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Singapore Mall Discovery 2015


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Singapore is obviously a shopping destination for near by countries. There are plenty of shopping malls in Singapore that can be a pleasant venue for shopping. But the advantage of number of malls and their distributed locations can be disadvantage at the same time when visitor don't know best where they better go. Especiallly when they looking for specific goods that only available in specific stores. Addressing this issue we come up with an idea to provide a service for visitor to help them finding the best mall.

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Singapore Mall Discovery 2015

  1. 1. Tourism Statistic in Singapore 0   50   100   150   200   250   300   350   400   450   2009   2010   2011   2012   2013   Accomoda/on   Food  &  Beverage   Shopping   Local  Transport   Medical   Sightseeing,   Entertainment  &  Gaming   •  27%  of  all  tourism  spend  is  on  shopping.     •  Tourism  contributes  4%  of  GDP.   •  Shopping  by  tourists  dropped  16%  per  capita.  
  2. 2. Background •  As  a  smart  na/on  with  heaven  of  shopping   des/na/on,  Singapore  is  expected  to  provide  a   beQer  service  for  not  only  to  it's  ci/zen  but  also   for  tourist.     •  Our  service,  Mall  Discovery,  helps  Tourists  shopping   in  a  smarter  way  by  delivering  a  data  mashup  web   service.   •  On  the  next  level,  Singaporean  who  run  shops  in   malls  can  sells  in  a  beQer  way  by  engaging  buyers   who  using  our  service.  
  3. 3. Datasets used 1.  Federated  Datasets  Registry     –  Dataset:  Popula/on  in  Singapore  shopping  malls   –  Records:  58   2.  Foursquare   –  Datasets:  Mall    Venue,  Tips  Check-­‐in   –  Records:  2,733  +  16,675   3.  Wikipedia   –  Datasets:  Mall  Descrip/on   4.  Singapore  Tourism  Board   –  Datasets:  Annual  report  
  4. 4. Mall Discovery – “Mall of Malls” •  Problem   –  So  many  malls  in  Singapore   –  Don’t  know  which  one  is  the  best  in  terms  of  loca/on  and  product   •  Customer   –  Tourists  as  mall  seeker   –  Buyers  as  crowdsourcer  of  informa/on   –  Shop  owner  as  paying  user   •  How   –  Open   data   from   Federated   Datasets   Registry   combined   with   crowdsource  datasets   •  What   –  Developing  a  Mall  of  Malls  for  buyer  and  seller    
  5. 5. Demo - home h"p://   Singapore  Map   equipped  with   bubbles  of   malls  with   different  colors   and  sizes       Bubble  size   represents   number  shop   in  par/cular   mall  
  6. 6. Demo – list of malls If  users   want  to   take  a  note   of  malls   then  they   can  show   the  malls  in   a  list   instead  of  in   a  map     h"p://  
  7. 7. Demo – mall detail h"p://   When  you  click   on  any  mall   either  from  the   map  or  list,  it   will  show  you  a   list  of  shops     The  shops   taken  from   Foursquare   venues  
  8. 8. Demo – shop detail h"p://   When  you  click   on  any  shop  it  will   show  you  a  list  of   products  that   come  from   crowdsourcing     If  the  seller  find   out  about  this   product  then  they   can  take   ownership  
  9. 9. Demo – shops by category User  can  use   the  map   mashup  to   view  mall   loca/on  based   on  category,   just  click  on   the  category   list  at  right   sidebar.    
  10. 10. Demo – list of shops by category Shops  in  a   category   not  only   can  be   viewed  in   a  map  but   also  in  a   list  
  11. 11. Demo – search The  main   func/on  is   the  search   form  where   it  will  show   you  a  map   with  loca/on   of  mall  that   having  shops   sell  your   searched   product  
  12. 12. Demo – search When  you   click  on  the   bubble  at  the   map,  it  will   show  you  a   list  of   product  that   matched   your  search   criteria  in  the   clicked  mall  
  13. 13. Demo – product detail If  a  seller  take  an   ownership  of  a   product  they  can   complete  the  specific   informa/on  of  the   product     Further  more,  they   can  add  e-­‐commerce   feature  such  as   shopping-­‐cart  or   payment  afer  buy  a   subscrip/on  
  14. 14. Business Model •  Value  Proposi/on   –  Helps    tourist  find  malls/shops/products  EASILY   –  Help  sellers  to  engage  their  buyers  by  crowdsourcing     –  Promote  retail  sales  for  Singapore  as  a  whole     •  Paying  Customer   –  Shops   owner   that   takes   ownership   of   their   recommended   shop   or   product     •  Revenue  Model     –  Subscrip/on   of   advance   features   for   product/sale   management   tools  such  as  shopping  cart,  payment  gateway,  etc    
  15. 15. What’s next? •  Crowdsource  more  data   •  Integrate  with  the  ecommerce  plaiorm   •  Inves/gate  Singapore  Tourism  Board  alliance  
  16. 16. Thank You! J MallDiscovery Team: Wibisono Sastrodiwiryo Prayoga Dahirsa Muhammad Hafidz Khairul Anshar