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Office 365: Small Business, Big Savings


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Small businesses are used to making trade-offs. With Office 365, there's no need for trade-offs.

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Office 365: Small Business, Big Savings

  1. 1. Small Business, Big Savings
  2. 2. Hire a marketing pro? Hire an accountant? Contract an IT pro? Save time? Or handle it on our own? Or do our own taxes? Or figure it out ourselves? Or save money? With Office 365, there’s no need for trade-offs.
  3. 3. We anticipate a 25 to 30 percent cost savings Read the full story
  4. 4. to save nearly $2,000 a year Independence on Wheels offers Read the full story the company expects
  5. 5. we’ll save at least $8,000 a year Read the full story
  6. 6. $100,000 annually Read the full story we are avoiding
  7. 7. The savings will add up to about [U.S.]$20,000 or more. I’ll also save 5 or 10 hours a month on vendor management. Read the full story
  8. 8. “As a small company, the ability to provide only what people need through Office 365 is a huge advantage for us. As opposed to a large rollout expense for on-premises solutions, we have a more manageable, smaller monthly cost.” Lance Criscuolo, President, Zyvex Technologies Read the full story
  9. 9. by using Office 365, we’ll get not just web hosting but also email, collaboration tools, and other things to help us boost productivity for roughly that same amount Read the full story
  10. 10. it will save me a couple of hours a day in meeting with customers, customizing their SharePoint sites, and locating customer data Read the full story
  11. 11. Everyone in the company saves five to 10 hours a week now that we’ve got Office 365 Read the full story
  12. 12. we can replace a lengthy email exchange or a long drive with a quick online meeting Read the full story
  13. 13. Small Business Customer Stories
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