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The uses of webinar for business


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A web-based conference – that’s basically what a webinar is. But what are the uses of Webinar for business? This article talks just about that.

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The uses of webinar for business

  1. 1. The Uses of Webinar for Business By: SvenWolf
  2. 2. The Uses of Webinar for Business A web-based conference – that’s basically what a webinar is. It can be accessed via an Internet connection, where audience attendees must call in so that they can listen and/or view the webinar. It is a tool that greatly helps us ePreneur processes our business activities which I presume are mostly done online. That’s because Webinar lets us gather and meet up with our associates/people without the need of being physically together on the same location.
  3. 3. The Uses of Webinar for Business Well, you can do that via Skype, Yahoo Messenger and Google Hangouts, too. Those other applications do the same as Webinar: allow us to communicate with people by voice using a microphone, video by using a webcam, and instant messaging over the Internet. But what sets Webinar apart from those other applications is its ability to further engage your audience via its features that caters specifically to improve and ease online business processes. Read on.
  4. 4. The Uses of Webinar for Business • Slide Presentations With Webinar, you will be able to deliver your PowerPoint or Apple’s Keynote presentation smoothly just like you would do on a regular classroom, meeting room or lecture hall. • Real-Time Chatting You can open up a chat box to text chat with your audience; giving them an opportunity to learn and ask questions in real time.
  5. 5. The Uses of Webinar for Business • Video Streaming Want to share a video stored on your computer or from video sharing sites such as YouTube? You can do this on Webinar, too. • Group Calling Webinar allows real-time group communication via its VoIP. • Conduct surveys and polls Other webinar providers allow us to create polls given to audience members for quizzes or survey purposes.
  6. 6. The Uses of Webinar for Business • Customize Presentation Edit your presentation the way you want it. You can add annotations, highlight or create markings on the screen. • Record Presentations Do not want to repeat the same presentation all over again for another set of audience? With Webinar, you can record your audio and visual activities, as well as interactions between you and your audience and present it to other another set of viewers.
  7. 7. The Uses of Webinar for Business And there you are. That’s just some of the many uses of Webinars for business. Those features surely will help us ePreneurs get our business to the next level.
  8. 8. The Uses of Webinar for Business Enjoyed this article? Let me and teach you more. Visit my blog for more of online marketing: And you should also check out ePreneur Global to learn from all other masters and experts on Online Marketing: Thanks, Sven Wolf