How MINI USA curates user generated content with Widen Digital Asset Management


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MINI USA does a great job of capturing and utilizing user generated content. MINI owners are an engaged community and love showing off their vehicles. The struggle was how to collect, organize and share all of this great, authentic content.

BEAM, on behalf of MINI USA, combines social listening with workflow tools and cloud connectors, file sharing tools and the Widen API to aggregate content in its Widen-powered digital asset library.

The blend of all these web services fosters a connection between authentic customer experiences and the MINI brand to create stronger engagement with its audience.

Check out the slide deck below highlighting the steps involved in two innovative uses of DAM from BEAM Interactive on behalf of MINI USA.

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How MINI USA curates user generated content with Widen Digital Asset Management

  1. 1. Customer innovations in DAM Featuring BEAM Interactive for MINI USA December 11, 2013
  2. 2. MORE
  3. 3. DAM systems today are more than a place to store, search and share your digital media MORE
  4. 4. MORE They allow you to curate genuine content from more sources
  5. 5. MORE They allow you to quickly repurpose that content across more channels
  6. 6. MORE And, they allow you to reach more customers at every single touchpoint
  7. 7. Brand creation today is also about so much more MORE
  8. 8. MORE More than work put in or put out by your creative and marketing teams
  9. 9. MORE More than photoshoots, campaign materials, branding kits or sales collateral you’ve so diligently put together
  10. 10. MORE It’s about creating an authentic experience for an audience that cares
  11. 11. One of the best ways to support your brand and engage your audience is through customer generated content
  12. 12. A DAM system can be the hub for content generated by your customers, partners, the press and... MORE
  13. 13. Here are two innovative use cases of Widen DAM featuring MINI USA and their agency BEAM Interactive
  14. 14. USE CASE #1 - Curating user generated content via social media using Widen’s Dropbox integration The Challenge: BEAM collects user generated content via Instagram and Twitter to be used in a photo contest on MINI USA’s Facebook page. The content was scattered across multiple servers/folders at BEAM and the process of aggregating and posting content was becoming cumbersome and time consuming. The Solution: BEAM implemented Widen DAM and developed a workflow, using Widen’s Dropbox integration, to source content from Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and easily repurpose MINI USA’s assets across multiple campaigns. Why Widen: Widen integrates. Our Dropbox integration is just one example of how we align with the right mix of services to empower our users. The Benefits: ● BEAM set up a great taxonomy specific to MINI USA with over 8,000 photos ● BEAM can quickly find all MINI USA assets for whatever they're working on ● BEAM can bulk upload the aggregated MINI USA customer photos right into Widen DAM and simultaneously bulk edit the metadata
  15. 15. USE CASE #1 - from BEAM Interactive Step 1: We started the curation process on Instagram
  16. 16. USE CASE #1 Step 2: We created a recipe on to listen for a specific hashtag on Instagram
  17. 17. When finds a post with that hashtag it grabs the image (or video) and deposits it into the Widen-linked 'John Cooper' Dropbox. The image then goes into the 'Photo C Instagram' hot folder. The recipe also takes the Photo Challenge Hashtag name (which changes every month) and places it directly into the filename along with the Instagram User Name and the URL of the specific post (for example: 'MINIThanks_by_danstagram__on_Instagra m____httpinstagram .compgt-pFCqMJF')
  18. 18. USE CASE #1 Step 3: We created an upload profile for the Instagram contest
  19. 19. Any file uploaded to the profile will have key metadata and categories assigned to it.
  20. 20. USE CASE #1 Step 4: We linked the upload profile to a Dropbox folder
  21. 21. In Widen DAM (the Media Collective), you link an upload profile with a Dropbox folder. Any file that goes in that folder is automatically uploaded into the Media Collective.
  22. 22. Here are the category search results in the Media Collective for the photo contest images that were curated via Instagram.
  23. 23. Here’s the asset details page in the Media Collective after the Dropbox folder uploads the image with the 'Photo C Instagram' upload Profile. It pre-populates key metadata fields along with specific category and asset group assignments.
  24. 24. USE CASE #1 BEAM automates the collection of user generated content through social media, simple workflow tools, and the Widen Media Collective.
  25. 25. USE CASE #2 - Curating user generated content via’s content submission gallery The Challenge: As part of a contest to help launch their newest model, MINI wanted to hear what kinds of test drives current MINI owners could dream up to put the new car’s impressive features through its paces. MINI then wanted to let people vote on the Test Drive ideas they liked best, with the winning Owners getting to drive the new car before the general public. The Solution: BEAM made use of the Widen API to allow for the uploading of video content direct from Video content is submitted direct to Widen DAM where it is reviewed and then Widen’s video embed codes are used on the public gallery on Why Widen: Widen empowers. This use of the Widen API is just one example of how we offer a flexible mix of services to empower our users. The Benefits: ● BEAM curates user-generated videos seamlessly uploaded to Widen DAM ● BEAM can quickly aggregate and moderate content in one place ● BEAM can turn quality user-generated video content right back around for viewing on the public content submissions gallery on
  26. 26. The new MINI Hardtop is coming in early 2014 so MINI is holding a contest titled “The Final Test Test Drive” to determine which MINI owner(s) can be the first to take the new model for a test drive.
  27. 27. MINI owners fill out form to enter the contest and upload their images and videos.
  28. 28. Videos are sent to Widen DAM (the Media Collective) via an API, then five different embed codes (different formats and sizes) are created for use on desktop and mobile devices. A moderator reviews the content sent to Widen DAM before it’s fed to a public submissions gallery.
  29. 29. On MINI USA’s Submissions Gallery and Final Test Drive page, Widen’s video embed codes are pulled via the API.
  30. 30. MINI USA uses Widen’s streaming video URL without Widen's video player. That way, BEAM can use their own video player.
  31. 31. The MINI USA Final Test Test Drive category of videos curated via BEAM’s monthly contest.
  32. 32. USE CASE #2 BEAM aggregates customer generated content via with the Widen API and presents selected videos on a public gallery via Widen’s embed links.
  33. 33. Related Content How MINI USA Relies On Social, Search, User-Generated Content by Laurie Sullivan for MediaPost on 11/12/13 BEAM Interactive gives MINI USA's user-generated content a BIG advantage with Widen DAM for the Widen blog on 11/7/13 Brand Creation and Curation by Michael Gilday at the Widen User Summit on 10/15/13 All content from the 2013 Widen User Summit Supporting copy can go here for your slide
  34. 34. Questions? Be sure to follow us...