You tube video marketing success: how to optimize videos


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This article talks about how you can optimize your YouTube videos to increase your video's visibility and conseqeuently increase your business sales.

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You tube video marketing success: how to optimize videos

  1. 1. YouTube Video MarketingYouTube Video Marketing SuccessSuccess:: How to Optimize VideosHow to Optimize Videos By: Sven Wolf
  2. 2. Okay – I assume that you are have read my previous blogs posts about Video Marketing for Business and that you are actually are on YouTube now to jump start your video marketing for your business. You can read it here: YouTube Marketing Success: What to Consider Before Getting Started So what’s the next step?
  3. 3. Well, what good are your YouTube videos if no one can watch them? So what you can do to increase your videos’ visibility on YouTube is optimize it. To optimize your YouTube videos, you need to be watchful of 4 aspects: Content, Title, Description and Tagging & Category. So let’s go into details. Shall we?
  4. 4. Content You should have great content that offers value to your target audience. You can teach something about your product. You can show them your latest products’ features – etc. Content is crucial because YouTube only counts a real view if the viewer actually watches whole thing. And this is quite important if you want to increase your video’s views – which all of us wants.
  5. 5. Title Once you have a great content, you will need an interesting title that will attract people to check out your video. You should include your target keyword on your title. This is very important. So let’ say the keyword that you are focusing on is “Video Marketing”. Obviously, you have to title your video something like this: “Awesome Ways to Successful Video Marketing”
  6. 6. TitleTitle Also, people love lists such as “Top 10..” “10 Ways How to..” etc. So you should consider using these on your videos, too. And if you want to change title, you may do so. Go back to YouTube and make edits. Don’t expect your video to go viral. That is not the goal anyway. The goal is to help people who are searching for content to find your video in the simplest way.
  7. 7. Description And do not forget about the descriptions of you videos. Keep this short but informative. And remember to add a link to your website so will be able to drive traffic from YouTube to your site.
  8. 8. Tagging and Category After you finishing uploading you video, you will see on the lower part of the Upload Page there is a bar where you can put on keywords. That is where you can add tags. And tags represent what your video is about at the most base level. For example, if you video is about poodles, your tags should of course include dogs, and poodles.
  9. 9. Tagging and Category Also, YouTube will suggest tags. This is helpful, too. You can actually check out other YouTuber’s tags on their videos. So I suggest that you look into what tags people use to get a video with a lot of views. The final thing that you should be mindful about is what category your video should be in. Put it where it is appropriate.
  10. 10. Also take note: Title and Tags are the best place to start optimizing your YouTube videos. But remember that those likes, comments and subscribers that you get will help your rise up through the YouTube and search engine rankings, too. Also, be mindful of which tags you use. I recommend that you research your keywords first. You can do this research via Google Analytics and other tools available online.
  11. 11. Enjoyed this article? Let me and teach you more. Visit my blog for more of online marketing: And you should also check out ePreneur Global to learn from all other masters and experts on Online Marketing: Thanks, Sven Wolf