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World Health Day 2016 - Beat diabetes


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World Health Day 2016, 7 April, Beat diabetes, WHO Regional Office for Europe

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World Health Day 2016 - Beat diabetes

  1. 1. World Health Day 2016 Beat diabetes
  2. 2. Eat healthy Be active Follow medical advice Beat diabetes
  3. 3. The Challenge of Diabetes • causes suffering and hardship for people living with the disease and can lead to cardiovascular disease, blindness, kidney failure, loss of limbs and loss of life • strains the Region’s economies and health systems • prevalence of diabetes increasing among all ages in the European Region • growing diabetes epidemic strongly associated with increasing trends in overweight and obesity, unhealthy diet, physical inactivity and socioeconomic disadvantage
  4. 4. Sources: Estimates from WHO and the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) The Burden of Diabetes in the European Region • 64 million people live with diabetes in the European Region - 33 million women and 31 million men (age 18+) • The prevalence of diabetes in the European Region increased by 2% from 1980 to 2014 - From 5.3% of the population (age 18+) to 7.3% • Diabetes was responsible for 9% of total health expenditure in Europe in 2015, equivalent to USD156 billion • Two-fifths of people age 20-79 living with diabetes (or 23.5 million people) are undiagnosed in Europe
  5. 5. Diabetes Risk Factors • Rise in diabetes due primarily to heightened risk of modifiable risk factors, including: overweight and obesity, unhealthy diet and physical inactivity, and socioeconomic disadvantage • High body mass index (BMI) estimated to be responsible for 17% of all diabetes deaths in 2012 • In European Region, prevalence of overweight among adults 18+ years is nearly 63% for males and 55% for females
  7. 7. Diabetes claims tens of thousands of lives in the European Region each year; but this potentially fatal disease can be prevented. Estimates indicate that at least 20% of cases of type 2 diabetes are avoidable.
  8. 8. Preventing Diabetes To help prevent type 2 diabetes and its complications, people of all ages should: • achieve and maintain healthy body weight; • be physically active – at least 30 minutes of regular, moderate- intensity activity on most days; • eat a healthy diet of 3-5 servings of fruit and vegetables a day and reduce sugar and saturated fats intake; and • avoid tobacco use – smoking increases the risk of cardiovascular disease (adults with diabetes historically have rates of cardiovascular disease two to three times higher than those of adults without diabetes).
  9. 9. Eat healthy Be active Follow medical advice
  10. 10. Diabetes Policy Action Public and private sectors have an important role to play in developing and implementing policies and programmes that: • increase knowledge about the prevalence and consequences of diabetes; • encourage and provide opportunities for greater physical activity; and • improve the availability and accessibility of healthy foods, while making it more difficult or less appealing to consume unhealthy foods.
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