How Digital Asset Management (DAM) Can Help Creative Agencies


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How Digital Asset Management (DAM) Can Help Creative Agencies from Widen Enterprises.

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  • NinaThanks for having us here today.
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  • But DAM is much than a place for files to live and more than simple sharing. It puts a workflow around your production processes. If you’re using these systems currently, DAM can really help leverage them or be a great and efficient replacement to consolidate and streamline many of these tools.
  • So, how do you know if you need a DAM system?This is a pretty good list to go through to determine if you need DAM. If you find that you have a need for more than two items on this list, then that’s a pretty good indicator that should start thinking more about DAM.
  • Benefits of DAM for agencies
  • These are the different ways agencies use DAM. There is no one right way, just the way you need for your situation or the situation of your clients.
  • How Digital Asset Management (DAM) Can Help Creative Agencies

    1. 1. How digital asset management (DAM) can help creative agencies March 13, 2014
    3. 3. Who We Are In the cloud Privately-owned, established in 1948 Located in Madison, WI A leading Digital Asset Management (DAM) provider A marketing and creative application Serving 250+ brands around the world Flexible, capable, and scalable Able to have you up and running in 6 to 8 weeks Exceptional customer experience
    4. 4. A comprehensive understanding of the asset lifecycle Digital Asset Management Premedia Who we are
    5. 5. (WIDEN IS HERE) 250+ customers 173,000 users 179 countries Highest use of Widen DAM Who we are
    8. 8. What to know about DAM •  Dropbox, Box or Google Drive •  YouSendIt •  WeTransfer •  SharePoint •  Shared drives •  ftp sites •  CDs, DVDs, and tape libraries Many agencies file share with multiple tools
    9. 9. What to know about DAM Criteria for DAM •  You have a volume of assets that you need to find and share •  You need to control who sees and accesses certain assets •  You need to automatically convert files to other formats •  You need to manage different versions of assets •  You need to manage release and expiration dates for assets •  You want to know about asset usage
    11. 11. What DAM can do for your agency Does this sound familiar? Time: 10:00am The Art Director for one of your big accounts is unreachable, out of town on vacation. “Can you send us the product shot from our home page?” “Um... Sure.” [frantically looks for the image on all shared servers] “Steve worked on it, but he’s out until next week.” “Does anyone know where that product shot is?” “Did you find that shot yet? We need it today.”
    12. 12. What DAM can do for your agency Great features for agencies •  Version tracking •  File format conversions on-the-fly •  Drag & drop to upload files •  Release and expiration for rights-management •  Share comments on assets •  Set future release dates and approvals •  Control color space conversions •  Stylized collections for public galleries •  Time in/time out video clipping
    13. 13. What DAM can do for your agency Great benefits for agencies •  A central repository to house, search and share creative assets •  Visibility of all your assets for the right people on demand •  Flexibility to use all mediums appropriately – print, broadcast, online, social, mobile, etc •  A way to repurpose assets globally for brand consistency •  A time-saving mechanism for searching and distributing files, which = billable hrs. saved
    15. 15. 1. The DAM system is created for your agency. The system is branded for your agency. You are the admin. If you allow clients to access your system, you limit their interaction with assets through strict roles and permissions. 2. The DAM system is created for your client, but the agency is the admin. The system is branded for your client. You manage it as the admin. They are users of the system and can interact with all assets. 3. You’re researching DAM systems for your client and the client is the admin. The system is created for your client. It’s branded for your client and they will manage it as it the admin. They can interact with all assets and your agency is just a user of their system.   What our customers are doing with DAM
    16. 16. Challenge The agency needed a place to house all of their licensed assets •  Music, stock photography, final video for presentation •  Use a different system for final PSD/other image files Solution The agency implemented Widen’s DAM solution to govern assets and help clients avoid violations associated with rights management •  Pharmaceutical client assets are protected with strict layers of access security •  Passwords for users, so access is secured and MEplusYOU can track usage rights Result •  Time savings across the board through easily repurposed assets •  Cost savings on image licenses CASE STORY #1 – MEplusYOU agency      
    17. 17. EULA
    18. 18. Interior Page
    19. 19. MEplusYOU Workflow New asset in the DAM system Project Manager requests asset research from Business Affairs BA distributes light boxes to PM and Creative team PM/Creatives select images Open PO, approve PO, then BA purchases assets BA uploads assets, license and purchase docs to DAM system PM receives link to download assets Existing asset in the DAM system Project Manager or Creative searches for assets Business Affairs approves use of assets Assets placed in cart and requested through the DAM system PM or Creative receives link to download assets
    20. 20. Challenge BEAM’s user generated content from Instagram and Twitter was scattered across multiple servers/folders. It was getting difficult and time consuming to aggregate and post content on MINI USA’s website. Solution With Widen DAM, BEAM developed a workflow, via our Dropbox integration, to source content from Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and repurpose assets across multiple campaigns. Result BEAM easily automates the collection of user generated content through social media, simple workflow tools, and DAM. CASE STORY #2 – BEAM Interactive      
    21. 21. Login Page
    22. 22. BEAM started the curation process on Instagram
    23. 23. They created a recipe on to listen for a specific hashtag on Instagram
    24. 24. When finds a post with that hashtag it grabs the image (or video) and deposits it into the Widen-linked 'John Cooper' Dropbox. The image then goes into the 'Photo C Instagram' hot folder. The recipe also takes the Photo Challenge Hashtag name (which changes every month) and places it directly into the filename along with the Instagram User Name and the URL of the specific post (for example: 'MINIThanks_by_danstagram__on_Instag ram____httpinstagram .compgt- pFCqMJF')
    25. 25. They created an upload profile in DAM for the Instagram contest
    26. 26. In Widen DAM (the Media Collective), you link an upload profile with a Dropbox folder. Any file that goes in that folder is automatically uploaded into the Media Collective.
    27. 27. Here are the category search results in BEAM’s Media Collective for the photo contest images that were curated via Instagram.
    28. 28. Here’s the asset details page in their Media Collective after Dropbox uploads the image with the 'Photo C Instagram' upload Profile. It pre-populates key metadata fields along with specific category and asset group assignments.
    29. 29. “We went with a cloud-based solution because we didn’t want the back-end maintenance. And, if something catastrophic happened, it wouldn’t be the end of all the assets we worked so hard to manage and organize.” - MEplusYOU Agency
    30. 30. Thank you! See our DAM resources for agencies: Follow us on Twitter and Facebook: Join us on LinkedIn: