Themes and Clues in Animal Farm


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Themes and Clues in Animal Farm

  1. 1. Lessons Learned from Orwell’s Vision <ul><li>Even though Orwell’s vision may seem out dated, he still has an important lesson to teach us. </li></ul>Created by Tim
  2. 2. “ Every system has its flaw” In today’s society all forms of government are good in some ways, but also lack some important qualities. Such as communism, socialism and many others are examples of governments that have severe problems. An important problem is the citizens do not have a political voice. In the former Soviet Union, the government was strong, yet the people suffered. In poverty and distress the citizens only hope is in their government, who abandoned them for power and influence in the world.
  3. 3. If we don’t respect our fellow man, no system no matter how free it is can survive. The historical evidence of this would be that if Stalin had respected his people and been decent to them. The horrible atrocities that occurred during his rule, (see timeline) which eventually lead to the Soviet Union’s demise would not have happened. This is the historical evidence that caused one of the worst recorded tyrannies of all time. 1 Whatever goes upon 2 legs is an enemy 2 Whatever goes upon 4 legs, or has wings, is a friend 3 No animal shall wear clothes 4 No animal shall sleep in a bed 5 No animal shall drink alcohol 6 No animal shall kill any other animal 7 All animals are equal “ It’s important and possible to be decent”
  4. 4. “ Individuals are more important than systems” is one of the most important attributes is that every form of government from democracy to monarchy should withhold. Every government has based laws and changes on statistics. While in truth the governments do not understand that each and every person is a living, thinking citizen with a voice. This is the problem with governments that care more economics than their people. The individuals are not just more number in a country of numbers, and they have the right to think and believe. “ Individuals are more important than systems”
  5. 5. “ Take into account the practical realities” In the realities of our world today, governments often fail to incorporate truth. Often, they fall short when attempting to view their laws and rules from all points of view. The phrase “it looks good on paper” comes to mind because it says that in theory the system should work, but when you actually try it out it crashes in failure. This means that sometimes they do not consider the realisms of their plans.
  6. 6. “ Its up to us to decide what is right or wrong and we must stand by our choice” Our choices define the future of our government and the new generations. We must stand by our decisions and choose for ourselves which system has worse flaws and sacrifices to be made. Others cannot make choices for us because we should be in control of our own lives.
  7. 7. The themes in this PowerPoint were found in a article called: “ Lessons from George Orwell” found in the Bottom Line/Personal Some of the images were found at: