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White Label PPC Management Services For Agencies - Hop2TheTop


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YOURWEBGURUS LLC DBA Hop2TheTop provides white label Turnkey PPC Management Services to Agencies. We treat your cllients like our own, and ensure exceptional results.

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White Label PPC Management Services For Agencies - Hop2TheTop

  1. 1. We’re YOUR Turnkey PPC Department Affordable PPC Management For Agencies
  2. 2. That Generates ROI That You Can Show! Your Clients Need Properly Managed PPC/AdWords “How Come We’re Not Coming Up?” -Mr Client … Sounds Familiar?
  3. 3. What Do Our Clients And Agencies Say? “My goal is to make every campaign a case study.”- Justin Gross, President & Lead Consultant
  4. 4. A few more …
  5. 5. “Your Clients Expect Their AdWords Ads To Be Monitored And Optimized, Not Left Alone While You Cross Your Fingers.” Stop Setting And Forgetting! You Need TIME To Run Your Company Or Agency.“Our Optimization Strategy?”
  6. 6. We provide turnkey reports with all KPI’s including conversions, cost/conversion, conversion rates, clicks, costs, ad positions, # of calls received, and more – All BRANDED TO YOUR AGENCY! (Reporting can be customized to each client) Your Clients Expect Comprehensive Reports On A Regular Basis.
  7. 7.  We manage as little or as many campaign as you need  We conduct ALL weekly/daily optimizations  We conduct weekly budget analysis on all accounts to make sure your accounts stay on target  We provide all updates for your client, responding to any requests they have  We provide detailed turnkey PDF reports, call tracking, all white labeled with your AGENCY LOGO  Project Management Tools? Not a problem. We can work within yours.  We can directly speak with clients on a “white label” basis, or can just act as you support engine only. It’s up to you! How It Works
  8. 8.  Ongoing A/B Testing Of AD Text  PC & Mobile Ads Optimized For Devices  Ongoing Negative Keyword Implementation & Query Analysis  Ongoing CTR & Quality Score Optimization  Ongoing granular keyword bid management  CPA and Conversion Rate Optimization targeting client goals  We come up with out of the box strategies for under performing accounts Example/Standard Optimization Strategy
  9. 9.  Sure! We setup and manage campaigns in BING Ads (covers Yahoo, MSN and BING properties) as well as Facebook Ads.  Additional fees DO apply and will vary based on volume, and if this is in addition to AdWords, but again we keep things as reasonable as possible. Request a quote for more details!  The campaign data is included in our all in PPC reports which we provide each month (or weekly for larger accounts, if needed) Other Platforms?
  10. 10.  One of the best forms of banners ads are remarketing ads. We can set these up for your clients. Clients LOVE these! (They LOVE seeing their banners everywhere!)  We can also setup Video ads as well (you must provide the videos) Yup, you guessed it – we can do it! Remarketing? Banners? Mobile Ads? Video?
  11. 11. Given the sheer growth of the mobile market, consolidating all of your PPC and advertising strategy into one bucket without considering mobile specific strategy is a major mistake. Mobile AD Optimization We optimize mobile specific PPC AD text for your clients with click-to-call numbers where applicable.
  12. 12.  Clients will substantially under report the # of calls AdWords generates. Often the person asking “how you heard about us?” leads the question and gets inaccurate counts, and besides consumers typically just don’t always remember and certainly don’t say “Oh it was an AdWords ad!”.  Our systems ensure strong accountability on calls generated from PPC. This way, clients who receive many calls instead of emails, can be properly attributed to the PPC campaigns. Keyword Call Tracking
  13. 13.  We provide up to 2 hours of initial consulting on landing page and conversion optimization strategy for your client with every new account.  Typically we provide 3-5 simple changes based on web psychology and usability principles, for your client’s website, that will be easy to implement and have significant impacts.  (Additional consulting and advanced CRO services such as website AB testing, user studies, analytics auditing, heat map analysis, and landing page development are available for additional fees) Our “Extras” !
  14. 14.  Our agreements are month-to-month, although we do ask you stay with us for at least 90 days on each account where feasible.  We are seeking to work with agencies who want to develop long term, mutually beneficial partnerships.  Other specifics on deliverables are negotiable and flexible – just ask!  Don’t want to white label? We can operate as a referral partner instead and payout 20% to your firm every month (our pricing is roughly 20% higher in this case)  Contact or 908-642-2436 to discuss “Agency White Label Services” Terms