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Vagrant: Your Personal Cloud


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Published in: Technology
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Vagrant: Your Personal Cloud

  1. 1. Your Personal Cloud with Vagrant a 5 minute lighting presentation by James Wickett @wickett
  2. 2. Business Bob frets over his team’s costs are rising... testing doesn’t replicate real environments... ARRgghhGHHHHHH!
  3. 3. I may be smiling on the outside, but on the inside, I am distraught with development and testing issuesSounds like something I can help with... The name’s Vagrant
  4. 4. So, Vagrant what do you do?I am a tool for building and distributing virtualizeddevelopment environments.
  5. 5. Gee, that’s neat. What features do you offer? Coded infrastructure, automatedprovisioning, networking, SSH, andmore. I come as a rubygem so if you pair me with RVM, all the better
  6. 6. I’m sold!Price! It’s Free and Open SourceAutomation friendlyOur infrastructure(net working, images) can betreated like code and versioncontrolled
  7. 7. Great.Let’s take a quick tour of Vagrant
  8. 8. ruby (demo with 1.9.3)latest VirtualBoxvagrantoptional: macports, r vm, chef gather up some dependencies and lets run some commands
  9. 9. Demo Time!$ gem install vagrant$ vagrant box add web http://$ vagrant box add db http:// #adding web and db base boxes$ vagrant init$ vagrant up$ vagrant ssh #ssh into your instance$ vagrant halt$ vagrant destroy$ vagrant up #rinse, wash, repeat$ vim Vagrantfile #define environment
  10. 10. My Vagrantfileconfig.vm.define :web do |web_config| = "web" web_config.vm.for ward_port("http", 80, 8080) work("")endconfig.vm.define :db do |db_config| = "db" work("")end
  11. 11. James WickettSlides will be at t witter: @wickett