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Hop2TheTop - #1 PPC Management And Landing Page Optimization Company


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Looking for Strategic PPC Campaign Management and Landing Page Optimization? Call 1-888-919-4238 For A Free Consultation!

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Hop2TheTop - #1 PPC Management And Landing Page Optimization Company

  1. 1. YOURWEBGURUS LLC DBA HOP2THETOP White Glove PPC Management My name is Justin Gross. I am the Owner and Lead Consultant at Hop2TheTop. I have been managing PPC campaigns full time for nearly 9 years. Yes, that’s right, that’s over 18,000 hours of REAL campaign management experience! Each year, I maintain certification with Google. I have personally been trained in the NYC Google AdWords office by top AdWords agency teams, am an avid studier of digital marketing, and attend many of the industry conferences on a regular basis. My philosophy is based on long-term relationships. I have been successful by being honest to a fault with my clients, up-front about expectations, and by delivering results in challenging markets by applying industry best practices and unique tactics I’ve developed over the years. I look forward to the opportunity to explore the possibility of a new relationship with your organization and appreciate your consideration in reviewing our unique value proposition (enclosed). Sincerely,
  2. 2. “Your Clients Are Very Fortunate To Have Such An Apt Agency Supporting Them….” Brittany C, Google AdWords WHY US? What Are Google Agency Reps Saying?
  3. 3. The most common feedback we get is our clients go through many companies until they finally settle on working with us. This is because we eliminate the headaches associated with being a “small fish in a big pond”. WHY US? Eh, who cares what GOOGLE says.. What do our CLIENTS say?!?
  4. 4. WHY US? Eh, who cares what GOOGLE says.. What do our CLIENTS say?!? Michael Cooper - Aladdin Steel – Our Client Since 2008
  5. 5. Our Focus? Generating Conversions, web actions resulting from the clicks we send. Emails, Quote Requests, Phone Calls from REAL potential customers. “What good is a report with a ton of clicks shown if those clicks don’t result in conversions and subsequent profitability?” It’s not the QUANTITY of clicks that really count, it’s the QUALITY of those clicks and potential customers.
  6. 6. How we do it? We Implement Proactive Management And Detailed Processes. These are based on years of experience, industry expertise, and implementation of best practices. • Zip Code Analysis • Hours Analysis • Days Analysis • AD Variations • Keyword Conversion Results • Device Type Results • Landing Page Results • CTR (Click Thru Rates) • Conversion Rates • Cost Per Lead • Quality Scores • AD Position • Standard PPC / PC • Mobile PPC • Retargeting – Google (optional) • Video Marketing (optional) • Gmail Ads (optional) • 2nd Tier Networks (optional) • Weekly Projections • Updates Throughout Month • Allocation by Device • Allocation by Profit Center DIMENSION ANALYSIS KPI ANALYSIS CAMPAIGN TYPES BUDGETING
  7. 7. Our Daily Processes  Are We Overspending In Any Areas?  Are We Underspending In Any Areas?  Do We Need To Reallocate?  Bidding & AB Test Adjustments  CPA/CPL Based Optimizations  Dimension analysis  And so on… Then Each Month …  Strategy Update  Previous Month Report (optional/fee applies) Many agencies do not have real processes, so accounts slip through the cracks…
  8. 8. Reports? Yes! We disclose everything in straightforward reporting branded to your agency showing all daily and monthly click activity, various key performance indicators (KPI’s), and most importantly, conversion activity produced. Our dashboard integrates with all major call tracking platforms, as well as Google Analytics, AdWords, BING Ads, and Facebook Ads. We can customize client reports to suit needs.
  9. 9. We take a highly strategic approach that Works with Google’s Quality Score algorithm. We are closely matching queries to tailored AD variations, to the most relevant website pages based on the search.
  10. 10. Having Landing Pages and Websites that CONVERT and garner high quality scores With AdWords is KEY to PPC success. So, we offer a Free Initial Landing Page Consult With all PPC Accounts. More in depth Landing Page development and AB testing Services are also available as needed.
  11. 11. Custom Fees One Time Setup Per Account - $795 (waived on existing accounts that do not require ground up reconstruction) Plus Monthly Management Fee [ See Table To The Right ] Premiums • BING Ads Add 250/Month • Facebook Add 250/Month • Landing Page Creation Or Testing – Quote • 50/Month Per Client If Using Our Call Tracking Account Budget Low Budget High Per Account Fee 1 1500 400 1501 3000 500 3001 5000 625 5001 7500 750 7501 10000 1000 10000 15000 2000 15001 30000 3000 Contact us to discuss custom rates based on specific accounts.
  12. 12. Please Call Justin @ 908-642-2436 To Get Started With A Free Consultation.