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Bernhard Mayer Watch

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Bernhard Mayer Watch Brochure

  1. 1. Bernhard H. Mayer® was founded more than a century ago and has since beenbuilt on the principles of excellence in design and quality in standards.Established in 1871 in Pforzheim, Germany’s City of Gold, Bernhard H. Mayer®has steadily grown in the luxury industry and has provided premium items thatare products of more than a hundred years of knowledge and experience in thecrafting and manufacturing of precious metals.Inspired by a vision to enrich the eternal value of precious metals and gemstonesand render quality jewellery and timepieces for discerning customers, we committo offering an exclusive variety of products created with the exceptional skills andpassion of our specialised designers and craftsmen.Manufacturing ExcellenceThe exclusive timepieces and jewellery designed by Bernhard H. Mayer® uphold thehighest standards of product quality and craftsmanship.Established traditions are respected in the creation, design and production of allBernhard H. Mayer® products. Brilliant timepieces are manufactured in accordancewith Swiss watchmaking traditions and standards, whilst gems and preciousmetals are chosen and crafted into jewellery based on guidelines set by premierjewellery institutions.Authenticity in the quality of Bernhard H. Mayer® products is part of a continuingcommitment to product excellence.
  2. 2. BERNHARD H. MAYER® TIMEPIECESWhat began more than a century ago continues successfully inthe decades to come. Bernhard H. Mayer® offers selections oftimepieces designed to suit the personal tastes of its wearers. AllBernhard H. Mayer® watches are Swiss-made in accordance withSwiss standards of quality and assurance. Both technical andaesthetic designs are ensured by the specialised craftsmanshipand exceptional skills of watchmakers that render a tradition ofexcellence.
  3. 3. CLASSICSLa R o y a l e | Ouranos | Di am ond S tarl ette | L ady M oonbeam | Stella Appr ec iat e beaut y in simplic it y and subt le det ail wit h t hese c lassic desig ns t h at embody under st at ed, quiet elegance.
  4. 4. La Royale | Ouranos | Diamond Starlette | Lady Moonbeam | Stella La Royale I A Cl as s On Its Ow n Present yourself to the world as a gentleman of class and style with the La Royale, a refined accessory to complement any wardrobe and polish your look. Its silver dial features golden hour markers that match a beautiful stainless steel case in PVD gold plating for lasting resilience. Manufactured with a limited edition of 1,999 pieces, the La Royale is water-resistant up to 50 metres and powered with the reliability of Swiss automatic movement. Date indicator | PVD gold-plated case | Sapphire crystal with antireflective coating | Black croco-print leather strap | Swiss Automatic-ETA movement | Diameter 40 mm
  5. 5. La Royale | Ouranos | Diamond Starlette | Lady Moonbeam | StellaOuranos I Wit hst anding t he Test of Ti meReflecting class and sophistication, the Ouranos features agold-plated case that matches the elegant simplicity of itsdial and hands. Simple yet stylish, this Swiss-made timepieceis a classic representation of timeless design.End-of-life indication | PVD gold-plated case |Sapphire crystal with antireflective coating |Black croco-print leather strap | Swiss Quartz-Rondamovement | Diameter 38 mm
  6. 6. La Royale | Ouranos | Diamond Starlette | Lady Moonbeam | Stella Diamond Starlette I Des i r e to G l i t t e r “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” The saying is certainly as true and convincing today as it was decades ago. With their spectacular beauty and splendour, diamonds are the crowning jewel of romance, their inherent value never diminishing in people’s hearts and minds. Capturing the feminine love for genuine sparkles, Bernhard H. Mayer® Diamond Starlette watch showcases seventy-five pieces of brilliant and stunning diamonds in a finely polished stainless steel case. This fascinating timepiece has a limited edition of only 4,999 pieces. Date indicator | Polished stainless steel case with 0.35 ct full cut diamonds | Genuine leather strap | Swiss Quartz-ETA movement | Diameter 34 mm
  7. 7. La Royale | Ouranos | Diamond Starlette | Lady Moonbeam | StellaLady Moonbeam I S t riking S implicit ySimplicity reigns with the Lady Moonbeam, an elegant timepiece suitable forspecial occasions and everyday wear. Distinctive with blue cabochon on itscrown and sunray silver dial, this Swiss-made watch is a true lasting classicto your wrist.Date indicator | PVD gold-plated case | Blue cabochon crown |Sunray silver dial | Swiss Quartz-Ronda movement | Diameter 28 mm
  8. 8. La Royale | Ouranos | Diamond Starlette | Lady Moonbeam | StellaStella I C o n f id e n c e is Y our AccessoryElegant, sleek, polished and minimalistic design, accuracy of Swissmovement, and demonstration of an undeniable sense of styleand self-confidence; with the Stella watch, there’s nothing else towish for. This smart timepiece will tell your business partners allabout you: intellectual business lady, confident and sharp-witted.Antireflective coating of sapphire crystal glass and a date windowensures your everyday efficiency.Date indicator | Stainless steel | Sapphire crystalwith antireflective coating | Black croco-print leather strap |Swiss Quartz-Ronda movement | Diameter 32 mm
  9. 9. SPORTS C hronom ax | S pi tf i re | Nautic usReig n supr eme wit h t hese g r eat c o mpanions suit ed f or t he demands of t he dy namic and spor t sminded individual.
  10. 10. Chronomax | Spitfire | Nauticus Chronomax I E xceed the Cr ow d Bursting with power and strength, it is these two dominating attitudes that give this brawny timepiece its name. Chronomax takes its wearer to the next level of authoritative style and respect. Luminous numerals, chronograph and date, reputable Swiss movement and edgy masculine style create unforgettable ensemble to accompany you in all your quests. Chronograph | Big date window | Sapphire crystal with antireflective coating | Stainless steel | Genuine leather strap | Push-button clasp | Swiss Quartz-Ronda movement | Diameter 41 mm
  11. 11. Chronomax | Spitfire | NauticusSpitfire I A C o u rageous S oulAccentuate your adventurous spirit with Bernhard H. Mayer®’s Spitfire watch,a modern and exciting timepiece named after the legendary fighter aircraftof World War II. Express the courageous fire within your soul through brightorange luminous numerals boldly standing out against the black dial withthe iconic Spitfire plane resting upon it. A polished steel case housesreliable Swiss movement and the 3 o’clock date window highlights stylewith functionality. The Spitfire watch boasts a black aqua leather strap withorange stitching to complete this fashionable accessory and make a solidstatement to flash your fire within.Press-fit stainless steel caseback with engraved Spitfire plane |Sapphire crystal with antireflective coating | Black aqua leather strapwith orange stitching | Swiss Quartz-Ronda movement | Diameter 41 mm
  12. 12. Chronomax | Spitfire | NauticusNauticus I Rid in g t he High TideContinuing the passion for producing high qualitytimepieces, Bernhard H. Mayer® presents Nauticus,the newest addition to its gentleman’s collectionof fashion and sports watches. Perfect for racingthe high seas, the Nauticus is water-resistant to500 metres. Decorated with 25 jewel bearings ina superior design, let the Nauticus keep pace withyour lifestyle, with accuracy and style to spare.Date indication | Stainless steel | Stainless steelcaseback with mineral crystal glass |Sapphire crystal with antireflective coating |Swiss Automatic-ETA movement | Diameter 43 mm
  13. 13. FASHIONL a R é t r o gr a d e I I | La R é t r o gr a d e II Gol d | B el l ez a M ag num | L a V i da C eram i c | Serenade F or t he g ent leman or woman who want s t o b laze t heir own t r ail, t hese f ashion t imepiec es s howcas e unique c har ac t er and a f lair for s t yle.
  14. 14. La Rétrograde II | La Rétrograde II Gold | Belleza Magnum | La Vida Ceramic | Serenade La Rétrograde II I More than Meets the Eye Oozing with flair and individuality, the La Rétrograde II combines elegance with timekeeping precision. The watch is presented with a black face and large 4, 8 and 12 Arabic numeral markers. Brushed and polished stainless steel case and sapphire crystal protect the accuracy of the Swiss quality movement. A big date window and 60-second counter are positioned at 6 o’clock, while a day retrograde function shows each day of the week. This exceptional timepiece is limited to 4,999 pieces only. Day retrograde | Date window | Domed sapphire crystal with antireflective coating | Engraved serial number | Stainless steel | Black croco-print leather strap | Push-button clasp | Swiss Quartz-Ronda movement | Dimensions 51 x 42 mm
  15. 15. La Rétrograde II | La Rétrograde II Gold | Belleza Magnum | La Vida Ceramic | SerenadeLa Rétrograde II Gold I A Golden TimeKeeping to the features of its predecessor, the La Rétrograde IIGold is accentuated with a PVD gold-plated case, makingit ideal for dressier occasions. The watch is presented witha black face and large 4, 8 and 12 Arabic numeral hourmarkers. A big date window and 60-second counter arepositioned at 6 o’clock, while a day retrograde functionshows each day of the week. This exceptional timepiece islimited to 1,999 pieces only.Day retrograde | Date window | Domed sapphire crystalwith antireflective coating | Engraved serial number |PVD gold-plated case | Black croco-print leather strap |Push-button clasp | Swiss Quartz-Ronda movement |Dimensions 51 x 42 mm
  16. 16. La Rétrograde II | La Rétrograde II Gold | Belleza Magnum | La Vida Ceramic | Serenade Belleza Magnum I Your Overseas Companion Whether it is elegant or casual look you pursue when you travel, Belleza Magnum will make it happen. With black square face, large numerals, big second time zone and date indicators, this watch is a statement that its wearer is far above ordinary. Adding flair and edge to any look, Belleza Magnum makes it easy doing whatever you feel like. With reliable Swiss movement, sapphire crystal glass with antireflective coating and water resistance of up to 50 metres, only one thing is impossible: not following your feelings. Date indication | Second time zone | Stainless steel | Sapphire crystal with antireflective coating | Black croco-print leather strap | Push button clasp | Swiss Quartz-Ronda movement | Dimensions 45 x 36.3 mm
  17. 17. La Rétrograde II | La Rétrograde II Gold | Belleza Magnum | La Vida Ceramic | Serenade
  18. 18. La Vida Ceramic I Glamour & S parkleA timepiece that resonates the very fusion of classic and contemporary,La Vida Ceramic is the ideal choice for the spirited fashionista lookingto add some fun to her day. Its unique white ceramic case is presentedwith an encrusted bezel of sparkling cubic zirconias. Having a smallersub-dial for seconds adorned with a mother-of-pearl outer ring that setsoff the intricate detail of the face piece, this watch has its own flairof modern sophistication. The silver hands feature white illuminatingdetail, so telling time couldn’t be made more effortless.With one of three optional wrist straps, you are spoilt for choice, eachadapting to your own chic style. The question is; what encapsulates yourlook? Will it be the more classic and elegant white croco-skin genuineleather or the playful and vivacious fuchsia pink aqua-leather strap?Or perhaps the more trendy and fun white ceramic strap, with itsavant-garde feel?Step into a world of timeless feminine chic and alluring beauty.Small second subdial | Sapphire crystal with antireflective coating |Date indicator | Diameter 41 mm | Swiss Quartz-ETA | 36 zirconias |White croco-print leather or pink aqua-leather or ceramic strap*La Vida Ceramic comes with one wrist strap of your choice.
  19. 19. La Rétrograde II | La Rétrograde II Gold | Belleza Magnum | La Vida Ceramic | SerenadeSerenade I An Elegant S t at ementLike the whisper of a sonata in the open midnight air, the Serenadecan be akin to the perfection of a musical performance to serenadethe ladies. Created by our master watchmakers, the Serenade ispresented in a beautiful oblique-shaped stainless steel case with acabochon crown. Its fine Swiss Quartz movement and mother-of-pearlsilver dial is protected by domed sapphire crystal glass withantireflective coating. Be enthralled by the woman who wears thistimepiece, coming in midnight blue strap.Cabochon crown | Screw-in caseback | Stainless steel | Domedsapphire crystal with antireflective coating | Blue genuine leatherstrap | Swiss Quartz-ETA movement | Dimensions 23 x 31 mm
  20. 20. BERNHARD H. MAYER ® JEWELLERYFrom classic styles to contemporary renditions, Bernhard H. Mayer® offersselections of fine jewellery that present exquisite sparkle, colour and design.Gems and precious metals are chosen and crafted into jewellery based onguidelines set by premier jewellery institutions.Each jewellery piece is lovingly and expertly designed and made byskilled jewellers.
  21. 21. Right : Golden Key PendantMiddle : Hummingbird Diamond PendantLeft : Cironica Diamond Pendant
  22. 22. Hummingbird Diamond Pendant I Fl utter of Del i g htSometimes even the smallest of creations possess the most extraordinary of abilities, just likethe hummingbird. Emblematic for its vigour, energy and propensity to do work, the hummingbird isrepresented here in white gold pendant with delicate diamonds outlining its silhouette.18 K white gold, 0.0715 ct diamonds, H, SI, 2.19 g; Complimentary rhodium-plated chainGolden Key Pendant I L ock of M y s ter yThis very dainty trefoil key pendant is chic and elegant in 18 K yellow gold and glittering diamonds setinto a vintage-style key. Subtle and trendy with a hint of glamour, wear this whimsical charm with theunmistakable message of mystery.18 K yellow gold, 0.015 ct diamonds, H, SI, 1.37 g; Complimentary gold-plated chainCironica Diamond Pendant I Ci r cl e of L i feSimple styling allows you to wear this gold circular pendant every day. Feminine, chic and easy to wear,the pendant is crafted from 18 K yellow gold and has an open disc shape and beautiful polished shine,secured with a white gold diamond-studded clasp.18 K yellow gold with rhodium plating, 0.045 ct diamonds, H, SI, 2.45 g; Complimentarygold-plated chain
  23. 23. Pandora’s Pendant ICo m b in in g Elegance wit h Whimsical Desig nThe Pandora’s Pendant is an artful piece crafted from 18 K white and rosegold and inlaid with precious diamonds. The angled placement of the rosegold shape within the white gold frame gives the piece a whimsical feel, whilestrategic positioning of the luminous diamonds graces the pendant with aheightened sense of elegance.With its fanciful, charming aesthetic, the Pandora’s Pendant would makean eye-catching complement for any wearer.18 K white and rose gold, 0.06 ct diamonds, H, SI, 2.57 g;Complimentary rhodium-plated chainForever Diamond Pendant I High Fas hi on i n L ov eMasterfully crafted from 18 K white gold, the Forever Diamond Pendantsymbolises the gentle tenderness that can be found between two people inlove. The heart-shaped pendant is inlaid with a trail of black diamonds alongone side and a path of white diamonds on the other, creating a fascinatingjuxtaposition between the two. Delicate curves infuse the pendant witha whisper of sweet romance, and the combined hues of the preciousgemstones give the piece a sense of alluring mystery.18 K white gold, 0.115 ct black and white diamonds, H, SI, 3.06 g;Complimentary rhodium-plated chain
  24. 24. Amelia Diamond Pendant I Leafy Spike ArtOf Latin and old German origin, the fascinating name Ameliasignifies the great efforts a person has to have to reachsuccess. Designed in a spectacular leafy spike and marquiseappearance, the Amelia Diamond Pendant represents thegolden path in 18 K white and yellow gold and a sprinkle ofsparkling diamonds.18 K white and yellow gold, 0.05 ct diamonds, H, SI, 2.75 g;Complimentary gold-plated chain
  25. 25. Duchess Pearl Pendant I A Royalty PieceA classic piece of jewellery, the Duchess Pearl Pendantpresents an ideal white freshwater pearl that is perfectlyround and smooth, in an admirable and captivating design.This fine and majestic piece of ornament certainly shows andproclaim your personal style.18 K white gold, 0.10 ct diamonds, H, SI, 3.45 g,freshwater pearl; Complimentary cloth chain with 18 Kwhite gold clasp
  26. 26. Right : Symphony of Diamond PendantLeft : Jazzy Blue Topaz Diamond Pendant
  27. 27. Jazzy Blue Topaz Diamond Pendant*I Sexy & J azzyConsidered a symbol of love and affection, topaz is believed to have many healingand magical powers. Blue topaz has also been said to promote and inspire creativity.Curvy, sexy and stylish with a great combination of blue topaz and white gold sparkledwith diamonds, one can be dazzled by the luxurious Jazzy Blue Topaz Diamond Pendant.18 K white gold, 0.07 ct diamonds, H, SI, blue topaz, 4.11 g; 18 K white gold chainSymphony of Diamond Pendant*I Or ches tr a of L uxur yA symphony in a musical world plays a major part in leveraging people’s mindand spirit. A symphony in a world of aesthetic design captures a person’s heartand desire like the appearance of the Symphony of Diamond Pendant.Elaborately set in delicate rows of 18 K white gold, a generous sprinkle of diamondsgives a marvellous impression to the Symphony of Diamond Pendant. Its scintillatingpattern dazzles and is a sight to behold, near or far.18 K white gold, 1.70 ct diamonds, H, SI, 8.82 g; 18 K white gold chain*Available at Redemption Store
  28. 28. Right : Hamsa Diamond PendantMiddle : Gold Crescent Islam PendantLeft : Hoo Allah Diamond Pendant
  29. 29. Hoo Allah Diamond Pendant I P ur e Fai thHoo Allah, or God, is a sacred word for Muslims. To have God by your side is to have strength to accomplishyour goals. The Hoo Allah Diamond Pendant is not only a jewellery piece but also a symbol of belief. Reflectingthe purity of your faith in the Lord, the pendant is made of gold with a series of seven gorgeous white diamonds.This Hoo Allah Diamond Pendant perfectly combines religious devotion together with style, resulting in aunique gift for the true believer.18 K yellow gold, 0.035 ct diamonds, H, SI, 2.3 g; Complimentary gold-plated chainGold Crescent Islam Pendant I Unw av er i ng Des i g nFeaturing a diamond-studded pendant that highlights a crescent moon and star design, the 18 K yellow goldGold Crescent Islam Pendant is exquisitely made to represent the true Muslim holiness of Islam.Originating as ancient Turkish celestial symbols of power, the featured emblem has been adopted as an Islamicsymbol throughout the centuries and signifies concentration, openness, and victory, while also expressingsovereignty and divinity. Beautiful as jewellery alone, let the Gold Crescent Islam Pendant also illuminate yourfaith to shine like constellations in the night sky.18 K yellow gold, 0.08 ct diamonds, H, SI, 2.4 g; Complimentary gold-plated chainHamsa Diamond Pendant I Char m of P r otecti onPopularly depicted as a downward pointing hand in a two-thumbed, bilaterally symmetrical form, the hamsa(meaning ‘five’ and referring to the digits of the hand) is a symbol and amulet symbolising blessings,power and strength, as well as protection against the evil eye. In lustrous white gold and sparkling diamonds,let this Hamsa Diamond Pendant provide you a link to mystical time, tranquillity and beauty.18 K white gold, 0.07 ct diamonds, H, SI, 2.60 g; Complimentary rhodium-plated chain
  30. 30. Ayat Al-Kursi Amulet I Sophistication and SerenityA beautiful piece of jewellery crafted with the finest materials, theAyat Al-Kursi Amulet is embellished with sparkling diamonds set in18 K yellow gold. Exclusively designed to enshrine the sacred wordsof Allah, this splendid keepsake is ideal for keeping the sacredverses of the Qur’an close to your heart.18 K yellow gold, 0.11 ct diamonds, H, SI, 5.85 g;Complimentary rubber cord with 18 K yellow gold clasp
  31. 31. ENERGY SERIESBased on the technology used by Amezcua, the Bernhard H. Mayer®Energy Series realises the concept of combining timepieces and jewelleryor accessories with unique wellness benefits.Proudly presented are true works of art that are specially designedwith energy-improving functions, making them fascinating yet practicalitems to own.
  32. 32. Force Ultimate & Force Ultimate – Stainless Steel ITi mepi ece of Br eak thr oug h Innov ati onFeaturing a contemporary design characterised by a black square-patterneddial face, this handsome gentleman’s timepiece accentuates boldmasculine style with its large stainless steel case matched with blackcroco-print leather strap for the Force Ultimate, or a stainless steelbracelet for the Force Ultimate – Stainless Steel. The built-in energycrystal possesses positive energy forms proven to improve and harmoniseenergy levels of the wearer.Date indication | Energy crystal | Stainless steel with energised glasscaseback | Sapphire crystal with antireflective coating | Black croco-printleather strap or stainless steel bracelet | Swiss Quartz-Ronda movement |Diameter 41 mm
  33. 33. Timepiece of Breakthrough Innovation
  34. 34. Jewellery Chi P en d a n t s I L i v e Wel l w i th Sty l eLeft : Allah Chi Pendant I Middle : Om Chi Pendant I Right : The V Chi Pendant
  35. 35. Jewellery Chi Pendants I Live Well wit h S t y l e EMERY SET I Ul ti mate P ow er on Your W ri s tBernhard H. Mayer® Jewellery Chi Pendant glasses are made of technically The Emery Set is specially designed to accommodate and benefit theengineered natural minerals which have been structurally bonded in glass at a modern lifestyle of men and women. Wearing this eye-catching braceletmolecular level, using high fusion methods. This combination of minerals and helps to greatly increase your energy and harmony levels.fusion techniques creates a unique and positive energy field. Apart from improvingthe harmony and energy levels of the users, the Bernhard H. Mayer® Jewellery EMERY GENTChi Pendants also protects them from the negative effects of electro-smog. Bold and striking, the Emery Gent highlights its sporty and powerful design with double-striped stainless steel and black silicon that sits smartly on a man’s wrist.ALLAH CHI PENDANT Stainless steel with black silicon, 21 cmThe Allah Chi Pendant features a sterling silver bezel beautifully designed withAllah’s name in Arabic calligraphy. EMERY LADY The Emery Lady is beautifully crafted with stainless steel, featuring aOM CHI PENDANT black silicon stripe in the centre and secured with a buckle clasp. AThe Om Chi Pendant features the remarkable ‘Om’ symbol beautifully crafted sleek and stylish design with durable quality makes this exceptionalin sterling silver, capturing the principle philosophy and mythology of Hinduism. bracelet a great companion for a woman. Stainless steel with black silicon, 19 cmTHE V CHI PENDANTThe familiar logo of The V has come to represent success in the business ofnetwork marketing. Capturing the essence of this emblem, The V Chi Pendantfeatures the ‘V’ logo exquisitely crafted in sterling silver.Sterling silver 925/- bezel with rhodium plating; High-temperature nanoengineered glass, 38 mm Ø, 5 mm thickness*All Bernhard H. Mayer® Jewellery Chi Pendants are also available in 18 K yellow gold at theRedemption Store.
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