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Product Selection


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For Distree ME 2012

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Product Selection

  1. 1. Headphone category “has appeared seemingly from nowhere to become a major revenue earner for technology retailers”Jean Charretteur,MD Dixons Travel
  2. 2. Appeared from nowhere
  3. 3. Looking for products with X Factor?
  4. 4. 1. Does it work?2. Does the public understand it and want to buy it?3. Is the management team and company structure strong enough to sell it worldwide?
  5. 5. Does it work?
  6. 6. Will it be normal soon?
  7. 7. Is the price right?
  8. 8. Can the management team sell it? Ted Fletcher Engineer John Cameron Business Manager Orbitsound
  9. 9. Mark Needham, Chairman Widget UK Ltd Website – Phone: 0044-7785 928250 Twitter @widget