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Backstage Pass for Event Organizers


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Slides presented at the Peatix Backstage Page event.

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Backstage Pass for Event Organizers

  1. 1. Source:  Pea+x   Hi, I’m William. I organize regular meetups for artists, designers, engineers, hackers, geeks, tinkerers, entrepreneurs and makers
  2. 2. I’m a was school teacher.
  3. 3. I only wanted to attend a maker meetup..
  4. 4. ..but ended up organizing it..
  5. 5. Then it got big
  6. 6. ..and bigger
  7. 7. ..till it became a full-time job
  8. 8. Best part of my work is I get to meet awesome people..
  9. 9. ..and hold a mike  
  10. 10. What are my challenges?
  11. 11. But things will get more exciting for makers.. Source:  Straits  Times  
  12. 12. ..and it will only get better and bigger! Source:  Marina  Bay  Sands  
  13. 13. What’s next? villa mobile festival Coming together to Build Going together to Share Returning together to Celebrate
  14. 14. •  Thank  you   All thanks to our community of makers Source:  Leon  Lim  
  15. 15. Thank you Friday, 25 April 2014 7.30pm Makerspace@Singapore Polytechnic