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Connect Your Disjointed Martech Stack with DAM from Widen


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What's the secret to an award-winning marketing technology stack?
In this presentation, you'll learn:
- What martech investments and integrations are trending most among Widen customers
- Examine some Stackie award-winning martech stacks
- How Widen can help you with your martech stack integrations

Published in: Marketing
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Connect Your Disjointed Martech Stack with DAM from Widen

  1. 1. Connect Your Disjointed Martech Stack with DAM from Widen April 24, 2019
  2. 2. 1 2 3 The chaotic state of martech How Widen’s digital asset management (DAM) brings together popular solutions Award-winning examples for optimization 4 How Widen Consulting Group can help you Agenda
  3. 3. The chaotic state of martech Digging deeper
  4. 4. GOALS There are now a whopping 7,040 marketing technologies. How can you keep them all connected?
  5. 5. Integrated information systems → Increased productivity Connecting systems and processes will increase the value of your content through reuse and decrease in rework. Aligning entire workstream → Increased collaboration Your holistic strategy will bring teams together, allowing them to understand the part they play in the entire workstream. Creating validation processes → Mitigated risk of litigation A reality for businesses, the release of incorrect or sensitive information can results in costly mistakes or lawsuits. But how? Benefits Why connect your martech?
  6. 6. GOALS Digital asset management (DAM) can be the hub of your martech stack
  7. 7. Integration examples Here are some popular products Widen customers have integrated with DAM Adobe Creative Cloud Search for assets within Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign Wordpress Search for assets within the Wordpress library Hootsuite Find approved images for social posts scheduled in Hootsuite Workfront Send assets from Workfront to the Widen Collective® Adobe Experience Manager Search for images from the Widen Collective® without leaving AEM
  8. 8. Adobe Creative Cloud +
  9. 9. Allows creatives to find assets in the Widen Collective without ever leaving Creative Cloud
  10. 10. View asset metadata details and Quick Insights to see how assets are used across the web
  11. 11. See usage rights within Creative Cloud and track asset usage analytics
  12. 12. Drag and drop directly into your workspace from the connector
  13. 13. Or drag and drop directly into your workspace from the Collective from InDesign
  14. 14. Modify original InDesign, Photoshop, or Illustrator files and upload to the Collective as a new asset or version
  15. 15. Automatically work with the most recent asset version in InDesign and update changes made to master asset in Collective
  16. 16. Save time for your web designers by keeping them working within Creative Cloud Ensure the latest files are being used in InDesign with automatic updates to your assets Easily upload back to Collective without leaving Creative Cloud The Adobe Creative Cloud connector advantage
  17. 17. Widen digital asset management plugin +
  18. 18. Web designers and creatives can easily search for assets from the Widen Collective while working in WordPress
  19. 19. Search Collective and transfer assets to the WordPress media library
  20. 20. Or publish directly to pages
  21. 21. Use embed codes to update new versions of assets in WordPress automatically
  22. 22. Save time by not switching between two applications Ensure the latest files are being used in your website Leverage the Insights app in the Collective to track asset usage when you use embed codes The WordPress plugin advantage
  23. 23. Widen Connector +
  24. 24. Quickly find approved imagery from the embedded Widen Collective for the social posts you schedule through Hootsuite
  25. 25. Search on metadata or by category to filter images
  26. 26. Click on the images that you want to add to your post
  27. 27. Crop or resize images right in Hootsuite and quickly optimize them for all of your different social channels
  28. 28. Add text using Hootsuite’s standard meme generator
  29. 29. Enable social media schedulers to stay in Hootsuite when managing social posts Use a library of on-brand images without involving designers Crop or resize images right in Hootsuite and quickly optimize them for all of your different social channels The Hootsuite connector advantage
  30. 30. Widen Connector +
  31. 31. Seamless file transfer When a document is approved in Workfront, the file is automatically uploaded into the Collective as a usable asset Link assets to projects After upload, a Workfront project or document metadata field can be updated with a link to the finalized asset in the Collective Automate the rules Document files can be uploaded into different asset groups with upload profiles determined by Workfront project metadata Widen Workfront connector Automatically upload approved files and metadata to Widen
  32. 32. Sync metadata Metadata from Workfront is automatically copied over and mapped to the asset in the Collective Map custom fields Document fields, project fields, and custom form fields can also be mapped Close the loop Any project, document, or custom form metadata field in Workfront can be mapped to any metadata field in the Collective Widen Workfront connector Put your Workfront metadata to work in the Widen Collective
  33. 33. There’s no manual uploading or downloading necessary
  34. 34. Streamline project and asset workflows so you can easily share the right approved files with the people who need them Spend more time working and less time uploading and downloading Send final projects to the Collective automatically without seeing a UI change The Workfront connector advantage
  35. 35. Widen Connector +
  36. 36. Allow web designers and creatives to easily search for images from the Widen Collective without leaving AEM
  37. 37. Search on metadata or by category to filter images
  38. 38. Drag and drop functionality makes it quick and easy to place images
  39. 39. Quickly crop images as needed for placement on a webpage
  40. 40. Widen administrators can select Widen metadata fields to automatically map to AEM fields
  41. 41. Set up a global mapping of two Widen metadata fields to ‘Title’ and ‘Description’ fields in AEM
  42. 42. Save time for your web designers by keeping them within AEM when designing pages and ensure the latest files are being used in your website Automate metadata mapping for SEO optimization Track embed views within Widen Insights to understand your content reach The Adobe Experience Manager connector advantage
  43. 43. A DAM solution isn’t just a place to manage your images, videos, and creative files, it’s a central part of your digital ecosystem Plugins with CMS platforms like AEM help activate your content across the systems you use everyday Power your digital ecosystem and activate your content
  44. 44. Customer snapshots: Stackie award-winning martech stacks from Red Wing Shoes and Sargento
  45. 45. Award-winning stack from 2017...
  46. 46. … updated for 2018
  47. 47. The top 5 “anchor” platforms they build entire processes around: ● Silverpop (IBM) for email marketing ● Salesforce Commerce Cloud ● Eloqua marketing automation ● Salesforce CRM and Service Cloud ● Widen DAM All are a “source of truth” for various data needs, and critical in shaping the customer experience
  48. 48. Award-winning stack from 2019
  49. 49. “Martech meets adtech” for an omni-channel customer experience
  50. 50. The MarTech Stackie contest inspired us to develop our own stack illustration, and it serves as a reference point as we talk about our ongoing data strategy evolution.” “ Cami Schenck Senior Marketing Manager - Media and Digital
  51. 51. Let’s walk through the four stages…
  52. 52. The PLAN phase carries their digital media and audience strategy, and it’s predominantly driven by their Insights and Digital Marketing Team
  53. 53. The CREATE phase is largely driven by the Creative Team, which is developing the content This is where Widen fits in - “cookin’ up great content!”
  54. 54. The ACTIVATE phase is largely the Marketing and E-Commerce Teams executing the plan
  55. 55. The MEASURE phase is largely driven by Marketing, with Insights, E-Commerce, Sales and Creative all working towards continuous performance improvements
  56. 56. The catalyst was bringing their data management platform and CRM solution in-house In the discovery phase of their overall data strategy they mapped the connections between the technologies, and how they are best used across the consumer journey Laying it out thoughtfully helped all internal stakeholders and external partners understand how the tools work together, so they can be more efficient and effective
  57. 57. We knew there was an opportunity to become more data driven and improve audience segmentation to create media and content efficiencies, cost efficiencies, and use the power of data to breakdown our ‘cheese silos’ in order to activate Sargento as a whole.” Cami Schenck, Senior Marketing Manager - Media and Digital, Sargento Foods Inc. “
  58. 58. Built new data management platform to fully leverage existing data, improve data intakes and use across the organization. Build mutually-beneficial data deals with retailers to leverage shopper data within marketing activities. Not 1:1, but 1:microsegment – with lots of different consumer segments to be as relevant as possible. Sargento’s personalization strategy
  59. 59. Whether you’re looking for product information, recipe ideas, or ways to improve your snacking or your meal occasions, we want to make sure we’re sharing the product that will be most relevant to our consumers.” Cami Schenck, Senior Marketing Manager - Media and Digital, Sargento Foods Inc. “
  60. 60. How Widen can help
  61. 61. Most do not have a roadmap for integrations and onboarding new products (or don’t know if they do). Start with a strategy Source: Widen DAM assessment survey
  62. 62. Martech strategy design For new and existing Widen customers Change management For new and existing Widen customers Process improvement For existing Widen customers Widen consulting Get the right strategic foundations in place for optimal efficiency
  63. 63. Managed integrations Custom integrations Martech categories Project management Customer relationship management (CRM) Marketing automation Content marketing Social media management Product information management (PIM) E-commerce Sales enablement Widen partners New full service integration deployment partner +
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