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some basic ebola stuff

Published in: Health & Medicine
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  2. 2. “THE EBOLA FIGHTERS” TIME picked the Ebola Fighters for their 2014 Person of the Year
  3. 3. THE LAST PATIENT(?) On March 5, Beatrice Yardolo left an Ebola treatment center This brought Liberia’s total cases down to 0
  4. 4. THE COUNTDOWN Liberia has to remain Ebola free until April 4 This is a 42 day wait from the last infection The delay is twice as long as Ebola’s incubation period
  5. 5. BACKGROUND ON EBOLA First appeared in 1976 in present day South Sudan Named in what is currently the Democratic Republic of Congo Current outbreak originated in Guinea, in late 2013
  6. 6. WHY IS IT SO BAD? Many causes Poor healthcare Distrust in government Burial traditions Urban areas
  7. 7. THE FIGHT IS NOT OVER Sierra Leone and Guinea have seen a recent spike of infections Several health workers have been infected Others workers have been attacked by the people It could potentially happen in Liberia
  8. 8. BUT IT CAN BE STOPPED The WHO said that the outbreak could be ended by summer But there needs to be international support Health workers have the tactics and facilities But they still need to establish trust with the people
  9. 9. PARALLELS WITH ANTI-VACCINE MOVEMENT One reason for the lethality of Ebola was due to distrust People refused to seek treatment Similarly, some people are unwilling to use vaccines This could potentially lead to an outbreak
  10. 10. EDUCATION The outbreak could have been prevented through education The world was also slow to respond to the outbreak Many irrational actions were taken
  11. 11. THE FUTURE If people can trust the health workers And if people can be educated The outbreak can end by the end of summer But if people hide, what good will aid do for them?