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2012 jy resume

  1. 1. James G. Young, Architect ph:312.375.6415 whyarc@gmail.comMy professional goal is to develop as a creative and focused designer while honing skills related to construction and detailing inthe vain of a project architect. In the past, I have sought out jobs where those two worlds come together. Additionally I havetackled new endevours related to architecture and planning as a curriculum designer and teacher in a new Chicago high school-called GCE. I started working with this school in its infancy and have helped create a set of innovative classes that expose teensto architecture and urbanism through math, science, history and the humanities. My command of architecture’s current designsoftware tools enables me to produce working drawings, present design concepts or bring buildings to life through renderings formy clients. I aim to be a good leader and am motivated by my passion for this profession and all it encompasses.Work History:From 2009-2012 I completed a variety of architectural work in Chicago in various high rises and singlefamily homes along with larger scale work for the Crestwood Public Library, the University of ChicagoBooth School of Business and Gleacher Center, and a bandshell design for the city of Kankakee. Muchof these projects were completed on a contract basis in conjunction with a few firms in Chicago including:Product Architects, Waechter Architects, TKA Partners and Albert Fabro Architect.2004-2009 I worked at Solomon Cordwell Buenz as a Design Team Member for the 72 storytower,The Legacy Tower, Chicago Il. Developed a full bid set for a mixed-use, residential development in-cluding 3 towers at Cityfront Square as Project Architect & Designer, San Jose, CA. Extensive designand completed CDs for Hanover Tower as a Project Architect & Designer for that 57 story tower com-plex, Houston TX and developed Design Feasibility Studies for Chicago Development Companies such asJohn Buck Development, Golub & Co., Lurie Management LLC, Fifield Companies, and Baker DevelopmentI worked for A. Epstein & Sons as an exterior wall designer and detailer for the McCormick PlaceExpansion, Mc4West, a 2.2 million sqft. steel structure from DD through to CA. This was a design thatincluded multiple custom curtainwall systems, precast concrete panels, masonry and window wall systemsthat my team designed and coordinated through to construction.1997-2003 I worked at Lucien Lagrange Architects on a multitude of Chicago high-rises including840 LSD, 510 West Erie, 2520 N. Lakeview, 175 West Jackson, The Hard Rock Hotel, Hyatt Park TowerAfter graduating from Syracuse University with a 5 -year Bachelor of Architecture degree, I movedback to Chicago to work at Hammond Beeby and Babka, where I spent a year on the design team forthe Chicago Music and Dance Theater (MAD), that later became the Harris Theater for Music & DanceI am proficient in Autocad 2012 for 2d drafting and 3d solid and surface modeling, Sketchup, 3d Stu-dioMax for rendering and lighting, Photoshop and InDesign CS5.5 for page layouts and renderings, OfficeSuite for documents and spreadsheet creation, Powerpoint for meetings and presentationsMy personal interests include the study of Urban Planning and city growth patterns, sustainable buildingstrategies for multi-use building typologies, urban renewal strategies and universal accessibility in build-ings and urban designBoard Membership and Affiliations include the GCE High School, Global Citizenship Experience BoardMember and Design Consultant, Children’s Memorial Hospital VolunteerI am a Registered Architect in the state of Illinois and a LEED Green Associate with intentions of takingthe LEED AP BD+C or the LEED AP ND depending on the nature of my next architectural endeavor.Professional references available upon request.
  2. 2. The Legacy TowerMesa DevelopmentChicago, ILAs a member of the design teamfrom this project’s inception, Iwas responsible for the design anddetail of the exterior windowall,balconies and overall buildingform. Additionally, I worked onthe design development of thesome amenity spaces and a halfa dozen condominium build-outs.The Legacy at Millennium Park is a 72 story skyscraper in Chicago. The building preserves the historic masonry and terracottafacades of the Chicago Landmark Jewelers Row District along Wabash Avenue at East Monroe Street. The tower and mixed-use podium was designed with 360 luxury condominium units as well as 460 parking spaces. Additionally the building includes41,000 sq ft. of classroom space for the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in the lower floors, athletic facilities for the Uni-versity Club, a sky-bridge between the University Club and the building podium, and private amenities for tower residents includ-ing an athletics and aquatic center as well as residential lounges located throughout the tower. The building’s narrow design isintended to maximize vantage points to the Lake Michigan and Millenium Park from all residences in the tower.The Legacy T ower was designed in 2004 while at SCB.
  3. 3. Hanover Towerat Boulevard PlaceHouston, TXI was a member of the designteam and project architect fromdesign development throughcontract documents for thisrental building. Both the exteri-or and the typical unit floor lay-outs were designed exhaustivelyto accommodate the developer’s Hanover Tower at Boule-needs, both for unit flexibil- vard Place was designed for a site in Houston, Texas,ity and tight budget constraints. next to the future Ritz- Carlton Hotel in the Post Oak neighborhood. The 57 story building includes boutique hotel style ameni- ties including a concierge and bellman, as well as two separate lounges, catering kitchens and wine storage. A 19,000-square-foot roof- top pool terrace with exten- sive landscaping features will be atop an attached, 6 level parking garage, able to accomodate 350 cars. The units include stainless steel appliances, granite slab countertops, crown molding, hardwood floors and travertine tile and will be larger than compara- tive rental units in Hous- ton. With these additional features and amenities, along with the building’s generous floor plans, over- sized kitchens and living spaces, Hanover hopes to attract sophisticated rent- ers that can’t currently be accommodated in this upscale neighborhood.Hanover Tower at Boulevard Place was designed in 2007 while at SCB.
  4. 4. This speculative, high-end hotel was designed for a site in Highland Park, just 12 miles north of Chicago. The complex of buildings was developed around a landscaped court- yard concept that acted as an extension of the hotel ballroom and its expan- sive lobby. This exterior amenity would be shared by the hotel and two con- dominium buildings with retail and office space at their bases. The modern aesthetic for the build- ings was meant to serve as a counterpoint to the adjacent masonry church.Hotel and Condominium ProposalBaker Development Co. Highland Park, Il.As a member of the design team,within a very small frame oftime, I was tasked with buildinga working set of pricing draw-ings that included plans, eleva-tions and a 3d model. Since thiswas a new builing type for ourdeveloper client, we also shapedthe program of this complex andoffered creative ways to incor-porate hybrid uses to invigoratethe site. The commercial andresidential parts of the programwere shaped and suggested by ourteam and to beneficial results.Hotel and mixed-use complex was designed for Baker Development in 2005 while at SCB.
  5. 5. I worked on the schematic design through to construc- tion on this 24 story condo- minium tower. Per the cli- ent’s request, a great deal of unit types were offered in this unusually shaped building where all of the views are spectacular.510 West ErieSmithfield PropertiesChicago, ILThis 24 story tower in Chicago’s River West neighborhood sits on a parallelogram site that helped to inform the overall shape of itssculptural design. Above the raw concrete structure of the entry and garage levels sits an all steel structured tower. Additionally, theunit floors are clad in glass and painted steel w-shapes. Even its lateral bracing chevrons are expressed on the exterior. The facetedform offers a great variety of unit sizes and views and is a modern, industrial aesthetic fits well along the Chicago River.Design, Construction Documents and Administration was performed for Smithfield Properties in 2002 while at LLA.
  6. 6. I was a member of the design team and project architect from design development through con- tract documents for this 3 build- ing development. The project is an exercise in balancing a need to maximize the residential use while remaining contextural in scale and material palatte. An extra effort was made to sub- merge parking underground and to activate street level activity with lush, landscaped destina-Cityfront Square Development tions and retail to extend the ex-Urban West Associates San Jose, CA isting walkability of the district. FIRST STREET WASTE MANAGEMENT COLLECTION VEHICLE ACCESS AREAS SEE SHEET 10.7 FOR LOADING DOCK TRUCK DIAGRAM AND DIMENSIONED CURB CUT INFORMATION PARKING TICKET MACHINE CAR ENTRY AND EXIT (2)-PG&E VAULTS BELOW FOR PUBLIC, RETAIL AND CDP PARKING STAIR ELEVATOR VESTIBULE VESTIBULE (2)-PG&E VAULTS BELOW OUTSIDE AIR SHAFT (10 SF) 15-0" TALL FENCE WITH GATES O.H. DOOR VESTIBULE HOTEL AUTO COURT GAS METER OUTSIDE AIR SHAFT (40 SF) ROOM EXISTING OUTSIDE AIR SHAFT FIRE HYDRANT O.H. DOOR (30 SF) PARKING CARD READERS RESCUE CASA DEL HOTEL AIR EXIT WAY CDP TRASH ROOM PARKING GATES CLOSET PUEBLO LOBBY ELEVATOR LOBBY FOR PUBLIC, RETAIL AND DN CDP PARKING UP RAMP DOWN RAMP UP TO CDP MAIL A PARKING PARKING TICKET TO CDP, FROM CDP, ROOM ATTENDANT MACHINE RETAIL & RETAIL & LOADING (10 X 55) PAUBLIC PAUBLIC CDP MAIN. NG HOTEL SERVICE VALET VALET STORAGE LOADING (10 X 30) AREA PARKING PARKING LOADING / TRASH (10 X 30) DOCK MASTER GAS METER ROOM CDP MAIN. OFFICE OFFICE OUTSIDE AIR SHAFT (40 SF) SERVICE EXISTING HOTEL ENTRY RAMP UP RAMP DOWN CDP SECURITY O.H. DOOR FROM TO TOWER TOWER VALET VALET PARKING FREIGHT PARKING JANITORS CLOSET ELEVATOR SAN CARLOS STREET RETAIL: 16% RAMP 16% RAMP SERVICE CORRIDOR 12,500 S.F. WITH 8% WITH 8% BLEND TOP BLEND TOP & BOTTOM & BOTTOM 10-0" TALL FENCE WITH GATE GARAGE SERVICE EXHAUST UP TO COMMERCIAL AMENITY LEVEL WASTE & RECYCLING FAN ROOM AREA UP PARKING SERVICE CARD DN READER SERVICE CORRIDOR OUTSIDE OUTSIDE AIR OUTSIDE AIR BICYCLE STORAGE AIR SHAFT PARKING FOUNTAIN/ POOL SHAFT (40 SF) SHAFT (40 SF) (40 SF) GATES RECEIVING EQUIPMENT (2)-PG&E VAULTS STORAGE ROOM RECEIVING STORAGE STAFF PARKING CARD TOILET READER SECURITY SECURITY ROOM ROOM MAIL STAFF TOILET MAIL RECEIVING ROOM RECEIVING ROOM CLOSET CLOSET OUTSIDE AIR DOORMAN ABOVE FOR DN DN DOORMAN RETAIL GARAGE ELEVATOR CAR ENTRY AND EXIT FOR GARAGE ELEVATOR CONDO TOWER PARKING CAB SIZE: CAB SIZE: OUTSIDE AIR PASS. CAB STORAGE PASS. CAB ABOVE FOR SERV CAB SERV CAB RETAIL BUS STOP SERVICE ELEVATOR ELEVATOR SERVICE PAVEMENT PAD VESTIBULE VESTIBULE VESTIBULE VESTIBULE TRASH VEST. ALTERNATING TELEPHONE DATA/ ELEC. CONDO CONDO ALTERNATING TELEPHONE DATA/ ELEC. TRASH VEST. STREET FURNITURE FOR BUS STOP TOWER TOWER CLOSET CLOSET RETAIL: LOBBY LOBBY RETAIL: 8,600 S.F. 8,750 S.F. OUTSIDE AIR CONDO TOWER OUTSIDE AIR SHAFT (40 SF) SHAFT (40 SF) AUTO ENTRY CONTROLS FOR THE STREET LIGHTS OUTSIDE AIR COURT OUTSIDE AIR OUTSIDE AIR SHAFT (40 SF) ABOVE FOR ABOVE FOR RETAIL RETAIL EXISTING FIRE HYDRANT PHASE 2 PHASE 1 BUILDING IDENTIFICATION SIGNAGECityfront Square sits in the historic, downtown district of San Jose where it is bound by Market, San Carlos and First Streets. Itsmain entry opens up across from a large city park, affording our towers long views across the city. The project also backs up ontoFirst Street, along a street car line and next to the landmarked Montgommery Hotel. It is a set of three residential towers: twoinclude 220 condominiums each and one with 245 rental units. Three underground parking levels for 950 cars, street level retailand a rasied amenity deck, all to be shared by the hotel, round out the program. Overall the density proposed is about 320 unitsper acre, which makes for a fairly compact and surprisingly, contexturally sensitive project. At 285’-0”, the towers are as tall asthe FHA will permit on this site and they are to be clad in stone colored precast concrete with a natural stone base.Mixed-use proposal was designed for Urban West Associates in 2006 while at SCB.