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Music Publicist


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Music Publicist

  1. 1. music publicist Widi Asmoro
  2. 2. # Why Need a Publicist • New song in a minute • The need of publicity • Reliable message for journalist • Don’t want to get hand dirty working with the press • The need of writing skill for a good publication
  3. 3. # My Services • Write Press Release – Introduce the artist to the press – Artist’s new single/album launch – Exposing the artist’s social event – Spin Doctor • Distribute to the Press
  4. 4. # Key Performance Indicator • Press covers • Public Awareness • Radio Airplay • TV Performances • Show
  5. 5. # Works & Project Widi Asmoro was formerly known as a representative from SONY MUSIC Indonesia. Together with the company, he succeeded in bringing many great talents such as Sheila On 7, PADI, Cokelat, Anggun, Julian Cely, Tata Young, and L’Arc~en~Ciel to the Indonesian market. He was awarded "Employee of the Year" in 2006, in persisting of using online media to promote music artists.
  6. 6. # Works & Project Tanya Madam Cinta is a project for promoting new single from The Fly band and made in 2007 by SONY BMG Digital Business team, with Widi Asmoro as the leader of this project. The concept is making viral promotion via website and mailing list. The objective is to introducing the new single and attract audience to activate the Ring Back Tone. Though the number of RBT activation is not as high as expected, but this campaign become word of mouth and published in many personal blog for fun stuff category. (
  7. 7. # Works & Project He resigned from the company in 2008 but still keeping his passion in music by managing an indie band, Everybody Loves Irene. His remarkable talent gave an appreciation award for the band from TIME Magazine Asia, with no match alike in Asia, and also many positive critics by local publication such as Kompas and others as well. In 2009, this band did an Asia tour to Singapore and Filipina. This band also received the Asia Voice Independent Music Awards for the best moody- melancholic masterpiece tracks. (
  8. 8. # Works & Project He also working as a Strategic & Business Affair for thedyingsirens for upcoming album release. The task is to handle business purpose of the solo-band project and to spread the words about thedyingsirens. ( Recently, Astrid Sartiasari, a solo signed artist from Sony Music Indonesia, hire Widi Asmoro as her Music Publicist. The task is to maintain public awareness of the artist. (
  9. 9. # Recomendation “Widi Asmoro adalah seorang pekerja keras dengan ide- ide briliant. Pemikirannya tentang industri musik Indonesia tergolong sangat maju. Bersama Everybody Loves Irene, Widi berhasil mengangkat trend digital di industri musik Indonesia.” - Yudhi Arfani, composer and music director, Everybody Loves Irene “One that intrigues me the most about Widi is his passion and idea for the online world. It also reflects when Widi then promote his band 'Everybody Loves Irene' via online. Everybody Loves Irene existence in the online world is amazingly well thought of. Widi manage to use Social Media, making cross promotion within the online media thus derive traffic and well needed attention to the band existence. He is also eager to learn "the new ways" of promoting a band. One that other local band (band management) has to start thinking about.” - Anantya Van Bronckhorst, Executive Director, Think.Web
  10. 10. # Recomendation “I know Widi for years before he joined in my departement at Sony BMG. He is one of the brightest and smartest young person in Sony BMG at that time. His interest on digital business is way beyond anybody else and his hunger of knowledge is impacable. He is a self driven and know exactly what he is doing in his job.” - Bambang Arbiantoro, Senior Product Manager VAS/3G- Marketing, PT Excelcomindo Pratama “Digital Business is his specialist. Many briliant such as digital marketing, promotion strategy, music business come from him. Yes it's true. He has a big passion in music. And i think he will be a valuable asset for music industry for this country. He teach me many things about music industry especially Digital Business. And he also help my thesis about music industry revolution in Indonesia!” - Aulia Naratama, Head of Promotion, Demajors
  11. 11. Would hear a good news from you.. soon! Phone: +62.815.881.7681 Email: . YM: asmoro_w BB: 2110DF96 music is my passion. hearing it, feeling it, and making it!