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Whole meal vending - Location presentation


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whole meal vending is the best and healthy vending machines in Australia.

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Whole meal vending - Location presentation

  1. 1. In this presentation, I’m going toShow You Why WholemealVending’s New Breakfast Lunch &Dinner Vending Machines mightbe the solution you’ve beenlooking for and..
  2. 2. How this business can keep yourbusiness healthy and moreproductive simply by supplyingfoods, snacks, and drinks whichare low in fat, low GI, and highin nutritional value.
  3. 3. Wholemeal Vending have launchedWorlds FIRST Breakfast Lunch &Dinner Vending Machines
  4. 4. Combining 3 major trends 1. Fast Food 2. Health Food 3. Convenience
  5. 5. Breakfast Lunch & DinnerVending Machines offer awhole range of SpecialDietary productsFrom Kosher, Vegan, Gluten free,Vegetarian whatever your requirements,that’s right!! We have something foreverybody!
  6. 6. Whole Meal Vending Sets you Up, Ready To Go We service the machines regularly, paycommissions on time and are will address any concern you have with the vending equipment
  7. 7. Healthy staff are happystaff which equalsbetter productivityNo heading to the shops, standingin cues, you could be enjoying yourlunch break in the park, returningto work refreshed
  8. 8. Our in-house product development teamare always testing and adding new products
  9. 9. We supply you the BIG Brand Names Everybody knows and trusts them.You don’t have to educate the buyers; these products are trusted proven brands and are already excellent sellers
  10. 10. Our products have a huge shelf life needing no refrigerationOur machines have an Extremely Low carbon footprint
  11. 11. Whole Meal Vendingonly Supply products thatcomply with government policy
  12. 12. 1 in 4 adults isdangerously overweightWe can fix this problemtogether1 meal at a time
  13. 13. Your company canRent, Lease, Buy, Orhave us look aftereverything andpay you a commission
  14. 14. The Grass Really is Greener with Whole Meal Vending ph 07 3303 8606