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D.I.Y Paper


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Attractive range of beautiful wedding papers, card and envelopes for do it yourself invitations in Australia. Metallic envelopes, metallic paper & card, patterned paper available

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D.I.Y Paper

  1. 1. Tips on Making Perfect D.I.Y Paper Wedding Cards DIY paper wedding cards are the best way to surprise your guests with a totally different type of wedding card, or when you want to cut some expenses. As wedding costs a lot of money; hence every penny saved is a penny earned for your honeymoon or buying you new home. By purchasing DIY paper, cards and envelopes, you can make perfect DIT paper wedding cards. They will be appreciated by your guests and they will preserve them forever as keepsakes of the most auspicious occasion of your life. Creating DIY paper wedding cards is quite simple, as long as you consider following important things. D.I.Y Paper Card & Envelopes Wholesale Wedding Supplies
  2. 2. Find Ideas for Creative DIY Paper Wedding Cards The very thing that you need to consider is to find some wedding magazines and read the articles on wedding themes. You can also consult craft teachers and designed associated with your local hobby shops. As these people work with craft every day, they may give you very useful tips on designing patters, DIY papers and decorative materials. Scrapbooking and periodicals can give your DIY wedding cards a unique flair. Also, don’t forget to use internet as it is full of information like patters, designs and other tips for DIY paper wedding cards. Design Your Wedding Card Using all the information at hand, you should be able to come up with the layout of a special design that showcases your personality and style. Certainly, not everyone is gifted with the artistic talent, and if you are one of them, you may require some assistance from a creative friend or relative. You can also hire a professional design as a last resort.
  3. 3. Make Some Samples Never purchase all your materials for your DIY wedding cards without making a few samples first. Try out different designs and note down the materials used. Your notes will helps you remember which materials you require for your favourite wedding card layout. Decide How Many Wedding Cards You Need You are advised to create your guest list in advance before ordering your crafts materials or DIY paper, cards and envelopes. Add a few extra to your list if you need sent out last minute wedding invitations. Choose Paper, Fonts and Other Printing Required Depending on the type of DIY paper wedding card you are using, you may need a commercial printer. In general, home printers can only handle thinner paper types. If your printer is inappropriate, you test will look messy. You also need to compose your text after choosing the font and letter size that best suits your DIY wedding cards. Buy DIY Paper Wedding Cards Once have your list, it is the time to buy the materials required. Although, you should wait for a sale but it is not always possible. If you wedding date have been fixed in hurry, you simply can’t wait. However, check out different whole sale wedding suppliers and compare their prices. Saving a few dollars here and there can make a huge different at the end. Assemble Your DIY Paper Wedding Cards When it comes to assembling your DIY Wedding Cards, ask your friends or family members for help. Set up an assembly line and assign each member a particular task to do. Your DIY paper wedding cards will be ready in no time. Engage some more people to make address labels and stuff the envelopes. Mail Your DIY Paper Wedding Cards in Advance Make sure you mail your wedding cards a few months in advance. This will give your guests enough time to plan and respond. Before sending out your wedding cars, make sure RSVP cards and envelopes are included. Without confirmations, you will not be able to decide the actual number of people expected to attend the ceremony and reception.
  4. 4. For secure online shopping for wholesale DIY paper, wedding cards and envelopes at competitive prices, visit