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  • Lokast: UX Case Study

    1. 1. LoKast UX Case Study...
    2. 2. or a tale about user friendliness.
    3. 3. the situation. During SXSW interactive 2010, mobile start- up NearVerse launched LoKast, a proximity- based iPhone app that allows users within a 300-foot radius to share content, discover new music, and turn normal browsing into a “shared” experience by letting users “tune” into each other’s screen. The system requires all participants to have the app open at the same time, and be connected to the same wifi network or have bluetooth enabled.
    4. 4. the good. Before, during and after the consumer launch, LoKast received much praise from the tech community, and was named the “first disposable social network.”
    5. 5. the bad. by diveguru911 - Version 1.0 Tech bloggers loved the application, the technology and its implications, but those who had NOT received the press release with ʻhow to useʼ instructions were confused. by Samtharam - Version 1.0 by Soccermex - Version 1.0 by Blessens2U - Version 1.0
    6. 6. the challenge. What can we do to simplify LoKast for non-techie consumers?
    7. 7. Online Ecosystem the discovery. Through in-person usability tests and exploring the online ecosystem (blog comments, twitter, facebook), we were able to understand the userʼs problems and concerns: Usability Tests This was the opening screen, users didn’t know where to start. Buttons like LoKast and NearVerse are not in their vocabulary so why should they click there? “ ” What do these buttons mean? “” Browser??? Before sharing and “” Why would I connecting to need that? How do I others, user must add friends? turn on Bluetooth or “” connect to wifi, this I hear you can was not obvious sync live, where do I go to do that? Where’s the free music?
    8. 8. the discovery. Top 3 Problems Which means... No clue what the app actually does High Learning Curve Connectivity Issues How do I add friends? Unintuitive Navigation Does it need an internet connection? I canʼt locate media and files...
    9. 9. the fix. +/- Add Media Text Battling the Curve. Intro screen allows user to “Discover” Lokast and get step-by-step help at the start of their experience. Also defines LoKast and NearVerse to Easy to Connect. Usability. make headway into people’s vocabulary. Through organizing the information hierarchy, users are able to see that “Buttons are for Actions.” This info is easily accessible through “Optimize Networks” is higher in the info button. importance. By replacing words with buttons, users understand link leads to an action. Easily accessible info beats Optimizing Network is the Streamlining buttons eliminates High Learning Curve. key to connectivity. confusion.
    10. 10. the results. What amazed me is that it’s very easy to set up; I someway expected it to be additional complex than the little steps it took. It works with 3G, Bluetooth or else Wi-Fi, so we don’t require any additional enhancements to use it. The just glitch is that it works just among LoKast users inside proximity of 300 feet to every other. Sharing things is extremely easy. All you have to do is touch a person that you want to share from. Once you select a person from the list at the top you can then browse their available files using the same icons that you share files with. Opening one up is as easy as touching it.
    11. 11. thumbs up.
    12. 12. wicky mendoza wickyamr@gmail.com @wickymdoza flavors.me/wicky