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What you don’t know about Membrane Solutions


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What you don’t know about Membrane Solutions

  1. 1. What you don’t know about Membrane Solutions Membrane solutions have gone significant improvements that make separation of oil/water separation now more sophisticated and costeffective. In a recent interview by IQPC’s Darwin Jayson Mariano with Angela Chan, Marketing Manager-Asia Pacific and China, Filtration & Process for Pentair Water Purification Systems (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, she spoke about the recent advances in membrane solutions as well as other interesting technologies related to produced water management. Please give us an overview of your company and your role in the organization. Pentair X-Flow is manufacturer of polymeric membranes with focus on water treatment membranes in UF-range and MF-range for food & beverage applications. The water treatment section is split between ‘clean water’ applications with limited suspended solids loading and no oil and the ‘wastewater’ applications with more suspended solids, oil and other potential foulants to be separated. The latter section is covered by me as product manager. The membranes available in this market either separate a biomass (in so called Membrane Bioreactors) or direct, as is happening in oil-water separators. What are the common technical challenges faced today when it comes to managing produced water? How do you think this can be addressed? Today there is a noticeable drive to getting the water quality improved above levels reached in the earlier days. More technologies are available or get improved and also more stringent requirements are coming up to deal with the water part of oil and gas production. Membranes offer a way of separating oil from water by filtration, which is becoming a viable and attractive opportunity both for user and supplier. What interesting technologies or innovations do you see lately in produced water management? How will it affect/help key stakeholders? Closing the loop, or improving the quality of effluent from a well on the water side, allows to reinject the water at ideal configuration. So called ‘designer water’ or techniques covered by ‘EOR’ require high
  2. 2. “Membrane solutions as such are known, but less known is the fact that polymer membranes can be applied in oil/water separation.” quality water. The additional step ensures the quality by applying membranes to allow to skip on one hand a few technologies and offer a better quality of filtrate/water on the other hand. Please tell us more about the latest developments in membrane solutions? What key benefits does it provide? Membrane solutions as such are known, but less known is the fact that polymer membranes can be applied in oil/water separation. Current technologies apply ceramic membranes which is highly costly technology, although it comes with high robustness of chemistry and mechanical endurance. Polymer membranes however, do stand better than anticipated and will offer similar water qualities for better Capex and Opex evaluation. Can you talk about Pentair’s solutions/product lines that can help address key concerns in produced water management Lately we have seen the applications of our polymer membranes in produced water, either including biological treatment steps, or without. With these solutions, plants are already helped with creating a high water quality out of produced water in an efficient and simple way. Learn more about Utilising the Latest Technologies for Water Minimisation, Separation, Treatment and Reinjection at Produced Water Management 2013 To find out more, visit