QNET Legit or Scam


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QNET Legit or Scam

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QNET Legit or Scam

  1. 1. QNet scam reports – legitimate or fake? A complete analysis of the scam reports against QNet- A successful MLM business
  2. 2. Definition of SCAM• When you go to Google and search for the phrase “definition of scam”, these are some of the results you’re going to get; – victimize: deprive of by deceit – a stratagem for gain; a swindle – to swindle (someone) by means of a trick – obtaining money by means of deception including fake personalities, fake photos, fake template letters, non-existent addresses and phone numbers – a fraudulent or deceptive act or operation
  3. 3. • We can say a company which is a scam usually represents itself to the people in a way that is deceiving (not it’s true image). And they end up obtaining money through the process.• Now the question is, is QNet a legitimate company or another SCAM? Should you get involved with QNet? Are you going to receive what you have been promised by QNet, or will you be deceived? Can your dreams really come true by you participating in QNet?• Before I answer the above questions, you have to understand that QNet is just one out of thousands of other Network Marketing companies out there. You should also understand that out of all those companies, some are legit and some aren’t. Some are Network Marketing Companies and others are pyramid schemes.• Some are there for the short term (to rip you off or bad management), some will be there for the next decades and possibly centuries. So before you decide to get involved in any company, you should understand where the company stands.
  4. 4. 7 Things to look for in a Network Marketing Company before you get involved• Longetivity of the Company : Statistics show that 90% of all start up Companies fail in the first 5 years in business. Statistics also show that 90% of the remaining 10% also fail in the next 5 years in business. This also applies to all Network Marketing companies. So before joining any Network Marketing company, it is good if the company at least has lasted more than 5 years. 10 years is even better.• Credibility of the Company : The credibility of the company is very very important. You have to know and understand what kind of company you’re dealing with. Does the company have any history of taking advantage to their customers or business partners? Does the company have any history of any illegal activities? Is it legally registered? Who has the company worked with? How has the company contributed into society?
  5. 5. • Size and Growth of the Company: Knowing how big the company is, is very important. Where are the offices operating? How many offices they have? In how many countries? How many independent representatives/distributors are with the company? That’s all important. It shows how stable the company is. But an even more important question to ask is, how fast is the company growing? Growths is more important than the size. There are companies which have been in business since 1970′s and they have 7,000,000 Independent distributors and there are companies which have started in the late 90′s and they have 6,000,000 Independent distributors. Now which company should you get involved in? It’s smart to get involved with the 2nd Company.• Products: The type of products the company sells is really important. Network Marketing is all about having a large group of distributors promoting and marketing a product to the market place and sharing the profits from the sale of those products. That’s how the company survives and that’s how the distributors survive. We all have to admit that not all products sell the same.
  6. 6. • Compensation Plan : You are into Network Marketing to make money. If the company you get involved in doesn’t pay you good money for you building the business, I seriously think you should look somewhere else. You have bills to be paid and send your children to the best schools. How many dollars can you make when one person gets involved into your Network Marketing Opportunity? $5, $10, $30, $100, $1000? I know companies which pay up to $1700 when you recruit a single person into the business. Off course he has to buy a products which is much worth more than $1700 but hey! people have money to buy expensive things. I don’t know about you, but I don’t really think it’s worth getting involved in a company where I have to recruit many people to get small amount of dollars while I can make ten times more with a single person. There’s really a small difference between selling an expensive product or a cheap product. What you really sell isn’t the product but the value the product can provide to the consumer. If the consumer sees much value to the product, even it’s $1000 product he/she would gladly want the product (a car is a good example).
  7. 7. • Training : It is said that the best business training is found in a Network Marketing Company not in an MBA. It’s only in Network Marketing where you can find a dishwasher with not even a college degree becoming a Millionaire in less than 5 years. It is really important that the company you get involved in has that training to raise you from a nobody to a somebody.• YOU (the member): This is the MOST important factor for success in Network Marketing. If YOU want to make it BIG in Network Marketing, go look at the person in the mirror. Do you really want to do it? Do you have what it takes? Are willing to put your heart and soul into the business. The answer to all your success lies within you. Stop looking somewhere else. Only 10% of people in Network Marketing make the BIG bucks and live the life of their dreams. The rest just occupy space and complain about everything but themselves. “You can’t fly with the eagles when you’re down scratching your back with the turkeys.” You’ve got to choose either be an eagle or a turkey. You can’t be both!
  8. 8. Now the question still remains. IsQNet legit or another Scam? I’ll answer this question by going through my 7 points.
  9. 9. • Longetivity: QNet has been in existence since 1998 (headquarters based in Hong Kong) so that makes the company stable and it qualifies for 10% of companies which have survived in 10+ years.• Credibility of the Company: Is QNet credible? Lets see –  2000 & 2002 – Worked with Vatican making a Commemorative Coin for John Paul II – Worked with the government of Indonesia and received the endorsement of the Bung Hatta Commemorative Coin from HE Megawati Sukanoputri – The former President of Indonesia  2001 – FAO/UN appointed QNet as exclusive distributor for it’s gold coin program to create awareness against world hunger among the public  2003 – Title sponsor for International Badminton Federation (IBF) World Cup held at Birmingham UK.  2006 – Worked with FIFA becoming the official distributors of FIFA 2006 World Cup Coin Program and FIFA Centennial Coin Program – Sponsored the Brazilian Soccer team in 2006 World Cup – Title sponsor for International Badminton Federation (IBF) World Cup held at Madrid, Spain. And many, many more. It’s beyond the scope of this article. This clearly shows that the company qualifies for my 2nd important thing you need to look at in a Network Marketing company.
  10. 10. • Size and Growth of the Company: QNet now has 6 Million Independent Representatives and has expanded to more than 180 countries worldwide. The company is just 12 years old. 6 Million in 12 years, that’s a good number. That means the growth is extremely good.• Products: QNet promote products of wellness, telecommunication, jewelery, numismatics (gold and silver coins) and vacation. They have captured a great audience which makes their products sell like CRAZY!• Compensation Plan: Only few companies pay BIG money. When I say BIG money I mean up to $1000 per every person you recruit. Well QNet pays from $30 to $1700 whenever you recruit a person depending on which product he/she bought. You buy a product once and you have a business for life. The only money you pay is $10 annually.
  11. 11. • Training: In regards to training, QNet has a sister company called The V. The purpose of the V is to nurture, support and train the whole QNet Network of 6 Million plus. They have offices in different parts of the world offering training and training materials. They own a Studio Company, V Studios which produces very powerful video trainings and they host various conventions in different parts of the world. In June this year, they hosted a Convention that had more 8000 people from 70 different countries who attended making it one of the largest business gathering ever held in Malaysia. That’s a good sign. I can assure you with such a training, you come out a different person.
  12. 12. • YOU: Now the question is can you be successful in QNet? Do you have what it takes? Are you willing to pay the price for success. You can be in the perfect company which has the perfect compensation plan, but if you don’t take that ACTION, nothing will happen. I hope by now you have the answer whether QNet is Legit or Scam. Only you can decide which answer to give yourself. Your part is for your brain to process this and decide. Legit or Scam?