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Cncs & vista


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A presentation given by Wisconsin Campus Compact AmeriCorps*VISTA Program Director, Stephanie Jung, Kelly Knox (WiCC VISTA Leader), and Simone Mishler (WiCC VISTA Leader).

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Cncs & vista

  1. 1. WiCC Grant Projects
  2. 2. Corporation for National andCommunity Service (CNCS) CNCS Special Projects
  3. 3. WiCC VISTA ProgramCampus-CommunityPartnerships
  4. 4. The Mission of VISTAAmeriCorps*VISTA (Volunteers in Serviceto America) builds capacity in non-profitorganizations and communities to helpbring individuals and communities out ofpoverty.
  5. 5. The Legacy of VISTAFor over 45 years, VISTA has been helpingbring communities and individuals out ofpoverty. Today, nearly 6,500 VISTAmembers serve in hundreds of non-profitorganizations and public agenciesthroughout the country—working in avariety of areas.
  6. 6. WiCC VISTA Grant32 volunteers at 20 Higher Ed Institutions Fighting Poverty Project Priorities  Economic Opportunity  Educational Opportunity  Health and Healthy Lifestyles
  7. 7. Working for Whitewater’s Wellness(W3) UW Whitewater and the City of Whitewater
  8. 8. UW Waukesha Pre-CollegeProgram UW Waukesha and Waukesha School District
  9. 9. Empowering Latino Parents Mount Mary College & Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of WI
  10. 10. Since the establishment of theWiCC VISTA program in 2004… Over 276 AmeriCorps*VISTAs have served through the Wisconsin Campus Compact VISTA Program, Serving at least 574,080 VISTA service hours! 1,854 service projects 87,950 community volunteers recruited Over 760,000 volunteer hours logged $3,449,124 in cash resources raised $596,899 in in-kind resources collected VISTAs helped foster 1,360 active community