Call center outsourcing


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Call center outsourcing

  1. 1. Call Center Outsourcing:Nearshore and Offshore The term outsourcing refers to the move by a company to take a part ofits business and give this to another company, like call center outsourcing.This usually refers to the technical or customer service aspects of abusiness, which can be handed over to a third-party in order to generatemore sales while at the same time providing more efficient assistance to itscurrent customers. Outsourcing a call center is especially ideal for smallbusinesses, but can also be equally beneficial for both medium and largesized businesses. The main reason why companies are opting to outsource a call centertoday is cost as well as management reduction. There are two types ofoutsourcing, each with its own set of benefits and advantages:  Nearshore outsourcing. This is a type of outsourcing that refers to projects outsourced outside the country where a company is located, but is on the same continent—like USA and Mexico. Here’s a list of some of its benefits:o. Time Zone. Having a call center outsourcing that is close to home givesthe advantages of having a support team that’s working in the much thesame timezone. This means that employees of a nearshore outsourced callcenter need not wake up too early or stay up too late in order to work.o. Geographic proximity and Costs Advantage. This allows for a number ofadvantages, one of which is saving on travel cost for when a company needsto pay an outsourced department a visit to hand over task or check on thestatus of the business. This will allow the Project Management to be moreinvolved and hands-on with the outsourced business.o. Cultural Affinity. Direct and successful interactions are easier to attainwhen there is a cultural affinity between customer and support provider.  Offshore outsourcing. If the outsourced extension is way beyond the company’s country and continent of origin, it is known as an offshore outsourcing. Most outsourced projects extend to countries in Asia like India and the Philippines. The benefits of offshore outsourcing include:
  2. 2. o. Cost. Offshoring will help reduce operating costs by a significant marginwhile still providing the same quality of work.o. Focus. Offshoring also frees up time for more exploration of new projectsor acceleration of projects already lined up. This will also give a companymore time to focus on and give more attention to the needs of theircustomers.o. Rapid Migration to Better Technology. Offshoring gives a company achance to utilize technology that may not even be available or used withinthe company.o. Strategic re-deployment of resources. Offshoring will give a companymore time to focus on strategic issues directly related to the business.o. Time zone advantage. Offshore outsourcing models often gives acompany the benefits of a support team that is available 24/7. This will bebeneficial for both your company’s profits and your customers satisfaction. Call Center Outsourcing is growing trend for businesses worldwide.Not only does it give companies a chance to make the best use of theirresources, it also allows their customers to get the best and most convenientcustomer support they can possibly get.