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NetBeans Platform for Rich Client Development

This presentation is about brief introduction of NetBeans Platform.

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NetBeans Platform for Rich Client Development

  1. 1. NetBeans Platform FOR RICH CLIENT DEVELOPMENT Presenter : Widura Wijenayake
  2. 2. Rich Client •In a client server architecture the term rich client is used for clients . •Data Processing occurs mainly on the client side. •Graphical user interface. •Extendable via plug-in and modules. •Typically developed on top of framework.
  3. 3. Rich Client Platform •A rich client platform is an application lifecycle environment, a basis for desktop applications. •Most desktop applications have similar features, such as •menus, toolbars, status bars, data displays, the saving and loading of user-specific data and configurations, internationalization, help systems, etc. •Rich client platform provides a framework with which these features can quickly and simply be put together.
  4. 4. Rich Client Platform Open-source examples for Java
  5. 5. The Need For NetBeans Platform Don’t write another framework, Please Rest in Piece Home made Frameworks
  6. 6. NetBeans Platform For Rich client development •100% Java • No necessary 3rd party libraries •Swing • The most standard java toolkit •Module System • NetBeans-specific modules system • Standard OSGI module system •Build System • Ant , Maven •JDK Support • So many JARs from the NetBeans platform are in the JDK too.
  7. 7. Why Need Modular Application? What if this is Your Application codebase?
  8. 8. Why Need Modular Application? What if this is Your Application codebase?
  9. 9. The Need For Modular Application •Application get more complex • Simplifies scalability in terms of requirements •Assembled from pieces •Developed by distributed teams • Helps to keep codebases maintainable • More flexibility, less coupling. •Good architecture • Know dependencies • Manage dependencies
  10. 10. NetBeans Platform Architecture Conceptual structure of the NetBeans IDE
  11. 11. NetBeans Platform Architecture
  12. 12. Creating NetBeans Platform Application File New Project
  13. 13. Creating NetBeans Platform Application This is called as creating Module Suite also.
  14. 14. Creating Modules File New Project
  15. 15. Creating Modules
  16. 16. Creating Modules
  17. 17. Project Outline View Run ➤ Run Project (F6)
  18. 18. The basic structure of NetBeans Platform Application
  19. 19. Applications Baesed on NetBeans Platform
  20. 20. Thank You !