Windows Servers migration & upgrade


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Windows Servers migration & upgrade

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Windows Servers migration & upgrade

  1. 1.  WS2K3  WS2K8 R2 Components Migration Benefits & Requirements Migration Scenarios Migration Plan Q/A New Feature of WS 2K8 R2
  2. 2. / DHCP / LDAP / DHCP / LDAPRADIUS (IAS) NPS,NAPBranch Domain Controllers RODC WPA2 Enterprise
  3. 3.  Use New Features of WS2K8r2 with Win7 Together Use New Policy on WS2K8r2 e.g. FW Policy / PKI Policy Replace New Server HW with 64-Bit Move Upgrade/Migrate Windows Server OS to x64 Maintained the NTDS.DIT & FSMO Placement Maintained the Existing AD / DNS / GPOs & OUs Structure Maintained the Existing AD Sites Topology / AD Replication Maintained All SID (Security ID) of Users Profiles & Desktop Maintained the TCP/IP Settings of Domain Controllers Maintained All DHCP Config e.g. Reserve Scope / DHCP IP Scope Maintained Browser Settings for Web Clents
  4. 4.  AD/DNS Migration (Root or Child Domain) Enterprise CA / PKI Migration RADIUS (IAS) Migration to NPS of WS 2K8 R2 DHCP Migration & TCP/IP Setting Source & Destination Server/OS Migration Migration Plan
  5. 5. AD/DNS Migration scenarios Use Best Practice to migrate AD Migrate and maintained the Existing AD Configuration Move Existing with All AD Structure to New HW on 64-bit Migrate DNS/Zone Configuration of Existing Domains Migrate Server Name & IP Setting of Domain Controllers
  6. 6. Enterprise CA Migration scenario Use Best Practice to Migrate CA & PKI Migrate Existing CA with Same Key To Use New Version CA Template To Configure Auto Enroll Policy Modify Expiration date Expansion
  7. 7. RADIUS Migration scenariosUse Best Practice to migrate and maintainedthe existing configuration of IAS to NPS Export RADIUS Configuration Enable NPS on WS2K8 r2 Move RADIUS Config to New WS2K8 r2 NPS Migration Scenarios support ws2k8 x86/x64 to ws2K8r2 x64
  8. 8.  New DHCP Services on WS 2K8 r2 is enable Migration All Existing DHCP Data from WS2K3 Migration All Existing DHCP All Reserve Scope Maintained Existing DHCP Configuration All Clients will use it old IP Setting Leased DHCP Services not impact to All Clients on LAN
  9. 9. When completed the migration process The DCs will use it own IP Address, TCP/IP setting will be same as existing configuration. Server Name of DCs will be same as its old DNS Services & DNS zone will migrate & maintained the existing Configuration Void Clients impact, All Servers IP Not change Not Impact to Hard-Config IP Address use
  10. 10. Click icon above to see PresentationWindows Server 2008 R2 Feature