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PIxtore Market Service Keynote -English

5 minutes pitch for K-Global Engine
Pixtore Market, ebook marketplace for indie books.
Last year I met a little girl.
She was a high school girl. Sitting on the floor, selling her own books. Wearing high school uniform.
I went to her, said “hello, what's your story?”.
She told me “I wanna be a photographer!”. She was taking photos of her friends and self published her own book with them. And now, she is majoring photograph in a university.
This is her book.
This is self-published indie book. 500 volumes of Indie books are distributed in Korea. And new books are released everyday more than one like this.
But she has a problem now.
People can't find her book anymore in any bookstores. Because indie books are printed 1,000 copies or fewer as a paperback. They are distributed at only 70 bookstores nationwide. So indie books are going out-of-print.
Indie books wish to be discovered, talked and shared inspiration anywhere.
So We support creators can UPLOAD, SHARE OR SELL their own ebooks on our ebook marketplace. It takes all just in 5 minutes. It’s easier than any other online bookstores.
You can download her ebook on your smartphone now from Pixtore only.
How do you select books?
Recently many people get information about books by recommendation from their own friends on Social Media. Not best seller menu of online bookstore website.
Recently bookstores have at least one of Facebook page, twitter or instagram account.
They are talking about books everyday on their own social media. The bookstore staffs curate and recommend books worth reading for readers.
We help readers to discover indie books from the news feed of bookstores. Also talk with creators.
You can download ebooks for free, if pay for preorder paper books from local bookstores on your smartphone. And then just pick up your paper books from nearby bookstore after work or weekend.
Now, read ebooks FOR FREE without waiting, without out-of-print.
Korean Indie book market is growing rapidly.
On Amazon, 38% of all ebook unit sales are indie books. And the daily revenue is over $ 1M. It's going over 5 big publishers.
I'm not talking indie books are better.
I’m talking about chance. Online bookstores don’t have interested in them.
You know?
The creators can continue their creative activities if they have 1,000 readers only for a month regularly. I'm sure you'll be the one of them if you meet indie books.

60% of the amount you paid will be spent for creators. And about 10% transaction fee for us.
We can make it together.
Share Inspiration with Pixtore.

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PIxtore Market Service Keynote -English

  1. 1. Pixtore Market EBook Marketplace for Indie books
  2. 2. ⓒ 19 year old high school girl
  3. 3. Self published her own book ⓒ
  4. 4. ⓒ Indie book easily goes out-of-print
  5. 5. Easy ebook registration Realtime sales dashboard Streaming Slide Viewer
  6. 6. Seamless responsive UI
  7. 7. How do you select books? 32% ⓒ
  8. 8. 13M #book photos shared
  9. 9. Discover books from ‘Talk’ Discover Talk Download > > Pick up >
  10. 10. without waiting Enjoy FREE eBooks! ⓒ without out-of-print+
  11. 11. ⓒ 2013 Unlimited Edition 2010 2014 Sales for 2 days 18,000 volumes 3,010 volumes Indie book fair in Korea $ 1M / day go over 5 big publishers 38%
  12. 12. Creators 60% Apple or Google 30% Pixtore 10% Pixtore Apple or Google Creators We can make it together
  13. 13. Are you ready for sharing Inspiration? Join Our Beta Tester Get Free $5 Points!