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Whyletz corporate profile

  1. 1. CHANGE!
  2. 2. WHEN EVERYTHING CHANGES, www.whyletz.com
  3. 3. To Rise,To Solve…Why-letz?We Tell Your Story…Branding is much more than just a logo design.It is the feel and approach of a person to yourcompany, product or service.Whyletz is here to BRAND THE CHANGE!WHY don’t you let us place your brand at theheart of the market to BRAND THE CHANGE!
  4. 4. “Almost always, the creative dedicated minority has made the world better.”- Martin Luther King, Jr.New Possibilities...New Dimensions…Whyletz is an international Branding & designing company based at Cochin,Kerala, India.We are pack of creative and passionate people working together to explorethe unique identity hidden in your brand. Whyletz seeks a new world ofbranding and fresh trends on designing. We see things through a differentangle, which can adapt to the rapid changes around.Successful branding helps to promote business strength, from identifyingwhat makes you different? Why choose doing business with you?Our designs will answer to your questions.
  5. 5. “To Raise New Questions, New Possibilities, to Regard Old Problems from a New Angle, Require Creative Imagination.” -Albert Einstein OUR CAPABILITIES BRANDING Branding is a process to make your customer to choose you when there is more option. In the ocean of brands, we make you to stay unique with difference. We create your identity and variants for your business; from logo to marketing materials. PRINT DESIGN At whyletz, we make quality print designs for your brand to stay ahead in the market. The colors just not make revolution, but the unique ideas will play the magic. From brand stationaries to print advertisements, we do it creatively. WEB DESIGN Whyletz creates powerful online presence by building your website. Our young, talented creative designers develop user friendly, creative websites using latest technologies. We take your customers direct to you from the virtual world. SOCIAL MEDIA CONSULTANCY & MANAGEMENT Whyetz help you to do your business and get branded online using social media -the most engaging, viral media today. We know the pulse of the people online; we create interesting contents for your social media engagements & plan strategy for it. PRODUCT & PACKAGE DESIGN Packaging is the first and last way to sell your product. People feel your brand through your products and services, not from your ideas. Whyletz gives the attention to keep your brand identity to attract the users by creative product and packaging designs. CREATIVE WRITING Music of your words leads your customers your way! Whyletz plays with letters to create captions, slogans, contents for your print and online media, advertisements. We make you speak well! ADVERTISEMENTS We do create print, digital and video advertisements to market your brand.LOGO DESIGN | BRANDING | BRAND MERCHANDISES | BROCHURE DESIGN | SIGNAGESPRINT DESIGNS | T SHIRT DESIGN | PRODUCT DESIGNS | WEB DESIGN | COPYWRITINGONLINE CAMPAIGNS | SOCIAL MEDIA CONSULTANCY & MANAGEMENT | PROMOTIONS DESIGNSPRINT ADS | DIGITAL ADVERTISMENTS | TV COMMERCIALS | POST PRODUCTION | FILM WORKS
  6. 6. OUR APPROACHWe are Open, Hardworking, Straight talking, Adaptingchanges, Accepting comments and Fast thinking creativepeople who understand your brand and know thecommercial challenges you face.Feel free to work with us. We work not only for profit,but to make your business success. We are Flexible butstraight, free but clear.We believe creativity is there in everyone. We work forthe uniqueness for your brand with lot of experimentsand studies. Without comprimise in quality, we deliverthe best for you in time. Our design and philosophy areEco-friendly, Creative, updated with latest trends, andsatisfying your needs.And we are designers, not screwdrivers! We do onlythe best for you! So we ask every client the freedom ofwork to deliver the best. Yes, we believe the Paul Randtheory that made Apple Inc. logo as the best one in theworld, even Steve asked for another choice. See what we cooked, & feel the taste...
  7. 7. WE DONE / PORTFOLIO BRANDINGClient:ZIRVABUSINESS SOLUTIONSCategory:Business ConsultancyWe Served:BRANDINGLogo DesignBrand StationariesCorporate BrochureFlyersWebsite DesignBrand ArchitectureAdvertisements BEFORE AFTERClient:AL JAMIA AL ISLAMIYASanthapuram, KeralaCategory:University / EducationWe Served:BRANDINGLogo DesignBrand StationariesCorporate BrochureAcademic BrochureProject BrochuresSignageConvocation DesignsBrand ArchitectureCreative DirectionAdvertisements
  8. 8. Client:SAFA Tourist HomeCategory:HospitalityWe Served:Logo DesignBrand StationariesSignageCorporate BrochureFlyersAdvertisementsSocial Media ManagementClient:MuvattupuzhaOrphanageCategory:Charity / EducationWe Served:Logo DesignBrand StationariesBrochure DesignProject DesignPPT Profile DOCK PRODUCTIONSClient:DOCK ProductionsCategory:Media CompanyWe Served:NameLogo DesignBrand StationariesCorporate BrochureWebsite DesignStudio DesignsSocial Media DesignSocial Media ConsultancyAdvertisements
  9. 9. LOGO DESIGN Youth For Future laam 2012 3rd International Campus Shortfilm Festival @ aljamia 21 - 23 SEPTEMBER 2012 DOCK PRODUCTIONS Friday Club
  10. 10. PRINT DESIGNPOSTER DESIGN Aseel (Short Film) Produced by: Oman Television, Sultanate of Oman * 2nd Short film of Oman Ali Manikfan (Documentary) Film by Maajid AzhicodePERSONAL BRANDING
  12. 12. CLIENTELE Sorry, we picked some of them only... INTERNATIONAL INTERNATIONAL SEMINAR INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE OF ON SECURITY SYSTEMS SEAFOOD EXPORTING COMPANIES, MALE, MALDIVES JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA & Hope you see the clients from portfolio itself!TESTIMONIALS“Whyletz has been associating with QMS Qatar to brand, profile &design the marketing materials including our corporate website.We are very much contented with their professionalism, creativity,time commitment and delight in dealing.”Kabeer NVGeneral Manager, QMS Qatar“Whyletz is a good choice for any corporate or start up looking fora refreshing brand presentation. I have been involved with them ina project, and I am happy with their creativity and dedication. Itwould not surprise me if they go places from here.”Ameen AhsanBusiness Strategist, Coach & Entrepreneur“Attention to detail and deliver what has been promised ( materialand time ) are the most outstanding features makes me to identifyWhyletz beyond average companies.”Mohammed AmeenOperations Manager at Al Noon Shipping Company
  13. 13. CONTACT US+91 9633 148 372 | +91 9895 836 771 | +91 9846 178 000design@whyletz.comReach UsWhyletz, XV/173,Opp. Veterinary Hospital,Choornikkara (P.O), AluvaCochin, Kerala, India - 683106Follow UsFacebook.com/whyletzTwitter.com/whyletzLinkedIn.com/company/whyletzwww.whyletz.com© 2012 whyletz. All Rights Reserved.