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Using The Data Layer & The DOM To Implement Your Technical SEO Recommendations

These are my slides from BrightonSEO On Tour. A mini meetup held at the Daisy in Northern Quarter, Manchester. I discuss how you can use jQuery to implement title tags, canonical tags and more

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Using The Data Layer & The DOM To Implement Your Technical SEO Recommendations

  1. 1. Charlie Whitworth Using the Data Layer & The DOM to Implement Your SEO Recommendations @whitworthseo Organic Search Director
  2. 2. why use the data layer?
  3. 3. very simply… The data layer can be very simple, composed of a single variable, or it can be complex, composed of multiple nested variables. It all depends on what data you need
  4. 4. for seo… we really only scratch the surface
  5. 5. Google Tag Manager IBM Digital Data Exchange Ensighten Qubit Storm Tealium UberTags tag management software
  6. 6. static html still the best method data layer isn’t ideal for every campaign
  7. 7. seo recommendations can be priceless if you’re struggling to get things implemented
  8. 8. struggling with development? cms | budget | developer resource | access
  9. 9. how does it work?
  10. 10. the “ J ” word
  11. 11. not frameworks for build
  12. 12. snippets injected using JS often for tracking
  13. 13. you can do a lot more
  14. 14. debate over reliability
  15. 15. 6 months ago…. long time in seo but no official announcement
  16. 16. testing…. onus on tech seos do your own testing
  17. 17. results… google’s got a lot better at executing js
  18. 18. results… title tags using jQuery are honoured …and quickly
  19. 19. title tags
  20. 20. title tags jQuery injected via the DOM <script>document.title="Midweek & Weekend Hotel Breaks In The UK | Coast & Country Hotels";</script>
  21. 21. 48hrs later….
  22. 22. canonical tags… canonicals tags using jQuery work …and quickly
  23. 23. canonicals
  24. 24. canonicals
  25. 25. <script>document.getElementsByTagName("link")[0].href= "";</script> - Canonical canonicals
  26. 26. canonicals
  27. 27. conclusion… jQuery seems to be an seo’s friend not their nemesis as has previously been the case
  28. 28. back to the data layer custom html tags in gtm
  29. 29. adding code is the easy part noindex
  30. 30. triggers and variables specify your pages via variables make sure you set to trigger as soon as the page loads
  31. 31. product mark-up json-ld
  32. 32. structured data data extraction
  33. 33. gtm variables plenty of flexibility
  34. 34. freebies to finish… <script>document.getElementsByTagName("META")[1].content = "NFA generator";</script>- We Can edit any meta tag here <script>document.title = "Fostering Agency";</script> - Title Tag Watch out for broken code in your header, could stop your tags from being executed Make sure your GTM container is on every page!
  35. 35. thanks for listening…