. Couro’s to follow and add to my PLN is a wonderful choice. George Couro’s models an exceptional attitude and that one as an educator should demonstrate and live if not every day, at least in the classroom. He also has many years of experience, not only as an educator which would be very beneficial to me as a new coming educator, his ideas would be greatly appreciated as I will be entering a trial and error period for the beginning of my profession. Not only as an educator is George Couro’s beneficial, but as a principal stand point; as a principal he is the ultimate decision maker of who is hired out of the many new teacher applicants. He has the knowledge of how to make myself as a new teacher stand out from the crowd, and get the contract. He is the perfect person to have included in my Personal Learning Network.
  7. 7. ED Tech Services Recent Tweets from Ed Tech Services
  8. 8. ED Tech Services• Ed Tech Services is stationed in the Education building in the University Of Alberta Campus. I believe this would be an excellent choice to have included in my personal PLN. Ed Tech Services provides students with optimal help, at no cost at all. They are always willing to help at just about any time of the day and they provide excellent technical advice and troubleshooting for those who are not tech savvy. I believe this service with help me to educate myself and continue to develop my knowledge of technical services and skills for when I am a fully certified teacher. I know with the help and knowledge at my fingertips from this exceptional service I would be able to better my personal knowledge and feel much more confident with my skills in technology.
  9. 9. Connected Principals Recent Tweets from Connected Principals
  10. 10. Connected Principals• Connected Principals is a shared twitter profile between the connected principals website and group. I feel that following and connecting with this group would be very beneficial to me especially in my third and final years of university; because those who would hire me are principals and therefore being connected with them provides me some opportunities to send my self out there and become known that I am a new excited teacher to be hired. I feel that this group will not only help me that way, but also provide me great information and tips on how to set myself apart from multiple other new teachers hunting for the same job. I believe all around becoming friendly and well known with a group of principals provides me great opportunities for my future!
  11. 11. My efforts in reaching out and developing my PLN
  12. 12. My Efforts and Rewards• I am still slowly learning the adventures of Twitter, but I was and still am slightly frustrated that my marks in my first year are not as good as they were in high school, and I began to worry that this would affect the rest of my stay at the university, and further affect my future in graduation and potential hirings in my fourth year. Suddenly I realized I don’t have to do it alone, I could ask someone in a profession that does such that, hiring of new teachers. I used my PLN to contact Mr. George Couros who does just that, and asked him. He replied and in my ease I was pleased with his response but just being able to have that access at any time any where was so comforting and really showed me the benefits and positives that having a PLN is. I know that I will continue to keep up and become more involved in my PLN to help spread my name out there for future upon graduation.